Merry, Merry

WooHoo! Are you out there Making Merry? You’ve probably been shopping or something, huh? It seems like everyone is having an open house or a sale this weekend. I’ve been holed up having fun and decorating today. I’ve got the Christmas music cranked up and this house looks like a tornado hit it. Not to worry though, I’ll soon start to clean boxes and things up. Just taking a little break to pop in and say hi!

Several years ago I gave MyDadLovesMeBestSister a little mug rack, but she hasn’t had room for it in her house so I stole it back this week and it’s now the happy home for my Santa mugs. I love it!

Santa Mugs

After I took a few pictures and sat down to write a post, I saw those mushroom thimbles up in my blog header and decided it was time for a merry little change. So, I threw a few thimbles into the santa mug scene and ta-dah — new masthead!

I’ve also been playing a little with paper. I saw a fun garland that Susan Branch posted a few weeks ago. Then, a few days later, I saw a cute little deer on the Cath Kidston website and knew it had to be mine. Awwww, look at that little honeycomb bow-tie!


So, combine Susan Branch and Cath Kidston and we have a happy little Christmas window.


Now, it’s back to work for me. Hope you’re having a good weekend — lots to do for everyone!
P.S. I forgot to tell you that the last month of the Aurifil quilt block blog hop  is up. The Lizzy B Girls have done a great job and created a super cute little skier. Check it out!

28 Thoughts on “Merry, Merry

  1. How cute are those mugs! It seems you love “decking the halls” as much as I do. I’ve done everything but the Christmas tree, which in this climate, will not last very long, so I only put it up very close to Christmas. Enjoy the “Merry Making”!!

  2. It all looks great. I love the line of mugs. We’ve put our tree up this weekend too.

  3. oh I love the garland! not much decorating done here. Mr Driftwood is away at a conference, and we are in full birthday party season, I am just keeping afloat……..

  4. I decorated today too! It felt so good to finally get everything out…this season is already going by too fast!

  5. Denise on December 9, 2012 at 8:54 am said:

    Love the mugs and your reindeer/garland window. Thanks for the links…think I’ll give the garland a try!

  6. Frannie really wants that tree up! Love the holiday banner and that too cute honeycomb deer – looks like Rudolph to me!

  7. So cute!
    We’re a bit behind here in the White House, which is fine since it is 84 degrees here for some crazy reason…
    My 6 year olds are making sure that we finish decorating today. I, uh, better get to that…

  8. I’m trying to be creative…We’ve made homemade Christmas Crackers today…The most challenging thing is getting the hat in the tube…who da thounk it?

  9. LindaH on December 9, 2012 at 2:05 pm said:

    I also saw the Susan Branch garland instructions, and I love your touch of adding the cute reindeer!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Isn’t online shopping just the best! You did a good job. Everything is looking very much like Christmas in your neck of the woods. We got our tree and lights up yesterday. Yay!

  11. I like how you’re spreading Christmas Cheer! My grandpa always had a couple Santa mugs that were used during Christmastime. Of course, Santa knew there was one for him on Christmas Eve. (a shot of whiskey to keep warm!)

  12. Super cute! Hope things are going well there. xo

  13. I’m in love with your Santa mugs, and your eer is adorable, I can see why you wanted him.

  14. Love your decorations, the deer is adorable! Really love the masthead though, you’re so clever!

  15. When I was a kid, each of us had one of those santa mugs we used at Christmas. A few years back my mom gave each of us our mug! We had each written our names on a piece of that crappy lined elementary paper and scotch taped it on. It’s still there to this day! Brings back such fond memories :)

  16. your mug collection is so cute! I have only one and it sits by my elves.
    Love your swag and reindeer – Love Susans blog – such great inspiration! I remember when she had a monthly page in Co. Living. I wish she still did.

  17. brigette on December 10, 2012 at 11:01 am said:

    love that mug rack! next time you want to give DLMBS a gift, just say no and send it to cali instead. did you do that lettering yourself? impressive! love your little garland. merry chrismtas anna banana.

  18. Love the header!! It’s looking Christmassy here, with the tree and most of the decorations up. Must remember to add more brandy to the cake!!

  19. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! ;p Love the Santa mugs!

  20. It looks so cute Anna! Those mugs bring me back to when I was a little girl. My mom had some just like it!

    Happy Holidays!
    ~ Amber

  21. Merry cuteness. :) Love the header and the mugs. I have yet to decorate. It may be that all that goes up is the tree this year. My dad has been in the hospital, and now rehab, for the last month. Oy.
    Hope your dad is doing well. Have a lovely week, sweet Anna.

  22. OMW……..such wonderful cuteness!!! I love that mug rack…and your garland…AMAZING!!!!

  23. That all looks lovely. We’re not ready to decorate yet. We need to finish the reorganisation. We’re nearly finished the spare room (Laura’s room which became Mum’s) and now have a nice new bed in it for you to stay in next time you come over!

  24. Cutest mugs ever. Love it in your header. And the window is so sweet. Love vintage feeling items at Christmas.

  25. Lovely header, as always! You are so talented! Love your decorations! Myself, I think I am turning into a Scrooge. I used to enjoy this time of year, I cannot say the same anymore. Not sure why! Oh humbug! Glad to read that your father is back home! It will make your holiday celebration joyous! Cheers!

  26. We decorated last week too and I love the house looking all cosy and twinkly with candles flickering every night :o)

    I love your little deer. We used to have some beautiful birds a bit like that and they lasted for years.


  27. Had to pop over to see the new masthead which, I must say, is awfully cute.

    That’s right! Christmas cuteness – I admitted it right here.

    I do have a soft spot for good holiday decorations, after all. You go forth and teach the world how to decorate properly, Anna!

    The world needs you. Happy merry-making :)

  28. Mary ann on December 20, 2012 at 1:03 am said:

    I love Susan Branch’s blog…and some of her recipes are the best. Glad you are back to mostly normal Anna. And you are so right, it comes whether we are ready or not so we should enjoy every moment. I am trying to do that this year.

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