Aaaatttt Laaaassssttttt…

I’ve had At Last running through my head all day long.  At Last.  At Last!  I’ve finally finished CrazyMom’s nine patch.

Nine Patch

As a two-time flunkie of her quilt-along, I’m feeling  very happy to have finally finished this quilt.  And I promise, those edges aren’t wavy — it’s just the way it’s laid out on the grass.  I couldn’t find anything tall enough to hang this quilt vertically.  It seemed like it took forever to finish.  The day job is really crimping my style.  (Though, not as much as unemployment would, I’m sure, so I’ll try not to whine.)

Nine Patch

This past spring, Penny invited me to participate in a fabric swap.  There were 8 or 9 of us, and we all swapped at least 25 small scraps of fabric.  The deal was that we were supposed to swap fabrics and then make something out of our scraps and post it to the flickr pool by Oct. 1st.  I flunked that assignment too, but I guess six weeks late is better than never.  ;-)

Nine Patch

I’ve been inspired by all the beautiful straight-line quilting that Ms. Red Pepper does, so I decided to quilt this nine patch that way.  I love the way it turned out.  I have no idea though, how CrazyMom and Ms. Red Pepper manage to get SO many quilts done.  They’re incredibly inspiring!

Nine Patch

While I was outside taking pictures today (it was gorgeous) Mrs. Ladybug came by to give her approval.  I sang the little Ladybug song, and she dutifully flew away after posing for me.

Nine Patch

CrazyMom made two of these quilts, and like her, I think I might have another one in me.  I’d like to have a second one, so there will be one for each of my guest beds.  This took me awhile to make though, so I’ll have to wait awhile before I start a second version.  And it probably won’t be as cute as this one, because I don’t have as many modern scraps.

Nine Patch

Thanks Penny for the fantastic swap idea.  Thanks Ms. Red Pepper for sharing all your wonderful quilts.  And Thanks CrazyMom for your endless quilting inspiration and for having a great quilt-along.  Twice.  ‘Cause some of us need remedial training!

Have a great weekend!


89 Thoughts on “Aaaatttt Laaaassssttttt…

  1. oh anna!!!
    it’s SO, SO pretty.
    makes me what one!!!
    {or you know…six of them!!!}

  2. Oh WOW! It’s beautiful. Absolutely amazing! I’ll email you my address so you can send it to me hahaha. Yeah right… but maybe I’ll make one of my own… maybe… god knows I have enough scraps.

  3. Oh…I love it. I love the cheerfulness of your fabrics. It is so darling. AND the quilting…I am liking that straight line quilting, too. Hmm. Perhaps I will have to make one, too.

  4. Oh Anna ……. S’wonderful, S’marvellous LOL!!!! Absolutely GAWJUS!!!! I love it!!!
    It’s one of those quilts that just makes ya wanna smile :o)!
    Joy :o)

  5. Oh…I love it!!! I have to finish mine…I have to…thanks so much for the inspiration…and your quilting is gorgeous! Love the binding…love it all!

  6. So fresh looking! What guest wouldn’t love to be greeted by this on arrival?

  7. The quilt is beautiful Anna, and it doesnt matter if it is a few weeks late, life always affects time in different ways. Better late than never I say. Gorgeous colors!

  8. Worth the wait, for sure. It’s crazy good-looking. I’m always thinking I’m going to construct a quilt, but I can’t even get my ducks in a row to join a quilt along so that I can flunk out! I must have A.D.D. That’s it. I’ve diagnosed the problem. LOL!

    Your new nine patch really is lovely, Anna!

    Happy Weekend,

  9. Oh wow!! That quilt is absolutely amazing – sure to become a family heirloom! I love the thought of creating family heirlooms….

    I am off to a craft fair today – actually having a stall – sharing with 3 others of course – couldn’t manage to fill a whole stall myself, could barely manage a quarter of a stall! Heading off now!! Wish me luck!

  10. That’s beautiful. Love the colours, love the pattern. What a great quilt, Anna!

  11. What a wonderful quilt! I have so many quilts that I love and should be working on. Now I want to add this one to my list too. My day job is definitely cutting into my quilting time!!

  12. That is absolutely lovely. And a pair of them? Ah! Be still my beating heart. I have a whole stack of nine patches from old shirt scraps waiting for me to actually sew them together and I’m inspired to see how gorgeous they can look. I need to find some lovely white cotton for sashing by the looks of it!

  13. Looks wonderful! Love the ladybird that’s checking out your stitching :o)

  14. It looks fabulous, Anna. I love it!

    I was just thinking of making a patchwork top for our spareroom bed and wanted to use up a ton of my wee bits. A nine patch would be a great way of doing this. Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

  15. your quilt looks great……….I have just sent off some reproduction nine patch blocks in a swap and can’t wait to get them back and decide how to put them together………..

  16. THAT was worth the wait..I love it..awesome and simple and chic..really.

  17. Love it! Love it!
    Again I must say that I love quilts in a very simple pattern. I’m sure it will look beautiful on the guest-bed.
    And that little ladybug – how cute!

  18. Anna, this is amazing and beautiful! I love the pieced border, love the colors, love the quilting. You did an absolutely fantastic job with the whole thing!

  19. Oh Anna it is wonderful…it’s very happy! LOVE it!

  20. Oooh, it’s so pretty! It looks fantastic! You must be chuffed to have finished it. Yep, my day job isn’t letting me do as much sewing as I’d like either….or blogging for that matter. But not having it would be downright tragic, on the other hand. So we do with what we have…and have a whine if you like. I know how you feel. :-)

  21. LOVE IT… ninepatches is such a lovely block… makes the prettiest quilts!! :o) Congrats on a gorgeous finish… and wow a ladybug now…how warm is is at your place???

  22. Oh Anna, we love it!!! Thimbles said “is it for me?” LOL The straight line quilting looks wonderful – I love Ms Red Pepper’s style, as well.

  23. Oh Anna – that is such a gorgeous quilt. I am full of admiration for you quilters – I made ONE full sized quilt and don’t know if I’ll ever have the patience to complete another. Well done you. x

  24. Anna I love it! The fabrics are gorgeous and I have always loved the nine patch block. Great job. Wish I could accomplish something. xoxo jewels

  25. Beautiful, beautiful quilt! Both Crazy Mom and Ms. Red Pepper are truly inspiring and awesome quilters. My theory is that they just don’t sleep… LOL! But wow, you should definitely be thrilled with the outcome of your quilt. Just gorgeous!

  26. I understand the job cramping your sewing style, but the time you put into this quilt was worth it! Lovely!

  27. Oh my – that is an absolutley fantastic quilt. It is just perfect. The border is the perfect finishing touch and frames the squares wonderfully. Nice one!

  28. Woot Woot! You did it! Any chance you are just tired of it now and can’t stand to look at it and want to throw it… my way. This girl loves a 9 patch! Really, lovely job…as always!

  29. Beautiful quilt and I love how you quilted it. I have wanted to join in on the quilt-alongs…CrazyMom is amazing how she can make so many. And you are good at getting quilts made too.

  30. These quilts always look so great – and yours is no exception. I have one that I finished long before amandajean had her quilt along – and it’s still not quilted. I really need to get it quilted. Of course, I also have all of the 9 patches that I swapped with Anina – that still needs to be made into a quilt. *sigh* I don’t know how they do it either.

  31. Oh Anna, this is yummy! I love the scrappiness of it! I’ve also been admiring Ms. Red Pepper’s straight-line quilting…this is a perfect pattern for it. Great job! Can’t wait to see it in person! xoxox

  32. Oh this is gorgeous! Definitely an heirloom ;)

  33. Oh, it is beautiful! I’m sure all that work feels worth it now that your quilt is finished. I love the straight line quilting; I’m going to have to try that soon.

    Jennifer :)

  34. Your title alone made me grin today – why aren’t more people “singing” their weblogs? :-)

    But the real big smile came from the quilt – it turned out beautifully!

  35. Very beautiful quilts, Anna. I’m getting some ideas.

  36. Well done! It looks gorgeous, and well worth the time to finish it. I’ve set aside some fabric thoughts for making one, but it won’t happen until after I finish some UFOs in the new year but seeing yours makes me one to start sooner!

  37. Beautiful, really. The 9 patch is my favorite crazy mom quilt yet. Would love one on my bed. Maybe someday.

  38. wow, so beautiful…you really must do this again. I love the idea of swapping scraps for a purpose…if anyone else is intersted, I’d love to join a swap like that. your variety is lovely!

  39. Anna! It turned out beautifully! The color combinations, the scrappy border- I’m drooling. You definitely need to make another. I may even try one, as long as I don’t have to get it done this year. ;)

  40. Scraps !!! I can send you some scraps. Email me and let me know what size. I’d be happy to help !!!

  41. i’m a two time flunkie too. i still have blocks to make.. so props on getting yours done!!

  42. Kate/Massachusetts on November 14, 2009 at 5:43 pm said:

    It’s GORGEOUS!! Well done! You may be a bit late to the party but at least you got there!!! unlike a certain person I know! lol

  43. Beautiful! I’m not usually a great fan of 9 patches but here with the white sashing the whole thing has taken on a new fresh appeal. I really like it.
    I’ll be watching for your next one!

  44. This is beautiful! What a happy quilt! I am joining my first quilt along and am afraid I am behind already :( .. but look forward to some firing up with the new year!

  45. Anna, Your nine-patch quilt is stunning! I love the fabrics you have used, and of course the way you quilted it is definitely a favorite. So happy to have inspired you, although I can definitely see that you have your own style and great taste in fabrics. Awesome quilt – cannot wait to see the next nine-patch quilt.


  46. I love your quilt, Anna! It came out wonderful ~ cheery and fresh. I would like to make another too and I would try the straight line quilting, yours looks great. PS Lady bugs are good luck, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  47. Ah yes, that certainly looks the work of that famously unorganised housewife of the Mid West, Mrs Anna Thimble. It’s beautiful!

  48. Fabulous!!!!!!!!

  49. Beautiful quilt! What size squares are you using? I’d be happy to send you some modern scraps…I am drowning in fabric.

  50. Gosh your work is soooo perfect, I want to be like you when I grow up, Clarice-who can not cut a straight line

  51. Oh, pretty, pretty! I love how the colors pop on the white background!

  52. You know there’s a school of thought that claims there are no co-incidences. So what deep meaning should we read into these simultaneous ladybugs?? I mean, what are the odds?
    Love that nine-patch quilt! And you only started it this year if I remember correctly? So, are you trying to make the rest of us sluggards look bad??

  53. Anna you have totally outdone yourself with this quilt!!!! I love seeing all those familiar fabrics in it, I seriously almost have tears in my eyes (I almost typed ears. hmmm) Thank-you for participating in the scraps to treasure, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. And your no flunkie in my book. cross my heart.

  54. Wow! This is a truly gorgeous quilt – I love it!
    toni xxx

  55. Congratulations on your great finish. It looks so fabulous, I think I need one of these as well. The quilting on it looks great too.

  56. This quilt is wonderful and I wonder how many gazillion pieces it has.
    I would never have the patience to do this (not to speak about abilities).
    Have a great sunday, wrapped in your quilt.

  57. You make such beautiful quilts Anna- this one is really lovely.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  58. As Jim Carey said, “Be – a – utiful”! It was worth the work, it really turned out pretty. Seems like every new quilt just makes you want to make another one, doesn’t it? Then you have to psych yourself up to do it all over again!

  59. Awesome Anna!!!!

  60. The nine patch is a lovely quilt – just says cuddle under me.

  61. gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try that but maybe I’ll do cot size…achievable!

    I just love how that sweet little ladybird popped in for a photo opp! so beautifully made and love it…and I can tell I’m not alone by the 60 comments ahead of me!


  62. Oh Anna I just love it!! I love nine-patches and yours are gorgeous, a fabric swap is a great idea to get such lovely scrappiness!!! I just straight line quilted recently…I hadn’t done that since I learned free motion but every now and then it is the perfect touch…like on your quilt, it’s perfect :)

  63. I love it Anna. Cute ladybug too. Did you fly her in just for the photo shoot?

  64. Great quilt and your sewing machine quilting looks so good. I’ve got to take my little Bernina in to getting the timing worked on. I just can’t stand the thought of being without it. Good thing I have another that at least sews a straight stitch.

    I might try my hand at one of those but I think I would have to strip piece it so it isn’t so much work. It would be great to do an exchange of the nine patches but unfortunately no one ever seems to sew with exactly the same seam width. It makes piecing so difficult. Yours looks perfect.

  65. ohhhh! I am gasping for air! This is gorgeous, Anna!! What a fabulous job you did…and love the scissors at the seam photo. Too dern cute for words!


  66. We (my husband and I) were supposed to have that as our first dance. At the last minute, he changed his mind. LOVE the quilt. One of these days I would like to do one myself.

  67. Holy moly sister friend – this quilt is a beauty and what a fun exchange to have memories combined with it (ok does that even make sense, but you get my drift). That ladybug just strolling along on your quilt was a great photo op. Another treasure Ms. Anna, they just keep coming :).

    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  68. I love the quilt!! Awesome!! You get so much done and work too! I need some of your energy!!

  69. Beautiful quilt, Anna. It must have been so much work with all those little pieces. Nice of the ladybug to drop by and offer her blessings.

  70. I love this quilt!! I love the way you have quilted it, too. Well done.

  71. I love that song, too. Now it’s playing in my head and I’m going to turn on my iPOD so I can really hear it.

    That quilt is truly beautiful. I love quilts that have such wonderful colors incorporated into them. And the little ladybug seems to applaud your choices, too.

  72. My gosh it is breathtaking. Holy cow. I hear ya on the day job thing. Ditto. But yes, unemployment would suck much worse. I wish I had time to participate in this. Love yours.

  73. FAB-U-LUS!
    I’m one of those persons who likes simple things like nine-patch blocks, one or two color quilts and scrap quilts. I like the straight line quilting too. This I love, love, LOVE!



    i love your nine patch. it’s gorgeous. i’m blown away.
    did i tell you that i love it?
    it makes me wanna make one. but my squares weren’t the same size… and i’m mathematically impaired… and my 1/4″ seam is a bit challenged… so the whole *make a million squares the same size* thing isn’t in my horizon….
    such a gorgeous quilt.

  75. No one inspires me to quilt more than you do. I just love knitting so much and I already know how to do it. You create such beautiful stuff, but I know it would take me quite a while to get to the point where I’d come close to your skill.

  76. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!! In the last couple of weeks I too have been getting back to mine. I am determined now to finish mine too. You’ve done a terrific job, and isn’t it huge!!!!! I love the way you’ve quilted it. I might do the same. Watch my space.

  77. Anna…I just love, love, love, love, love (did I tell you I love) your 9 patch and the way you quilted it. WONDERFUL!!!! … and with ladybug approval what else do you need!!! Great job!

  78. Your quilt looks gorgeous Anna! But your ladybird has far more spots than the ones in my garden!!!

    lucy xxx

  79. That is probably the lovliest nine-patch quilt I’ve ever seen.

  80. Anna, this is gorgeous! Well done!

    I heard the ladybug song for the first time only since Victor was born–my grandmother sings it while Victor plays with some ladybug magnets she has on her fridge. She sings the darker version where the house is on fire and the children will be burned. I could not believe it was an actual song. XO

  81. It’s gorgeous Anna!! I love all of the fabrics, and the white background, and the quilting!! The quilting is fab. x

  82. Love it! I love the way it’s quilted. Thanks for the inspiration.

  83. so so beautiful!!

  84. oh Anna, I love that quilt, it is stunning! You are so clever! I might just have to make one of these if I can find a pattern…x

  85. it’s freakin’ fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did great!!! it would look SO GREAT to have coordinating ones on twin beds, wouldn’t it? the quilting is amazing, too. nice finish, Anna!

  86. That is beautiful and inspiring. Maybe I’m gonna need to make one one of these. Oh, one more for the list. Good job on it though!

  87. I love your quilt!! I need to make one someday :)

  88. Ohhhhhhhh so beautiful! And inspiring. My blocks aren‘t even finished yet!

  89. Janesdey on January 27, 2011 at 4:17 pm said:

    Hi Anna!I love the quilt! In portuguese: Adorei!!!

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