I’m sure by now, wherever you are in the world, you’re hearing about the deep freeze here in the U.S.  It’s COLD out there!  We had a quick visit to Iowa to visit TheFirstChild and SweetiePie and managed to drive home in the snowstorm.

The snow got heavier the farther east we drove and, surprisingly, we have more snow at home than anywhere along our route.  It’s surprising because we seem to be just barely out of the lake effect snow belt and it’s rare for us to get this much snow in one storm.

You’ve seen the view out our back window before and here’s how it looks tonight.

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

It’s SO beautiful and I LOVE it!  It could be a little warmer though — I think we’re currently at -15 F and depending on which version of the forecast you read, we’ll barely clear 0 degrees F tomorrow.  Brrrr!

Oh well, enough about the cold (and just how thankful are we for heating tonight, hmmmm?)  One of the reasons we went to see the kids was to see the new baby.  I’m a grandma.  Sort of.  Meet Winston!

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

Isn’t he a cutie?  He’s a goldendoodle puppy and at only 11 weeks, he’s pretty big already.  He’s such a sweet little puppy and he sure loves his “parents”.  Here he is teething on his mother’s fingers.

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

There’s some intense puppy training going on there.  He’s already housebroken (such a good boy), can sit and shake hands,  and he’s working really hard on confining his chewing to one of his 5,000 toys.  He doesn’t like having his picture taken very much, but here he is, showing me his good side.  (We know this because the other side was blurry.)

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

And, of course, I had to show him how to knit.  It was hard to get a good picture of him — he was always on the move.

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

Anyway, we had a wonderful time with him — it made me miss having a dog around.  I came home and puppy-roughed up on the Scruffster and he bit me.  Cats are no fun!

Oh — hey — did you notice those cute HOT pink boots in the first picture?

Thimbleanna: Happy New Year

SweetiePie got new Hunter boots while I was visiting and she taught me a clever new trick for boot buying — order your boots in kiddie sizes! They’re a LOT cheaper and just as cute. We went shopping with the hot pink hunters and you wouldn’t believe all the comments she got. I thought the girls in the LuLuLemon store were going to come unglued! That little trick will work for other brands of boots too {cough}Sorel{cough}.

Ok Peeps — Stay Warm. When I come back I’ll start some Christmas super secret sewing project sharing (say that 10 times fast) — better late than never!

42 Thoughts on “Winston

  1. Stay safe and warm with old that freezing cold out there! I love the snow photo’s and Winston is so cute!

  2. stay warm and safe lovely Anna.
    and oh what gorgeous boots!

  3. Sadly that trick only works if you don’t have ridiculously large feet. It might be that “some” people don’t even get to shop in the women’s section. Apparently.

  4. What a gorgeous puppy – I rather think he will grow up just a little bit bigger than the tiny poodle I had many years ago.
    I had wondered if you would be affected by the freezing weather – fortunately we have missed the worst of the storms so far.
    Stay safe and warm, and I am looking forward to seeing your secret sewing.

  5. What fab snow – as long as you can stay warm and safe of course. Winston is adorable! Happy New Year Anna!! Xxx

  6. I know it is wrong to want what others have but I really want a Winston and pink wellies. Stay warm Anna!

  7. Winston is fabulous, Anna. Love the pink wellies! Keep cosy and safe! :o)

  8. You must gave little feet. You know me, I’m all over pink, but don’t need boots here. Winston is adorable.

  9. Awe, Winston is sooooo cute, makes me want another puppy. Love that last shot of him.

  10. Winston!! What a sweet puppy!! I would drive to Iowa to see him in person too. Stay warm, Anna! It is freezing out there!

  11. Winston is adorable! Ah, the puppy days! I’ve been looking at the shelter’s pics, here, lately and thinking… :) Although the hubby says no… ;) Glad you made it back home safely! Stay warm!

  12. OMG Winston is soooo cute! Love the golden doodle.
    what cute hot pink hunters. me and hanna have red, but now we wish we had pink!
    stay warm and enjoy the snow.

  13. What a precious dog! Our dogs name is also Winston!

  14. Don’t envy you the cold – it’s mild and sunny here. Wouldn’t mind the lovely fluffy granddog, though, as long as he stayed that size. He’s very cute!

    I have got the pieces of the baby quilt out and labelled them all and read the instructions!!! Any minute now I may start cutting. Any minute after that I may get it wrong. (You might hear the howls of anguish from there… .)

  15. Winston is a cutie! My sister has a goldendoodle (rescue) but she doesn’t have the cute curly look. We are now pet-less and I keep thinking we might need one, but in a way, it’s nice not to have to worry about a cat or dog when we are gone.
    So did you buy pretty pink wellies too?
    Can’t wait to see your “super secret sewing” projects!

  16. I guess we all know where Winston will be staying with the parents go on vacation…. ;p

    I LOVE those boots but I’m old and my feet now require ‘wide’. I hate that! No kids’ sizes for me. ;p

  17. That is a lot of snow and too cold for me. I might have to quit complaining about the 27 degree weather here… Love the boots and the new puppy. And I can’t wait to see the sewing projects. Glad you got home safely. Are you headed my way soon? It might seem downright balmy to you out here in the west.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog-Yes our Winston is a pug. I just thought it was wonderful to see another pup named Winston. I love it! :)

  19. What an adorable puppy! I love the boots and I wish I could justify cute boots like those in the desert. :)

  20. That is one cute puppy!!

  21. Winston is perfectly amazingly handsome! And the pink boots? Seriously so. Great shopping. And yes, I will shut up now about how cold it was here. LOL Maybe. At least until I get cold again.

  22. Oh Dear!
    Taker care for your toes and nose ;0)

  23. Winston is so cute, and those pink boots……love ’em!!! Keep warm. Our temperatures are set to start soaring in the next few day; it will be high 30’s by the weekend. I shall think of your snow to keep cool!

  24. Nicole on January 7, 2014 at 7:11 pm said:

    Goodness, he is terribly cute!!!!
    Cold cold cold, here and there, power is back though, now gas deliveries are delayed everywhere by one of the largest suppliers….not fun, but it is beautiful out….

  25. Buy in kiddie sizes? Do they come in women’s 10.5? Who am I kidding no one ever has a 10.5!
    Winston must be part whatever our dog was as a kid….but we just referred to her as a mutt!

  26. Winston is an adorable name for that darling dog. At doggie day care, there was a labradoodle and it was huge… but sweet. Love the pink boots, especially in the white of the snow. Hugs to you! ~Joni

  27. Winston is adorable. the boot ordering secret is our same secret.. Frankie wears a size 4.5 or 5 so she pretty much has too, my mother-in-law wears a 4. its often a blessing but mostly a curse for buying grown up shoes!

    keep warm my dear…xo

  28. I love that you visit your kids for this. Congrats on the new arrival! Stay warm!!

  29. Oh, I love the pink boots and Winston is adorable. The snow sure looks beautiful I know you’ve had a lot of it. Stay warm.

  30. I envy you the snow, not so much the -15F, but anything else than the rain we have now would be great! The dog; I want one, it’s super cute!!!

    Looking forward to share 2014 with you and see all the beautiful things you make and to read all the fun things you write.

  31. Miss Jean on January 8, 2014 at 5:34 pm said:

    Winston is adorable!!! My friend has a labradoodle named Winston. Great breed (next to Scotties). My daughter was able to get a puppy for next to nothing and was told it was a poodle. NOT! It’s a labradoodle and she’s in love with Pierre! We expect lots of grandpuppy pictures!

  32. I love the new member of the family! What a wonderful white holiday you have had!

  33. brigita on January 8, 2014 at 6:52 pm said:

    so so so so so flippin cold!! i would just die! and its too hot where i am. i cant find the apostrophe on this archaic keyboard that im using so just go with it, ok (insert question mark here) well the water is warm here, the people are friendly and ive learned how to say thank you obrigada. i was saying obrigado which would insinuate im a man, so im glad we got that all cleared up. winston is adorable. hes very big a for so young. perhaps sweetiepie can come visit and teach izzypop how to shake hands. alright, im going to go to dinner even though its lunch time in california. we are going to a bbq place where they bring the meat to your table on long skewers and you say yes or no to whatever they bring. i will say no to the chicken hearts and mystery meats and yes to the picana. love the hot pink hunter wellies. tell SP we are all envious of her darlingness. well beijos. that means kisses in portugese and my son and his gf and all of her family say that whenever they hang up the phone or say goodbye, oh, and they say ciao, but i cannot spell it in portugese.

  34. Mary ann on January 9, 2014 at 5:36 am said:

    Cute!!! Both the boots and the puppy. We have been missing our boy here and starting to think about a puppy again maybe in the Spring. I used to buy boys dress shirts, way cheaper than women’s in the days that preppie look was so in for women in the office. Now its all about comfort…LOL. Wonder what your project is???

  35. He’s a darling puppy. The snow here is like yours. I guess it is winter. So what did we expect? Not sure. I always feel unready for snow.

  36. I’m not sure which to covet most … the pupster or the pink boots … I guess with six dogs in the house already I’m safer with the boots!

  37. that’s a lot of snow!!

    And of course you need boots for snow… right? wink wink…

  38. MJ Smith on January 10, 2014 at 6:39 pm said:

    Oh my word … your Grandpuppy is ADORABLE! I love GoldenDoodles!!!! I love his bow tie too. And you are so funny … “cats are no fun” … ha!! :-)

  39. Congratulations Grandma! Yea, it’s the first think I noticed was the boots. Said to self, “where can I get me a pair?” So cute. DD likes unusual rain boots. The problem is that she goes through them like there’s not tomorrow. They just don’t make them like they used to! I’ve had a pair of billy boots (the real farming Mccoy) for over 30 years!!! they still look wearable. Of course back then they used real rubber! Hum… what ever happened to that Duck boot company? I loved those, had quite a few pairs. They had a great ad, a duck wearing rubber boots! Enough chatting, gotten get back to work. Oh, next holiday, you might want to photograph Santa with the thimble in the back of his sleigh. Sort of make it his sack of goodies. Just a suggestion. With the thimble in the front, it does make him look like his sleigh is aerodynamic! I know, keep it that way and add flames in the back! lol ;o)

  40. Hi Anna! LOVE Winston! So cute. I’ll have to find out where the kids live in Iowa. Did I ever tell you I moved here from Iowa? I hope you have had a great beginning to this new year. My resolution is to make the best of it! xoxo

  41. You got your snow! So pretty.
    Winston is adorable and SweetiePie’s boots are too.
    My feet are too large for kiddie boots.

  42. OMG! I want a puppy like that, such a cutie!!!! Does he look like his parents? LOL

    Clever trick with the boots, I’ve done it ones with Timberland boots, I realized this when I was buying boots for my Andrea, she already uses the same size as me, 39 (US 8.5) even though she’s only 11! – The grown ups’ boots where right next to the kids’ ones but 40% more expensive

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