Spring Flowers

Hey – that was some serious fun — reading about all of YOUR recipe addictions.  It seems that MeMum isn’t alone in her little clipping obsession.  Thanks for all of the fun organizing ideas too.  You probably haven’t seen the last of those recipes.  ;-)


These are some pictures of the flowering crabapple in our backyard.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  I love this time of year when we get a pretty, but very brief burst of color from this tree.  I know she’s a she, because she smells like a girl.  I had our patio doors open tonight and the room smelled like it was full of fragrant flowers.  Yum!


We used to have a crabapple that had hot pink blooms in our front yard, but it was planted in the middle of an ivy bed and one spring, shortly after it bloomed, it died. Turns out, a nasty little rabbit hid in the ivy and ate a ring around the bark at the base of the tree and killed it. We keep the base of our pretty white tree in the backyard clear so that there will be NO hiding, bark eating bunnies.


Still on the subject of flowers, I made this little pair of flowered slippers this week. The pattern is Foot Prints by Timber Lane Press.  The caterpillars met with an untimely demise shortly after Christmas and my tootsies have been cold since then.  I’m a big slipper wearer — both for warm feet and to prolong the life of my handknit socks.


Only problem is, these little sweeties are just a bit too snug.  (Dang it BrigetteNoBlog (you need to post, hint hint) — you should have saved that snarky big feet comment that you left on one of my old sock posts for this special occasion!)  They only took a few hours to make, so hopefully I’ll have their replacements done in no time.


And one last thing.  I saw these cute little dollar bill shirts on How About Orange.  I’ve entertained myself during BOOOORING telecons this week by wowing the guys at work with little shirts.  They’re really fun and easy to make.  I googled dollar bill origami and this project was by far my favorite!

Dollar Bill Shirt

So, that’s it for tonight.  Have a wonderful weekend — see you again in a few days!


55 Thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Your slippers are so sweet Anna – love the soft floral fabrics you have used. With the weather finally starting to cool here – I could sure use some of those.

    Sadly our currency is in plastic bills which doesn’t lend itself well to being folded and holding its creases. Your dollar bill shirts are fun – they would look great on a Fathers Day card.

  2. I love that dollar bill! Your slippers are so cute, hey, maybe you could give the snug pair away for a giveaway (hint, hint). The crabapple blossoms are gorgeous and it must be wonderful to have the scent waft in to your home.

    A bark-eating bunny? Me confused. I thought bunnies only destroyed vegetable gardens.

  3. My slippers are fluffy and very warm – the mornings are still a bitnippy here too.

    The little shirt is fab! I’m not great at origami though – if I made one the poor thing would end up with a very wonky tie!

  4. Yay! I am early for once. I love the slippers, they look so cheerful for chilly tootsies.
    Also love the crabapple blossom, how pretty, with the touches of pink.
    Who would have thought- a dollar bill shirt!

  5. your slippers are adorable!

  6. Your crabapple tree looks beautiful reminding me of sunny days! We have had a long week of almost summer like weather but now it is pouring rain and very dark so time for a spot of knitting! Those slippers do look so lovely, pity they are too small. I really like the dollar bill shirt too!

  7. I love your blooming crabapple tree, so beautiful. That’s something I miss living in the tropics. At home it would be the cherry trees though. And your slippers; what can I say. I’m waiting until they appear in your store ;). Have a great weekend.

  8. linda on April 23, 2010 at 5:43 am said:

    spring has sprung @ thimbleannaville!!

    your blooming tree photos were a delight to the eye…
    & i *heart* your new slippers…they are so cute…you are multi talented!!

    & speaking of cute…the origami shirt & tie –
    just adorable.

    i made small origami boxes & filled with mini mini cookies for a dinner party (i got the idea from diane @ 2 stews tutorial)…


    have a sunshine day anna! lol linda noblog

  9. The blossom is beautiful – I hope that by the time we come back from Majorca the tree in our front garden will be covered in blossom – everything in the garden is still way behind after our terrible winter. I love the slippers – I always wear slippers in the house, but I’ve never thought of making them. The dollar bill shirt is brilliant – I wonder if I could do that with a £5 note

  10. The dollar bill shirt is so cute! Love those slippers.

  11. I have a faculty meeting this morning, perhaps I can origami my way out of boredom. But wait, I’m running the meeting!! *sigh*

  12. Those slippers are SO dear with their ric-rac trim. How disappointing that they are snug. Have you thought about trying a shoe stretcher in them to give them some more ease?

  13. Beautiful flowers and beautiful flowers on your slippers. They would be so fun to run around the house in.

  14. What a fun post, Anna, loved reading and seeing the photos :^)

  15. nicole on April 23, 2010 at 10:27 am said:

    The slippers look neat, and the little shirt is too awesome.

  16. Oooh! Love those slippers! If I make them, how many sizes bigger should I make them?

  17. I can barely stop myself from posting new pictures of our flowers here every day. This is SO my favorite time of year. Love those slippers, and how cute is the dollar shirt!

  18. It sounds like your house smelled a lot better than mine did last night. The crabapple blossoms are gorgeous!

    Love those slippers and FYI, I have small feet…

    I might try that dollar shirt. You know, in my spare time (I’m at work and should be marking right now… oops.)

  19. Loved your beautiful pictures of Spring and the adorable slippers!
    I must try that with a dollr bill… very clever!

  20. Cute slippers! They are so adorable!

  21. I am super impressed with your origami shirt, what an excellent use of your work time. The blossom and the slippers are just so perfectly spring like, so pretty and colourful, beautiful, beautiful pictures, as always of course.

  22. Those slippers are lovely (much nicer than the ones on the pattern) your own improvements make all the difference.

  23. Cindy on April 23, 2010 at 2:18 pm said:

    Spring in Indiana! does it get any better than that? We have several trees and shrubs that are blooming and the air smells so sweet. Now when the bees show up I probably won’t remember the lovely sweet smell! Too bad it’s going to be colder and rainy over the weekend. All my pretty white blooms look like snow on the drive today : = (

    Love the slippers, too.

  24. LOVE those slippers!!!! I need a pair just like them just for decoration lol!!! I used to impress my kids with all the things from that site I could make dollars into but that was my favorite too! I just came across one in the bottom of my purse about a week ago…gmta :)

  25. Fran Fimbres on April 23, 2010 at 5:18 pm said:

    How adorable are those slippers! I’ve decided my blog name should be “Copycat” cause I have to make these too. I’m currently making your Atkisson Xmas quilt & just ate one of your recipes & already have the beige on beige fabrics for your wedding quilt. Had no idea I was such a copycat-that’s a compliment to you. I love & enjoy your blog. I am a successful business woman, but my heart joys are similar to yours. What kind of camera are you using? I may need to be a camera copycat too :) You are a delightful & refreshing woman who warms my heart w/your family talk. Frannie aka Copycat (who knew?!)

  26. Are those slippers my size? They’re seriously gorgeous. The blossoms are magnificent and how cute is the origami! Thanks for another wonderful cheery post, loved visiting.

  27. Those slippers are so cute! I’m tempted to try a pair.
    And your crabapple shots are lovely. I’m enjoying our bright pink blossoms this week. The tree, however, is dying and a bit of an eyesore aside from this one week a year so I think it will meet its demise in the fall.

  28. Wow, those slippers are very cute! I would never have thought of sewing slippers.

  29. I have a pair of L L Bean slippers that cost too much, too many years ago. They have holes in the toes, and are so stretched out I have to walk with my personal version of the Ghetto Limp, just to keep from walking right out of them! I need some cute ones like yours!!

  30. Oh Anna
    how I wish I had widdle feet to fit into your Castoffs.. they are freaking awesome… it doesn’t get too cold here, so I wear slippers for about a month or two…
    its Autumn here and we had our Hottest April Day for about 90 years, it was 95F! winter is 5 weeks ago, I think someone forgot to tell someone about this!!!
    I love apple blossoms of any variety!

    off to do some sequins (well hopefully a whole costume of the suckers)

  31. I love those slippers, Anna! So comfy and totally adorable. :) That dollar bill origami shirt is cool!

  32. Perfect fabrics, perfect slippers. They look just like spring.

  33. The crab apple blossom is so beautiful, mine aren’t even close to flowering yet but I have that pleasure yet to come. Love your dollar bill origami shirt and the slippers too, the fabric is really fresh and pretty and perfect for Spring. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are so talented!

  34. Loved the spring flower photos and the slippers! :)

  35. Akkk, those are the sweetest slippers ever. LOVE the fabric. Sorry they are snug xoxoxo Clarice

  36. Cute, cute, cute, Anna! I have a very similar pattern for baby “shoes” just like yours, but I’ve not seen them in big people sizes. Since my feet are the biggest ever, thankyouverymuch, I better get extra fabric ;)

    P.S. I’m off to fold some money….if I can find any!

  37. Hi Anna, I am – unfortunately – back from holidays. Nice to visit your blog. I am in awe of those slippers – they are so cute. I am not loving being back in Calgary. Something about Palm Desert that really hit a chord with me. I love the desert and I loved it there. Even staying in one of those ubiquitous American gated golf communities was actually nice. Everything was looked after, everyone walked and ran and smiled and was nice – as long as you belonged inside the gates of course :)

  38. The visual of you entertaining the guys at work with money origami amuses me. How can you follow up a gig like that? LOL! Sorry your slippers are a wee bit snug. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like tight, EVER, so I feel your pain. Does MeDadLovesMeBest sister, aka Skinny B*^%$, have little skinny feet to go with her little skinny body? Just thinkin’…

  39. I love crabapple blossoms! There was a crabapple tree outside the kitchen window in the house I grew up in that had deep pink blossoms. It was beautiful. I envy you having such lovliness in your yard. :)
    Your slippers are adorable! I’m sorry they don’t fit. :( All that work. I hope someone else can wear them!

  40. What wonderful pictures you take! L*O*V*E the slippers!

  41. Oh I love the slippers….so cute. I wish things were blooming here a bit more.

  42. Oh my goodness. Those are the cutest pair of slippers I’ve ever seen. Adorable!!!
    And that bloom from your tree………….beautiful!!

  43. You know already how much I love a crabapple bloom, I could just gaze on them all day. And those slippers. I love your combination of fabrics and OMG I am so going to get that pattern. So I can have those as well. You’re always an inspiration.

  44. And now that I looked at the pattern they should be using your photo because OMG 20milliontimesbetter. I would have never seen the potential in that pattern for that little slice of goodness on your blog.

  45. Of course that tree’s a she, she;s just too pretty… I love your slippers Miss Anna, they;re definitely “shes’ too!

  46. What a beautiful tree, and oh how I wish the bloom would last longer on all of them too. Your slippers are so adorable an cozy looking, you definitely made them more appealing, perfect stitching and color combos Anna! Hope you had a great weekend.

  47. I’m playing catch-up here but I love that “Years ago we purchased an almond ranch…” As you do.

  48. beautiful crabapple blossoms. makes me wish i were a little girl again, picking crabapples from our tree and throwing them at my sister.
    BRIGETTENOBLOG? i think i’m BRIGETTENOPOST! i have a blog, i just don’t post on it.
    so does this mean your feet are still growing? that must just stink (no pun intended).
    your slippers are very cute.
    my feet were a size five before i had offspring, now they are a 6.5. so don’t feel TOO bad, mine are still growing too.

  49. Goodness look at those slippers!!! Everytime I think you’ve posted the cutest project possible, you still come back and outdo yourself!! Love the blossoms pictures – we have one outside in the front and it was so pretty but lately the wind and the rain have pretty much put an end to the flowers.

  50. Beautiful flowers, fabulous slippers and absolutely amazing origami money! So clever!! Lucy xx

  51. I just love apple blossoms…. the scent and the prettiness. I wish they could last all summer.

    My boys used to make those dollar shirts and give them as tips at the restaurant.


  52. HOLY! Your crabapple tree is GORGEOUS! I am starting to understand how people can loathe garden bunnies. My MiL routinely traps them and releases them in the woods away from her garden.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to get such great growth out of this guy, what a looker!

  53. Hurray for crabapples! Boo for bark-eating rabbits. I hope you began your dollar trick with, “Does anyone have a bill I can use for this next trick?”

  54. Your tree is beautiful! The slippers… ditto! And the dollar bill origami – what a great way to present cash when you give it as a gift. I’m going to look it up now. And hunt down a dollar bill. ;)

  55. Love the slippers Anna!

    Those dollar bill shirts would look great on Father’s Day cards.

    Lovely Photos!


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