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Back from Break!

Ahhhhh. I’m back from my little break, all rested (ha!) and refreshed. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I went to Utah. We love to go in the winter (well, we love to go any time of the year!) so that the kids can ski and TheManoftheHouse and I can just have a good time. Sadly, this time, TheManoftheHouse and TheSecondChild couldn’t make it.

I went out a few days early so that I could visit TheWorld’sGreatestAunt and a few of my cousins. I had fun playing with Aunt Annie — we talked a lot, played hand and foot and visited a few quilt shops. After I left her, I had a few hours before I needed to pick up TheFirstChild and SweetiePie from the airport, so I decided to drive up into the mountains. BigDaddy’s father spent his life in these mountains and I loved having the time to drive around and take in all the incredible beauty. Here’s a view along the ridgeline of the mountains — Skyline Drive. It’s rare for a little car, like my rental, to be on this road in February — usually, there’s a ton of snow up here in the middle of the winter and the roads are closed.

Thimbleanna: Utah

Looking across the valley to Mt. Nebo.

Thimbleanna: Utah

It was an unbelievably gorgeous day — about 50 degrees F and sunny – no coat required!  There were even people in shorts flying kites — crazy!

Thimbleanna: Utah

I drove along the ridge and thought it was pretty funny to find an outhouse.  Luckily for me, it was actually open ;-D!

Thimbleanna: Utah

After a few stops to enjoy the views and breathe in the fresh, crisp air, I left the mountains and went down to the valley on the other side.  And while I was there, I decided to take a quick stop in a small town where some of my ancestors are buried.  I’d never been there before and I was lucky to find a few graves of family members.  I was also really lucky to see these beautiful big owls up in a pine tree.  I’ve seen owls before, but only in zoos or raptor centers, so this was a super fun bonus to my day!

Thimbleanna: Utah

Anyway, moving right along with my week …  I had a great visit with Bonnie one afternoon — Hi Bonnie!  It’s a good thing that we don’t live near each other — we wouldn’t get much done and we’d wear our voices out!  Then, after the kids arrived, along with the planned skiing activities (with warm temps and not much snow, the skiing wasn’t great this year ;-( ) we decided to do a few things we hadn’t done before.  Not surprising for the kids, but as many times as I’ve been to Utah and all the years I actually lived there, we’d never been to the State Capitol.  It’s beautiful!

Thimbleanna: Utah

And one evening, we went out to The Great Salt Lake (never been there either — it was about time!) to view the sunset.  (That’s not snow on the ground — it’s salt.)

Thimbleanna: Utah

Some of my Instagram friends say the lake is really smelly, but we could only smell salt.  Winter must be the best time to visit.  It was chilly, but oh. so. pretty.  Our Little Miss Crazy decided to wade out into the lake — we were wearing coats, so I’m sure her feet were freezing!

Thimbleanna: Utah

So, that pretty much sums up the trip!  Home again, home again, jiggety jig. It’s been hard to go back to work, but finding a little surprise waiting for me when I got home, made it a lot easier.  These beauties have arrived:

Thimbleanna: Utah

Mmmmmm. Lucious Liberty. They’re loaded in the little Liberty Shop (at always low prices haha!) if you need some Lovely Liberty for yourself.

Have a great week!


Happy New Year!

Once again, the kitties of ThimbleannaLand are here to wish you a Happy Happy New Year!  They’re looking a little like they have a hangover from the New Year’s Eve celebrations, but rest assured, we run an alcohol-free kitty hotel around here.

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

Can you believe it???  2015???  Wow.  We joke about how the weeks and months fly by and now, the years are flying by too!  I’m pretty happy to kick 2014 out the door — it wasn’t a spectacular year.  We all managed to survive, and I’m really grateful for that, but, I’m hoping that 2015 will be a lot more fun.

It’s been really busy around here these last few days, but I managed to have a little look back on the blog.  It wasn’t a great year project-wise — especially when I see some of you over-achievers out there who have a bajillion quilts done in a year.  My pace is definitely more like a turtle, but that’s ok, I guess.  I’ve been doing a lot more hand work — it takes a lot of time but I really, really love it.

Thimbleanna: 2014

The really exciting part about January 1st is that the new Spring/Summer 2015 line of fabric from Liberty of London can finally be listed for sale.  They have pretty strict rules about their campaigns — you can’t show or sell the fabric before the date (even though I saw a lot of sneak peeks) and, the killer for me, you can’t sell the fabric on etsy (even though Hello! — there’s lots of Liberty on Etsy!)  So, I’ve been busy re-vamping the little shop here on the blog so that I can sell the Liberty that arrived here last week.

It’s a small shipment to start, but Oh. SO. Pretty!  It’s all about Alice in Wonderland this spring — have you seen the adorable little print with all of the characters from the story?  I love love love it!  I only have the gray colorway so far, but it’s a start!  I hope you’ll have fun oggling the fabric — and I think you’ll find the prices VERY friendly for Liberty ;-D!

Thimbleanna: Liberty

Ok, kids — must run. Time to get back in the kitchen. I hope you’re having a wonderful New Year’s Day. We’re having our traditional New Year’s Day dinner, even though we’re a teeny little crowd here this year. Thanks so much for hanging in there for another year — you guys are THE. BEST. readers anywhere and I can’t even tell you how much your invisible friendship means to me.

I Heart You.


P.S. I had to add a little human verification checkbox after the comment form. Tech Support wanted me to add some word verification stuff to solve the comments not being forwarded to my email problem, so I compromised with the checkbox. Sorry. It’s pretty quick though — just click on the little box when commenting and be on your way. It really has nothing to do with the problem I’m having, but they’re Tech Support and I’m trying to make them happy. Even though it didn’t solve the problem. ;-8

A Weekend Plan

Hidy Ho! How’s it going out there? We’re having a good week, so far, here in ThimbleannaLand.

For starters, when I was answering comments from my last post, it occurred to me that there was one last place I hadn’t looked for the missing towels in the kids bathroom. The clothes hamper! Could it be that obvious? Well, Yes! I was thinking that the kids either threw their towels on the floor or brought them down to the laundry room when they left. But nooooo, they actually use the clothes hamper! Someone has them trained — it’s probably SweetiePie LOL. Mystery solved.

And then, today, I received a little surprise in the mail. I won a giveaway a few weeks ago from Amy. Amy had a very exciting summer and was able to spend a month in the UK with her family. She brought back some goodies and I was the lucky winner.   I’m hoping I’ll be able to use some of that cute fabric in one of my Union Jack blocks.  Thank You Amy — I share your love of the UK!!!

Thimbleanna: From Amy

If you’re in the U.S., are you ready for a long weekend? I AM! I’m hoping to get some sewing time in. I need to make a little birthday present, so I went shopping in my own store (haha) and picked some fabrics. Here’s a picture with a big hint as to what I’ll be making. (From left to right that’s Surprise Birthday in Pink (because it’s for a birthday!), Essex Linen in Flax, and Up Parasol Stella Sky.)

Thimbleanna: Purse

I’m also hoping to keep plugging away on my Trip Around the World.  Our assignment for this month is rows 25 – 30.  I’m currently in the middle of row 26 and I’ve been auditioning fabrics for the next group of rows.  I had the fabrics hanging over the edge of my temporary design wall, and I realized that I could use these little numbered pins that I recently found to help me keep the fabrics straight.  I’m really excited about these pins — when I’m machine sewing quilt tops, I’m a chain-piecer when it works, and I’ve always ripped up scraps of paper and pinned them to my fabric to keep the rows straight.  These numbered pins will be SO much easier.

Thimbleanna: Numbered Pins

One last thing before I go — after my last post I had some questions about The Aunt’s Quilt.  Remember the Aunt’s Quilt?

Thimbleanna: Aunt's Quilt

After I saw it at quilt market I mentioned that it would be fun to have an Aunt’s Quilt quilt-along this fall.  Happily, there were a few of you who said you’d like to play along.  The pattern isn’t available yet, but if all goes well, I should have some toward the end of September.  I’m taking my summer vacation at the end of September, so the plan will be to start in October, after I get back.  (When I spoke with Jen at market, she said they had a quilt along in Melbourne for this quilt and they did one pieced block and one applique block each month, so that’s what we’ll plan on doing (with a holiday break or two!))   I’m planning on using mostly stash fabrics, but there were some fabrics that I really loved in the quilt so I’ve tried to pick up a few of them that I could find, and put them in my little shop.   ;-D

Thimbleanna: Garden Fabrics

Also, I have no idea how many patterns to get, so if you really want one, let me know.

Have a great weekend!

C’mon Get Happy

I’ve had that goofy song by Pharrell Williams running through my head all week. The Happy Song — it’s so, … um … happy haha. (Did you know they call that an earworm when a song gets stuck in your head like that?)  Google the Happy Song if you need an earworm too — it’s fun!

Anyway, the reason for all this Happy is the arrival of Surprise!, the fun line of fabric from Riley Blake.  I ordered it way back in February and I was really excited to see it at spring quilt market. And now it’s here and I’ve been having fun playing and making some gifts — because a fabric that says Happy Birthday on it is perfect for gifts.

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday Pillowcase

I started with pillow cases. Sooo easy! And I included a little Happy Birthday Tag-It in the seamline. Next up, I want to make You Go Girl’s cute crochet-edged pillowcases with the pink Happy Birthday print. 

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday Pillowcase

Then, I decided I wanted to make some little giftbags.  (I might be a little obsessed.  Like many of you, I love fabrics with words on them and the colors in these prints sent me over the edge LOL.)

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday Giftbag

Each gift bag took a basically a fat quarter (split between a cute print and the Happy Birthday print) for the bag and a fat quarter for the lining, with a scrap for the binding.

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday Giftbag

I threw in a little Happy Birthday Tag-it on the gift bag too (’cause they’re like Lay’s potato chips — you can’t stop!).

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday Giftbag

Anyway, it’s been fun playing and I have a ton of other ideas for this fabric too.  Wouldn’t a pincushion or sewing accessories for your sewing buddies be cute on their birthday?  You’ve probably already guessed that I have fat quarter packs and some yardage in my little shop.  You can make a LOT of those gift bags with a fat quarter pack (free pdf pattern comes with the fat quarter pack). 

Thimbleanna: Surprise by Bo Bunny

(And speaking of the shop, if you missed the first order of the little Better Buddy Sewing Cases, they’re restocked and lime green is even an option now too.)

Ok, off to fondle happy fabric.  Have a great weekend — it’s almost here!


June Junie June.  Can you believe it’s June already?  My spring has just disappeared in the mist and it feels like we just jumped from winter to summer.  It feels that way weather-wise too — it was cold for so long and now it’s pretty darn warm.  We’ll take it though, won’t we?  It’s been beautiful out there!

I had a busy weekend.  SweetiePie dropped in for a short visit.  We went shopping for CuteNiece1’s upcoming birthday but I forgot to buy wrapping paper.  Pinterest to the rescue  !  I found a cute gift wrap that would use the little flower loom that I’ve saved since I was a little girl.

Thimbleanna: Yarn Flowers

SweetiePie and I played with the loom and I was surprised that I remembered how to make these little flowers.  I used leftover yarn from this fun bag.  It pays to be a hoarder!

Thimbleanna: Yarn Flowers

I also managed to do a teeny bit of applique this weekend.  I’m working on the center block from Phebe in the book Primarily Quilts by Di Ford.  I love using that green and white stripe for flower stems — but you already know that from my last post.  I had some of the green stripe from Bonnie and Camille’s Scrumptious line in my stash and I figured I’d use that because the stripe that I ordered at market wasn’t scheduled to be here until the end of summer.

Thimbleanna: Phebe

But yesterday, the vendor called and said the stripe I ordered is no longer available.  I’m distraught!  I REALLY wanted that stripe to use on The Aunt’s Quilt!!!  What are WE going to DO???

If it’s any consolation (I don’t think it is?) guess who’s here????

Thimbleanna: Ghastlies

The Ghastlies* arrived on Friday and they’ve already found a friend among my fabric bolts. That’s the 1/8″ black and white stripe from Timeless Treasures. If you’re a fan of Red Pepper Quilts, you recognize this stripe as one of her favorites for quilt bindings. If you need some of either fabric, they’re in my little shop. ;-D

Have a Good Week!

*As I mentioned when I returned from market, this is rumored to be the last of the Ghastlies line!