Cable Knit Throw

I’ve been having fun reading everyone’s new year’s resolutions and goals. My goals usually involve working on UFOs, but I really loved what Vreni said about UFO’s in this post. She basically said that life’s too short to worry about them, so if you see a new project you want to start, why not go for it? Bravo Vreni!  Sadly, I’m stuck somewhere between adopting that attitude and watching all of you scrappy trippers drive me crazy with your wonderful, scrappy quilts. I’m resisting for the time being, as I have a project or two that I really need to finish. Then, who knows, maybe my inner Vreni will emerge!

Vreni also mentioned that she likes to review the highs and lows of the past year. For me, the low absolutely had to be BigDaddy’s heart event. That put our little family in a big fog and I feel like it’s just starting to clear. The high, though, was definitely the trip to the UK that I had with SweetiePie. I’ve been cleaning up trip pictures this week and re-living our fun. And our memorable mountain climb from hell. I came from that day feeling like I definitely owed SweetiePie a BIG favor. That’s why, when she hinted that she’d like a cable knit throw for Christmas, I couldn’t say no.

Cable Knit Afghan

BigDaddy was having a nap over the Christmas break, so I covered him up and took a few pictures. This is the Cable Knit Throw from Lion Brand Yarns. The free pattern is available here. I made a few changes to the pattern. It originally calls for knitting each cable in an individual panel, so that you have 5 cables with a 2-stitch garter stitch row along each edge. Then, when you’re done knitting, you sew the 5 long panels together to create the throw.

Cable Knit Afghan

My VERY least favorite thing to do in knitting is to sew seams together. I detest it and I never do a very good job. So, I decided to knit all 5 panels at once on a big circular needle. It worked great! By the time I was about half-way, the blanket was getting pretty heavy, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I also doubled the width of the garter stitch columns (increasing the edges from 2 stitches to 4 stitches and the inner columns from 4 stitches to 8 stitches) — I wanted the overall throw to be a little wider.

Cable Knit Afghan

Then, I just knit until I thought the throw was long enough. The pattern called for 9 skeins of yarn but I didn’t think that was long enough. I ended up using 12 skeins and I really could have used one more — a little longer wouldn’t hurt!

Cable Knit Afghan

This was a pretty quick knit. A Friend to Knit With made this throw a few years ago and she estimated that each cable panel took her 4 hours. Which would make the entire throw a 20 hour project. I’d say my time was closer to 40 hours, but then I’m a pretty slow knitter.

I’m really happy with the way this throw turned out and I think SweetiePie is too. It’s really comfy — I wouldn’t mind making one for myself!


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  1. I love SweetiePie’s throw(!) and I’m sure she’s thinking it was well worth that hike. Thanks for sharing the changes you made to the pattern. I think it’s perfect!
    I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions lately and I’m with Vreni. Life’s too short to worry about UFOs. I have several that I’m going to chip away at this year but I’ve decided not to feel guilty about those that have been dragging me down each time I glimpse them in the stack. Some I may repurpose but some may be a happy find for a browser at my eventual estate sale!

  2. So. So. BEAUTIFUL. Good work, Anna. Lucky SweetiePie. I’ve had the needles out a little bit this week. I am determined to win this fight with knitting. I was thinking 2013 would be the year. Maybe 2014 is more realistic. Still SO AWKWARD! I think I need you to come to Montana and mentor me.

  3. What a gorgeous throw, you clever Anna! Maybe one of these days I’ll finish the crocheted afghan I started years ago.

  4. The cable throw is gorgeous! And I love the philosophy that life is too short to worry about having too many UFO’s!

  5. Oh, now you have me wanting to make one and I am supposed to be finishing UFOs too! It’s absolutely lovely, and a hugely generous gift. You’re the perfect MIL I think!

  6. Oh my goodness! I never thought my little philosophical rambling would be quoted by the famous Thimbleanna, LoL! I love the cable knit throw you’ve made for SweetiePie! I can well imagine, how heavy it got near the end. She is a lucky girl.

  7. Wow! Fabulous throw, Anna. Lucky SweetiePie! :o)

  8. The throw is stunning! I would imagine it taking far longer than that. I confess that I am attempting to finish off as many UFO knit projects as I can at the moment. I finished a scarf last night that I think has been on the needles at least ten years. It was on the only pair of 4.5 mm needles I own and I needed them for another project… too mean to buy another pair!

  9. That’s some gorgeous throw and so beautifully knitted!! 40 hours seems not long to me!!

  10. Hmm, I am back in blog land after a long break.

    Leigh and I have a big UFO that we started – Building our own home as Owner builders. My next blog will be about digging holes for foundations…. We are so hoping that it will not be a UFO. We really want to move to the country.

    The problem the presents is that my Quilting is taking a back seat and at a real snails pace!

  11. Beautiful throw!In MY knitting news I have two inches of sock cuff done….Am I an over-achiever or what?

  12. I love it Anna, what yarn did you use? Happy New Year!!

  13. Oh Anna it’s beautiful…looks so comfy, cozy! Happy 2013 to you!

  14. What a gorgeous throw! I rarely knit, but might have to learn how to do cables and make one of these! Machine quilting isn’t portable!

  15. Happy New Year
    what a sumptuous color and looks warm and cozy.
    Looking forward to sharing a new year of ideas and fun with you .

  16. Gorgeous throw Anna!! Sweetie Pie is a very lucky girl. :)

  17. This is a beautiful throw, must be pretty over the couch! Clean color and simple, I’m heading over to Lion Brand to get the pattern! Thank you :)

  18. Gorgeous! You are super talented with the knitting needles, Anna!

  19. Love the throw! I hate seaming as well, so I would knit it together too! What yarn did you use? I’m thinking that’s a great new project (even though I have sooo many UFO’s!).

  20. I agree with you about sewing bits together – it’s the pits! I love the throw – I think something similar could be appearing on a circular needle soon – I already have similar cushions (pillows).

  21. Oh my, this is stunning! Reminds me of one I saw in Pottery Barn over the holidays. I may need to make one of these someday…think I’ll print the pattern now!

  22. Hi there….what a wonderful knitted blanket!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!:0)

  23. oooo!!! i think that would be worth a hellish day on a mountain! it is really, really cool (but in a very warm way) … i don’t seem to knit anymore, but i remember how much time it used to take – smart move eliminating all those seams (i hate sewing yarn thingamabobs together)…

  24. That is gorgeous Anna! I think my time would be even much longer than 40 hours. I’m so glad BigDaddy was able to model it for you :)

  25. It’s beuatiful! I can’t believe it was a quick throw but then it’s years since I did anything with cables. I bet it’s the cosiest and it was so good of Big Daddy to test it out.

  26. Stunning! And cozy to boot!

  27. That’s beautiful. It looks cozy. I love cables. They are so simple, but they look so hard and so good!

  28. Love the blanket – am inspired to make one for myself, but there is a UFO to finish first and then my wee girl has ordered a beret and I’d like one too – I’m never organised for winter, so I guess if I start now, in the midst of our summer, we’ll have cosy moments to look forward to!

  29. It’s gorgeous!!! Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for the link – going over there now.

  30. You are so very talented!

  31. Oh wow! That is beautiful – and it might actually be within my knitting ability to make one. Someday. Hey, stop pushing new projects on me! I still haven’t made my Ghastlies quilt! Yeah, I’ll just blame you for my unfinished (or unstarted) project list hehe.

  32. That is awesome, looks very snuggly and warm .

  33. Mary ann on January 12, 2013 at 12:53 am said:

    Looks so warm and snuggly! As for UFOs I am going to adopt the same plan I think…if I don’t want to work on it anymore than I will offer to someone else, wait for a guild swap and trade or just leave it. I only have limited time to sew and it should be something I want to do it! happy weekend Anna!

  34. That’s a beautiful throw. I like the extra stitches between the cables.

    Good luck with figuring out your New Year’s resolutions. I’m on the fence about the scrappy trip along, too. I’ve seen some really gorgeous ones. I may not be able to hold out much longer. :-)

  35. im really concerned about my growing desire to knit! how will i ever find time to feed my children!

  36. Bari Jo on January 14, 2013 at 9:36 pm said:

    Wow is this ever gorgeous! I really want to learn to knit this year and this is just what I was looking for… I didn’t want to do a garment or anything that had to fit anyone… I love this and oh my thank you for sharing the pattern and how you changed it! :o) I enjoy reading your blog and I am so thankful your daddy is doing better! :O)

  37. Beautiful. I love cables. Well done!! Clarice

  38. WOW! I’ve sent my DD1 the links…I really really hope she takes the bait! :o)

  39. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It’s just gorgeous Anna!

  40. Your cable knit throw is absolutely gorgous!!!

    Happy new year :-)

  41. Miss Anna!! It’s beautiful! It’s elegant! It’s just dreamy! The color you picked makes it look so sophisticated! ;p

  42. I love this. I wish you lived closer because I know that your talented self would teach me how to make my own.

  43. Where do I get the pattern for the cable throw. It’s beautiful

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