10 Things This Summer

Wow, last week passed by in a blur. Just like that, it’s officially summer. I thought I’d follow Karen’s lead and list 10 things I’d like to get done this summer.  I’ve always thought of summer as June, July, and August, but officially it runs until September 22nd (which is good for me since June is almost over!).  Three months either way.  Let’s get started!

Thimbleanna: Quilters on Bikes

1. Get Together with the Quilty Peeps.
Ladies! We’ve got to git ‘er done! We’ve been trying, with no luck, to find a time that all of us could get together for the longest time. Who knew it would be harder to get together now than it was when we all had small children at home???

2. Organize Some Iceland Pages on My Site.
Before I forget about the trip. I spent too much time last week changing things up around here. You may have noticed the little blue polka dot background is gone. Well, it’s gone on the main pages — there are a lot of pages around here and it’s going to take a long time to convert them.  In the meantime, I’d like to start with the Iceland pages.

Thimbleanna: Ten Year Sweater

3. Finish the Ten Year Sweater.
It’s pitiful. I think I have all the parts of this sweater done except for the button band. Why do I do that? Because I hate sewing knitted pieces together. Arrghhh. I don’t want to start a new sweater until I’ve finished this one.

4. Start My Lopapeysa.
If I can get #3  done, I can start knitting the yarn I bought in Iceland!

Thimbleanna: Quilting

5. Finish the Quilt I Started in May.
TheManoftheHouse has finished unpicking the icky quilting.  I need to re-group and get this baby quilted.

6. Clean Some Closets.
Or Drawers. I managed to clean out some drawers a few weeks ago and it felt so good. I recycled all of our old phone books for starters. Do you use phone books anymore? We don’t — google is so much faster!

7. Clean Up Sewing Room.
This is a never-ending task. I started working my way through a big pile of old cross-stitch magazines, but I never finished. It’s so hard to get rid of them, but it’s time. My fabric is feeling crowded and it needs more space. ;-D

Thimbleanna: Quilt Pieces

8. Make Enough Blocks for a Quilt Top.
I started cutting out a few blocks and I really love them. They’re going to be slow-going for me, but I’m really enjoying picking out color combinations. More soon when I have a block or two to show.

9. Go on a Picnic.
It’s been years since I’ve been on a picnic. I just need to find someone to go with me!

10. Visit the World’s Greatest Aunt.
This one is a slam dunk. The reservations have already been made.

Do you have a ten things list?
Here’s hoping for a great summer!


38 Thoughts on “10 Things This Summer

  1. uh…wow…it’s ten things but they all seem so ambitious to me. I just want to be able to take more than a five minute shower lol! Our downtown is still underwater, so I am working from home for the past few days. Probably go and do some volunteering tomorrow. So many people need help.

  2. So in LOVE with this banner! You’ve done it again!

  3. Mary ann on June 25, 2013 at 12:13 am said:

    Ok, no you have given me something to think about thats seems doable…the thinking that is…

  4. Lovely and crisp. I’m liking it. Those are 10 good things. I need to let my hubby know that in quilty blogland it is a requirement he does unpicking. Awesome!

  5. 10 Ambitious plans! I rather wouldn‘t have my husband unpick the quilting, I think I would need to do a lot of repairing holes afterwards. My 10 things for this Summer all include finishing projects and enjoying some lazyness as well! I hope you’ll have a wonderful Summertime!

  6. Looks like you’re going to have a great summer! And I love seeing your Husqvarna sewing machine in the picture above! I have LOVED mine and sewed on it all the time (until I got a Bernina about 6 months ago!) They’re great machines.

  7. Your 10 things are ambitious, Anna. Good luck with them all!

    I have to say, the photo of the quilt in the sewing machine puzzled my obviously-not-fully-awake-yet brain this morning – I thought it was a photo of your legs and was most confused that I couldn’t see your feet! :oD

  8. jill reid on June 25, 2013 at 7:49 am said:

    I am laughing uproarishly because you sparked such a “light bulb” moment for me! I have a kitchen drawer beneath the phone that holds our huge (visualize New York City huge) phone book in it, along with my file folders that hold restaurant menus, 2013 recycling schedules, friends’ phone numbers, contractors numbers, etc., etc. Each time I have to look up anything in my file folders, I have to move the huge phone book, one way or another. Duh!, double duh!…I never use the phone book, haven’t in ten years! Like you said, I Google any numbers I need. Thanks for your insight…lol, sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees…lol. Phone book…gone!

  9. I love that top shot, it’s awesome! I just might join you ladies in this. I’m sure I can come up with at least 10 things to get done this summer. I like your going on a picnic, I can’t remember when I’ve gone on one :)

  10. Good list. I need to make a 10 Things List too. I’d like to go on a picnic too. I had a picnic tea party with my grandgirls. We just threw a blanket on the grass in the backyard and carried out some crackers and grapes and water in a cute pitcher along with cups. Instant picnic tea party!

  11. Wow! Quite the list. Are those 10 things added on to your “New Year’s Resolution list”? Just curious! So, tell me, what is it that you are shoving through your Viking? Fabric telephone poles? Oh, and the “make enough blocks for a quilt”? Is that a loop hole for if/when you get tired of it and just decide to make a doll size quilt or perhaps a one block wonder quilt? LOL Picnics are great and I’ve got the perfect space. Let me know when you’re coming over with the food. You are such a great good, well the pictures make it look so good. I cannot wait to see how you set up the picnic cloth, You are such an amazing decorator. Ah… it’s been a while since I’ve had the change to tease you! Thanks!

  12. Good luck with that list! This summer is flying by, isn’t it ?!!
    If I made a list, the closets and drawers would be on mine too. I know I wouldn’t get all of them done, so maybe I should list them individually so I’d be able to cross something off for some motivational satisfaction!
    Enjoy your summer!

  13. i DID make a list of things to do this summer – but i’ve already done three of them, so maybe i should come up with three more – then i can continue with my whining about never getting everything on my list marked off (i draw double and triple lines through things that are done – SUCH a sense of DONE DONE DONE!!! when i do that) because i just wouldn’t be happy if i didn’t have SOMETHING to whine about…

    i do love that picture of you and your peeps on the banana bikes – it is my MOST FAVORITE of all of your pictures (including the food pictures – which is saying a LOT because the oatmeal cookie pictures made me bake cookies, even if it WAS 94 degrees outside and the cookies weren’t dianne’s mom’s ugly oatmeal cookies…

  14. Great idea, Anne! I never get anything done unless I make a list. There’s something about crossing off accomplishments that keep me motivated.

  15. Good list. I’m excited we get together this summer. That will be a bright spot.

  16. I’ll go on a picnic with you ….. the only problem might be deciding your place or mine!! I have so many things to do, that I have lists of lists!!
    Love the new look – very minimalist!

  17. brigette on June 25, 2013 at 1:34 pm said:

    first of all, darling, *** I started working my way through a big pile of old cross-stitch magazines, but I never finished*l** stood out like a man wearing pink pants. if you send me any of those, i swear, i’ll photoshop embarrassing photos to make them look like you and post them all over. “thimbleanna does portland” – can you imagine the scandal???
    okay – ten things to do this summer:
    crab boil at the beach
    finish my dolly’s quilt i started 47 million years ago
    house blocks
    sp blocks
    finish going thru my fabric and break up with everything i’m not in love with.
    finish unpacking from my move last september!!!
    glass beach
    make anna come to cali for a picnic
    eat healthy a
    get 1 hour of movement in per day. (this does not include sitting in my chair at my desk and reading something that moves me. this has not worked in the past for improving my overall health)
    be happy

    the end.
    :waves madly

  18. What an awesome idea. Instead of just “thinking” putting them in writing is close to getting them done. That’s my story anyway lol. Always inspiring there ms Anna


  19. I’ll come with you on a picnic, it will have to be a virtual one, but we can still have cake !

  20. I did read that some people like to use their old phone books for paper foundation piecing. Mine are just stacked up.

  21. Jenny on June 25, 2013 at 6:08 pm said:

    look no further, i can cover #9 and since my goal this summer is to make a picnic blanket i think we HAVE to make it work!!! our picnic tree in the backyard was attached by the ash bourahlsdkjn f (?) last year, so our backyard is a little hot, but im sure we can come up with something!!

  22. I’m not sure I could stop at 10, and then I’d get stressed out. I will say I want to get some needlebooks made. How about that? I love your list. You can do it!

  23. Kathy R on June 26, 2013 at 12:42 am said:

    You made my day! I have umpteen sweaters completely knitted that need to be sewn together. I h.a.t.e. sewing my knitting together! What is the deal??? So, I guess my ten things to do this summer is to sew ten sweaters together!
    Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone :-)

  24. I have only one thing on my list – that is to finish revamping a purse I found at Goodwill. I would like to use it before Labor Day arrives, after which, if you are of the old school, it should be properly packed away along with your straw hat and white shoes.

  25. One of my 10 things is to watch crappy tv. Does that make me lame and a somewhat slacker? Probably.

  26. Can’t wait to see the Iceland pages, we didn’t have much time to chat about your trip
    About the Ten Year (really?? 10 years!! :)) sweater… Come on Anna… you can do it!
    I would go on a picknick with you if I could, I love picknick
    I’m afraid to do a Ten Thing List… I think it would turn into a 20 or 30 Thing List :)

  27. Wow! That would be an ambitious list for me to get done in 3 months….sounds more like my 1 year goals. Actually, cleaning up my sewing room could easily be a one year goal all by itself! But you are obviously much more energized than I am! I laughed at your 10 year sweater, I have a 2 year sweater in nearly the same state…pretty much all done except the putting together part. Argh! I absolutely love that first picture, adorable! Have a great day Anna!


  28. Gah, you’re going to say we are too far away for a picnic, aren’t you?

  29. I like the new look of the blog. I don’t have a list. I don’t even want to think of everything I would like to get done. Quilty-wise, I want to get some bindings done on some finished stuff. I JUST finished the binding on a wall hanging that I’ve been working on getting the binding on it…. wait for it…. TWO years! I am soooo slow with bindings. Bindings and getting a quilt done for my in-laws for Christmas. Again, it’s been waiting for 2 years.

  30. Great list…Good to have focus when so easily the summer can get away from you…hmm I’ll have to think up my 10 things :o)

  31. Jo H on June 30, 2013 at 2:22 am said:

    Great post and love the comments it has provoked – here a picnic is a dream for a few months as is the thought of the warmth of sun on the skin, as we’re into winter – so I could and should make some winter goals! Finishing a UFO or two would be a good start, moving and being moved would be another.

  32. Love your list!! I would gladly go on a picnic with you. I have a child who requested a picnic this summer and we have not done that yet; guess I should schedule one. I have to tell you, I really enjoy sewing the sweater together. If I lived nearby, I would gladly swap you seaming for some custom-embroidered pillowcases or something!

  33. Mr L and I were just discussing places we need to go before we’re too decrepit: Florence, Venice, Switzerland, cruise down the Danube, cruise down the Rhine, Prague, Norway, Denmark again, Lewis/Harris, Sutherland again, Arran again… . Not as impressive as making things, though. Must get back to those bits of fabric… .

  34. What does it mean when you can’t find time to make a list of ten things? These girls of mine have me hoppin’ this summer. In a month, I will have three new drivers but until then…it’s all me. So busy, but so good. I hope you are well, Anna.
    P.S. Your Iceland trip looks amazing. What a grand vacation. Happy summer!

  35. I love your list. Your photography is great, and the banner is nice. I don’t knit, but that sweater looks beautiful!

  36. Bev Arason-Gaudet on July 5, 2013 at 12:34 am said:

    I can’t wait to see your Iceland pictures! My family and I went in 2005 and I can’t wait to go back! I am currently the President of our Icelandic club (in Edmonton, AB) and we have close to 300 members; our club is very active and we are expecting four young women from Iceland to visit us in 2 weeks.
    Take care!

  37. I am the same way with knitting. I don’t want to start anything else until I am finished what I already have going. I just wish I would get it done! :)

  38. I can’t believe your hubby unpicks!!! I barely ever do that, I just live with my mistakes LOL perhaps there is a better way, I just need to make the most of my ‘better half’!

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