{Almost} Friday Five

Hello Hello.  I’m popping in with five quickies — it’s shaping up to be a busy month around here.

1.  I’ve started working on a new quilt.  Blues, grays and red.  It should be fun if I can get a little more sewing time in.  (Oh, and can we please have a moment of silence for that DS gray fabric?  It was so hard for me to cut into it.  I might have to sacrifice and go find more of it.)

Thimbleanna: Sam Blocks

2.  I’m sure there must be a quicker way to make this block.  (I’ll bet Sherri knows — she makes it a lot!)  I couldn’t stand the thought of all the wasted fabric from the corner pieces, so I’m making half-square triangles at the same time.  Maybe I’ll use them on the back.  Maybe not.  I’m enjoying the process though.  And I sure do Love that sewline pencil!

Thimbleanna: Sam Blocks

3.  All the crabapple trees around here are in bloom this week.  It’s one of the prettiest weeks of the year (I love intense fall colors too.)  Here’s our pretty tree in the back.  The heavenly smell almost knocks you over when you step outside.  I love it!

Thimbleanna: Crabapple

4.  Here’s a picture of the same tree in 2010.  Can you tell me why there was so much more pink in 2010???  I felt like a pink tree then.  This year it feels like a white tree.  (And boy, look at the difference the light makes in a photo.  It was sprinkling and cloudy when I took this year’s picture.  The 2010 picture was taken on a sunny, early evening.  Such pretty light!)

Thimbleanna: Crabapple

5. I’m betting you’ve seen THIS commercial. I Loooove it. It’s easily in my top five commercials ever. I wonder if those guys who invented the camera phone even came close to imagining the impact it would have on our lives.

Have a great weekend!

18 Thoughts on “{Almost} Friday Five

  1. The flowers are gorgeous! I use The Angler for all my corner triangles–no drawing lines! I also make hst’s with the left over pieces…can’t stand to waste the fabric.

  2. Yay for you – Springtime and a new project! Looks like fun. The flowers are gorgeous and I doubt they knew what fun we’d all have with our camera phones. It’s so hard to predict the future, don’t you think?

  3. I watched that ad – I hadn’t seen it before. Wow, how all our lives have changed! It is just so normal to see people taking photos on phones everyday and we are all doing it! Love the ad. I love the blossom, especially pink blossom, and I cannot stand wasting the corners either! I have saved some tiny ones this week and wonder what I can do with them!

  4. Love the blossom, they always make Spring look so soft, fresh and promising. Great new project Anna, with the DS fabric.

    Love the ad, didn’t see it before. I still don’t have a decent cameraphone or smart phone, so pictures are taken with my camera and phone calls mostly made with the old fashioned phone at home, but the world sure has changed a lot. We have a series on TV about Silicon Valley and all that’s done and developed there. Amazing! Did you see the Google Glass or the Pebble watch?

  5. I feel so inadequate. Making one block style would be hard enough for me, but using up all your scraps at the same time? My husband would think he’d died and gone to heaven if I used up scraps as I went along.

  6. So with you on that grey DS fabric – I’ve just used all mine up and desperately need to get some more!
    Gorgeous blossom too. Mine all got blown off in the ridiculously high winds we had visit yesterday!

  7. That’s a good commercial – I, who don’t have a smart phone, am now thinking… maybe I should get one. The power of advertising – argh.

  8. Always fun to start a new project Ms Thimble – even when your cutting into a fav fabric. I have a red favorite that I’m hoarding because they don’t make it anymore lol – crazy huh. Love your flower pictures – so pretty and such a beautiful site after this long winter. Just got an iPhone last week – I’m loving that camera on there and they make it so easy – yup it’s changed us for sure. See you in just a few days :) – I need to respond to your email this weekend and we can finalize our meet up :). Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  9. Your crab apple tree looks gorgeous and I just wish I could take in a lung full of the smell as well. Your new project looks promising. Lovely colours, can’t wait for more. Have a great weekend.

  10. Did I miss something – what pattern are you making? I’ve never thought of myself as a grey fabric person, but I do like that one. All of the trees in our neck of the woods are equally as beautiful this year, and this week everything has just exploded! I love that commercial – maybe someday…

  11. I have a regular apple tree in my yard, and I have noticed that the young blossoms shimmer pink, but as the blossoms open and mature they all go white. I have watched my tree go from pink to white in one afternoon! So maybe that is what happened in 2010…you just noticed and photographed the tree very early in the blossoming process. Pink or white, it’s a treat to see, isn’t it?

  12. Oh such gorgeous blossoms! I wonder if there is “something” that makes blooms more pink or more white. You should do a study on that! I look forward to seeing your quilt.

  13. The blossom is beautiful – I wish I could smell it!

    I hadn’t seen the ad – it might not be shown here yet – but it’s true! I used mine this morning to photo more “sconnage”. :o)

  14. It could be the stage of the blossom, but probably more to do with the weather conditions…like how autumn colours change. I love crab apple blossom and have 3 different varieties in my back yard

  15. Ohhh stunning tree!! Happy mother’s day! Hope you are not too busy to enjoy it xox Clarice

  16. Love all this. I have DS fabric that I have not had the guts to cut into either. Hope things aren’t too crazy! :-)

  17. Love, love, love those colors and can’t wait to see how the blue, grey, red quilt comes out!

  18. Red blue and grey is a great combo! Those are the same colours I used in my Sew into Solids quilt and the same colours I’m using for my crochet experiment…you have good taste! :o)

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