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Thanks  for all the Beehive Quilt love!   Gosh, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long, but it was a busy weekend.  We had a girls getaway weekend in the family — MeMum, MyDadLovesMeBestSister, CuteNiece1, CuteNiece2, SweetiePie and I went to Nashville, Indiana.  The weather was perfect, the autumn colors were perfect and we had a wonderful time with lots of laughs.  Nashville has lots of cute shops, and more importantly a LOT of good food.  We found a candy store (or two) and had great fun with those old fashioned candy cigarettes.  Remember those?   And fabulous caramel apples — ’tis the season!

Caramel Apples

A few weeks ago Kim mentioned care packages on her blog and it reminded me that I’d been meaning to get one in the mail for CuteNiece1.  Somehow, I never managed to get my little package mailed, so I just took it to CuteNiece1 this weekend.

Halloween Package

Pencils, chapsticks, granola bars, a first aid kit, caramel corn, socks, candy corn, orange mini-lights, glitter, a pez witch, a skeleton, and in that little space in the middle on the bottom, a Halloween mini-banner for CuteNiece1’s dorm room.

Halloween Package

I love making those little mini-banners — they’re quick and fun.  This time I used fabric scraps and instead of gluing them, I used black thread and did a bit of stitching.  (If you want to see a SUPER cute banner, check out this adorable banner that Lisa made for her daughter Sarah — I LOVE it!)

Halloween Package

Every dorm room needs a mini-skeleton and candy corn, don’t you think?  (Looks like he could have used some of that chapstick.)

Halloween Package

I wrapped the care package up with wrinkly orange tissue paper and a little pumpkin tag. And lots of opportunity to use some orange and black Divine Twine! (You knew I’d have to have a shameless plug, didn’t you? Sorry, but it’s still 20% off and it makes a fun Christmas surprise for your friends!)

Hope you’re having a good week!

40 Thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. i think you must be the best package maker in the world!!!
    that has got to be the cutest little bundle ever!!!!
    when i grow up i want you for my auntie.
    and i want to be thin, even after my 30’s.
    oh, and a little taller. even 5’5 would be nice.
    more money in the bank.
    and i want my hair to stay blonde, forever.. none of this ashy blonde with green undertones and gray hilites!!!
    i think that’s about it. thin, rich, nicer hair, taller and you for my auntie.
    oh well, life is good anyway!!!

  2. You’re such a wonderful aunt! That’s the coolest “care package.” So cute!

  3. What a fun package for your niece. She’s going to love it and the bunting will be so festive to hang in her dorm room. You have some really fun things that you gathered for her.

  4. I guess you have to be named Kim to comment…too funny. Love your care package. You can tell that lots of thought and care went into it. Your niece is going to love you to death!

    Happy Halloween. I’m having a Harry Potter themed party of Friday night. I hope I get everything done in time. This week has been crazy…ok especially crazy since my life always seems to be out of control.

  5. oh my gosh! so so so cute! what a lucky niece!

  6. What a super cute package Anna! Lucky niece – everything looks better with divine twine.

  7. The weekend sounds great and the package looks really cute! Your decorating and packing skills are impeccable!

  8. Aren’t you just the best auntie ever :-))), glad to hear you had a great time away .

  9. Oh, I adore that! Damn Germany for not having stuff like that available. Oh, also, I wanted to have a look at the Twine, but somehow the Link doesn’t lead to a shop or anything?

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend – I had the laziest weekend in ages – dinner out on Friday, a solo day on Saturday which included a trip to the craziest craft store ever (looks like a junk shop but is a veritable treasure trove), lunch with a friend in St Andrews on Sunday and a run = and the rest of the time I was home, crafting and watching TV – this one’s looking busier!

  11. I think you’re going to be the favourite Aunty, what a lovely package. That bunting is so cute and I think I’d like caramel apples.

  12. Jewels on October 20, 2010 at 4:47 am said:

    Anna you are so thoughtful, what a wonderful Aunt! I love All of your ideas. Looks like you gals had a lot of fun :) Happy Halloweenie

  13. oooh can I be your niece!? What a lovely care package that is sure to delight! What a good Aunt you are!

  14. What a fun package…I think I may be a long lost relative of yours…teehee! You are such a sweet aunt. Oh candy cigarettes…does that bring back memories?!

  15. You are such a wonderful Auntie, what an awesome package…Oh my goodness…I so remember those candy cigs.

  16. I’ve added mini-bunting to my to do list. I will probably be 75 years old before I get to it.

  17. What a sweet aunt you are. I am sure your niece was over the moon. oxoxo Clarice

  18. You are a great Auntie! That care package is way cute.

  19. Ahhh, girl’s weekend. I love girl’s weekend. My mom, my two sisters, and I used to sneak away for girl’s weekend. Now I think I have a five more girls that are ready to join us. Oh, and one of my sisters has a daughter that is old enough, too. Let’s see. That makes ten girls ripe for a girl’s weekend. I think we should definitely do it. My other sister has two girls, but they aren’t old enough yet to join. But someday…Glad you had a good time, Anna.


    PS-Love the care package. Especially the PEZ witch.
    PSS-My sisters and I used to drag on candy cigarettes back in the ’70’s. We laugh about it all the time now. Hailey had a candy cigarette once when she was about four. I was horrified when I saw her pretend smoking. LOL! I think I took it away from her. What a mean mom!

  20. Please be my aunt too!! Super care package – you obviously do far more for Halloween than we do here. Political correctness and the killjoys here mean that sweetie cigarettes (as we called them) are no longer called that – I think they also don’t look like cigarettes anymore either. Smoking here is now socially unacceptable – and in many places it is now illegal to smoke ….. they’ll be starting on drink next!

  21. What a super aunt you are; I love the Halloween banner!

  22. Oh what a gorgeous auntie you are. Love all the Halloween goodies and the little banner is so sweet!

  23. What a great package. I want to make a coouple of banners but need a really really good tutorial as my sewing skills are sometimes lacking.

  24. Will you adopt me as you not-so-cute-niece? ;)

    Seriously, that is one amazing care package!

  25. Cute care package! What a lucky niece!
    I love Nashville – and this time of year is the best! Did you go to the ice cream shop behind the wooden guy in the wagon? Yum!

  26. What a fabulous aunt you are! That care package is the cutest. The candy cigarettes bring back memories. The trip to Nashville sounds like fun … it threw me at first, I was trying to figure out how you got to Tennessee from Indiana so fast.

  27. What a great care package!! Where do you find all that cute stuff?? I love the little lights and the white containers. You are sooo clever!!!

  28. That is the cutest care package that I’ve ever seen. So inspiring (and so sweet of you to send!)

    P.S. You always have the cutest blog headers too, by the way. I just love them. It’s fun to see them change with the seasons! Good job!

  29. Oh, you are such a good auntie. I’ve never done anything like that for my (one) niece. She loves me all the same, though (I hope…). Luckily she doesn’t read this so doesn’t realise how neglectful I am.

  30. Hi
    I’m in the sewing room doing a little halloween crafting today –
    that is the and I mean THE CUTEST care package ever. What a lucky girl!!
    you are so fun and clever

  31. I want to be your niece too ;). I’m sure you are the most popular aunt on the planet!

  32. That’s an adorable care package! I love the little bunting, how fun! I’m sure your niece was thrilled to receive such a nice package. :)

  33. What a wonderful bundle of goodies for your niece! The Halloween bunting is adorable. She’s so lucky to have such a lovely auntie :o)


  34. Oh, how I love Brown County, Indiana! So many wonderful memories. Just a little too far now to visit! Wonderful goodie boxes you’ve created!

  35. What a perfect aunt you are! You make all the rest of us plain aunts feel bad, but I really love your Halloween care package.

    Candy cigarettes — yes, my sibs and I smoked those all through our youth.


  36. linda noblog on October 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm said:

    great auntie = anna!
    what fun to receive such wonderful goodies & such a fab presentation!
    you are always so generous with your “links” to your fellow bloggers & you are a source for new sites…
    “a spoonful of sugar” led me to ikea’s new muffin tin & paper liners! tomorrow it’s off to ikea & hopefully score the tin & liners…
    thanks thimbleanna!!

  37. I love the looks of those apples and I LOVE the garland. I really need to do more to decorate my place for the spooky night :) Have a great weekend, and thanks for visiting…I am just excited to have time to knit socks for the next few weeks.

  38. I’m loving the photo of those carmel apples and your little banner.. I saw the cutest fall banner last year and have wanted to make one ever since. That package is so sweet, what a great aunt you are.

  39. What a wonderful little care basket — Lucky girl! (And, btw, I must say, when I was a little girl, I had an addiction to candy cigarettes too.)

  40. Anna you have a flair. It is a combination of artistry and good taste. I love it.

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