Circa 1934

We’re in Holiday denial here in ThimbleannaLand.  I’m seeing beautiful, festive images all over the internet, but not here.  I’m savoring just a few more days of fall.  Even though it’s snowing outside and there’s nothing fall-like about the fr-r-r-osty temps out there.

So, in true denial form, here’s a little table topper I recently finished.  It’s made from Moda’s Circa 1934 + a few additions from my stash.  Circa 1934 has green in it, but I’m more of a blue girl, so I threw some blue into the palette.

Table Quilt

This little topper is for the table that sits beside TheManoftheHouse’s “chair”.   We’re a little rough on our tables, so I like to cover them.  We have a coffee table too, and I’m hoping to make a coordinating topper for it sometime during the holidays (after Christmas) when I have a little extra time.  (Ha!)

Table Quilt

This is the tame version of what it will look like most of the time.  At least there won’t be any drink rings on the table top!

Table Quilt

Also, here’s a few linky-links you might be interested in:

Nicolette received the cutest Christmas runner in a recent swap.

I’m so excited to see Raina able to post a bit more.  I love her blog and photography, and she’s posted a gorgeous picture of her tree with a pretty granny pillow.

I don’t get any bonus points for telling you or anything, but Nicole is having a giveaway.  If you win you get to pick 4 fat quarters of your choice from her shop.  I know telling you decreases my chances significantly, but … well, you know … ’tis the season to be sharing!

Have a good week!


27 Thoughts on “Circa 1934

  1. I love your table topper and what the heck you 20 days left to enjoy christmas and five days after to recover
    Merry Christmas

  2. Lovely, lovely, Anna. I need to make a table cloth for my new dining table. I somehow thought it was a good idea to get a 60″ square table. Can’t find a table cloth to fit. I’m off to the shop tomorrow to pick the fabric. Need lots.


    PS…love the banner. You come up with the BEST banners ever.

  3. What a cute topper. I’m so impressed. I can’t get any quilting done at all. You still have weeks left til Christmas. Plenty of time!!!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love it! Thanks for the giveaway link.

  5. I love the table topper! And thank you for the link – too sweet of you. Though you did decrease your chances, one of your readers has visited me already…..sorry!
    ‘Tis the season though. Savour the pause before Christmas – it is cold and raining here, almost froze for a bit today….while we don’t have to shovel rain in some ways I do prefer the snow….mind you traffic was chaos all night tonight, the snow will only make that sooooo much worse when it falls the first time.
    I can’t wait to see the coffee table topper!

  6. Danielle on December 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm said:

    Hello. I tried to email directly but your link doesn’t work. In your December post you included a picture of some china with nutcracker’s on them. I have been looking for that china everywhere but can’t find it except for your picture. Do you happen to know who makes it? If so, I would REALLY appreciate the information. Thank you and happy holidays!

  7. We’re pretty good about remembering coasters, but unfortunately it make little difference as the legs are falling off our (inherited) side tables anyway. I do like the idea of a table topper – your is lovely! – but in our case it might need to be a chair bandage …

  8. That’s such a neat guy table topper, not too girley for the man.

  9. What a wonderful treasure.And still so modern.
    Quality comes never out of fashion

  10. I really like that. The focal fabric is great. Loving the numbers.

  11. cute tabletopper! loving those graphic numbers!

  12. that is so darling….we are hard on our tables too:(
    I love that fabric!!!!!!

  13. I love the table topper. We use coasters – even on our glass-topped tables (we are awfully neat, clean and tidy people!)

  14. Love the table topper! Very nice. Loved all the linky bits. That table runner is adorable! I’m still in denial here, too. I cleaned off the dining room table the other day and put the fall centerpiece right back on it. Ack! I need to have Mr. Smith bring up those Christmas boxes or it will never get done!

  15. Melissa stopped in her tracks when she looked over my shoulder – we both love your header, but she loves it enough to want to reach in and help herself to one of those cups of sumpin sumpin goodness … she said she’ll give you back the thimble when she’s finished sipping…

    how does TheManoftheHouse get by with just two remotes?!? it takes three to run my tv – and if i want to listen to music, fuhgeddaboudit…

  16. Good luck with the denial. I feel swamped and a tad overwhelmed by the constant lies I’m spouting to my 2yr old about Santa!

  17. Love your table topper and fabric Anna. I forced myself to get decorating right after Thanksgiving, even finished baking gingerbread houses yesterday…woohoo Thanks for sharing the links, that’s what I need more inspiration lol

  18. I love that fabric Anna! And what a great idea to make a table topper like that.

    And I always love seeing what you come up for your blog header. Very cute!! :)

  19. Holiday denial–love it! Well…I finally did start decorating yesterday, though! Love Circa 1934–one of my favorite lines!

  20. I took a bite from the cream in your blogheader. YummY!

    Love the table topper with letters! I need to find me some 1934 fabrics! Soooo me!

    Thanks for the link to my blog!

  21. Oh I really do love this table quilt. Good idea for the coffee table too. Mine gets a lot of abuse….especially when everybody’s home for the holidays.

    Still no “real” Christmas tree here. Just the old tumbleweed, but it suits me for now. Does your skin have a green tinge? (Grinch?) I’m just wondering why you are in denial.

  22. Your topper is so cute, love the numbers. I like to use quilts for table toppers too. My man will still get out a coaster to put on top of the quilt, one for his Pepsi and one for my Coke, gotta love him.

  23. But what if your table topper gets a drink spilt on it? I wouldn’t allow anyone to use the table if I’d done a beautiful piece of work like that…

  24. Cute table topper. Now instead of having to was the table, you’ll just be washing the quilt! LOL Seriously, I have the same problem in my household with the Mr. and the DD. Difficult habit to break! I have some layer cake in the Shoppe. We will have a sample made with the twister ruler. It is sweet! Although I am a blue person, I like green myself and do have the huge green print border! Wow, you’re a Pepsi person. It must be because of the blue. I’m a Coke person myself! One day, if we ever meet in person, I will tell you why I do not drink Pepsi. It’s a culture thing! ;o)

  25. I love it. Really sweet. What a nice table topper.

  26. Very sweet and I think it would look wonderful with a little Chrstmas tree filled with back and white ornaments ;-p xoox Clarice

  27. Nice table topper ;o)

    You know what you need?!… a good dose of Christmas movies..then you’ll be on your way. My DD1 has been recording the cheesiest of Christmas movies off the movie channel and although I haven’t been sitting watching them with her I definitely feel more in the “mood” just from listening to them. :o)

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