Wow.  Can you believe we’re in the middle of September already?  My last few weeks have just disappeared — partly because we took a trip to see the kidlets in Utah.  We can’t let FinallyAGirl go too many months without seeing her!  We had a great time — playing, eating and hiking.  I think I may have had a wee bit of altitude sickness on one of our hikes.  Or maybe just a bout of outofshapeness LOL.  Either way, I had to sit down for a minute and I had a raging headache that started about the time we reached the top of our mountain until we got back down.  Hiking is so fun in the mountains — the views are spectacular!

Thimbleanna: Waldorf Doll

Anyway, back to the title of my post.  Waldorf.  Are you thinking Salad?  Astoria???  Or, if you’re thinking dolls, you’re on the right track.  I wanted to make FinallyAGirl a little Waldorf Doll and I decided to make a baby doll, since she’s still so young.  It was my first Waldorf doll-making experience and it was lots of fun.  The web is full of great information!  I found this kit for a doll that I liked — Loetje by Bibidolls.

Thimbleanna: Waldorf Doll

The pattern is a pdf and the instructions are great — very detailed and with great pictures.  I had a bit of trouble stuffing the doll with as much stuffing as was recommended (she tells you by weight how much each part needs) and I feel like my little doll ended up being fatter than the original LOL.  The head was particularly tricky — I had to have TheManoftheHouse help me tie off the pieces so that I could get them nice and tight.  She explains that the reason for stuffing so tightly is so that the little doll won’t end up too flat as the stuffing compacts over time.

Thimbleanna: Waldorf Doll

I had planned to get a picture of FinallyAGirl kissing her baby or dragging her around, but she didn’t pay any attention to her.  She already has a favorite little baby doll.  I’m hoping she’ll pay a little more attention to this little Waldorf baby when she gets a little older.  (Oh, and little Loetje doesn’t have lipstick smeared all over her face — the pink around her lips is the reflection of the flower.  She has some red cheeks, but I took the pictures before I remembered to paint her cheeks on.  Ooops.)

Thimbleanna: Waldorf Doll

So, instead of a FinallyAGirl-Really-Loves-Her-New-Baby picture, how ’bout a shot of all the pretty fabric that arrived while we were gone?  Lots of pretty florals (I LOVE those Chelsea Market prints from Blend Fabrics) and some more Japanese prints.  And I couldn’t resist that Sheepie (!) print when I saw it at quilt market.  They’re all in my little Etsy shop in case you can’t resist.

Thimbleanna: Waldorf Doll

Now I’m off to watch a little tv with MeMum before bed.  The evenings slip by much too quickly!  Hope you’re having a good week!


16 Thoughts on “Waldorf

  1. cute doll – sounds like altitude sickness to me!

  2. Cathy Burk on September 14, 2017 at 12:16 am said:

    I have never heard of a Waldorf doll…did I have a deprived childhood!?! Anyway, she is darling!

  3. Frances M Fimbres on September 14, 2017 at 3:10 am said:

    So very adorable! I love your blog….

  4. The wee dolly looks lovely, Anna! :o)

  5. Oh no, I hope FinallyAGirl doesn’t show the tendency my daughter did. She was a stuffed animal lover. Dolls didn’t interest her. I didn’t know that these babies were called Waldorf dolls, though my grandmother had one at her house that she let us play with. Yours is adorable!

  6. Oh how cute is that doll – and yes, I’m very familiar with Waldorf dolls (and everything else anthroposophical as we live where the organisation originates). How high were you hiking if you think you had altitude sickness? Were you dehydrated? Good to know that you felt better once you descended the mountain. Beautiful fabrics; how can you bear to sell them. I could never have a shop as I would want to keep everything for myself ;)!

  7. What a cute little doll. I hadn’t heard of a Waldorf doll before although I made something similar for my eldest 35 years ago. He loved his “blue dolly”

  8. The dolly is adorable! But I’ve never heard of a Waldorf doll either. We spent 5 weeks in the mountains of Colorado this summer at 10,000 feet. It took me a good 3 weeks to get used to that. Just getting older doesn’t help! I bet you had a good time with the family tho!

  9. Penny Guglielmoni on September 15, 2017 at 9:42 am said:

    I have found that when I play in the mountains that Emergen-C helps minimize the symptoms of altitude sickness. I just use one packet in the morning. When we were on a tour I suggested to a lady having a lot of trouble and she said it worked for her. For under 10 dollars and a taste I don’t like it seems to be great protection. BTW i love the doll and someday she will too!

  10. I’d never heard of Waldorf dolls either, but she’s very cute. You are clever.

  11. I knew you were going to make a dolly. Oh, and she’s so cute. I think she will eventually come to love her new baby too. So glad you got some Grammy time!

  12. You did a great job on that doll. I love the Waldorfs, but have never actually made one. I used to make cloth dolls for our girls when they were small.

  13. Lovely fabrics and such a sweet Waldorf doll. The Etsy shop where you bought the pattern is a Dutch one, to my surprise!

  14. What a precious dolly. You never can tell what kids will like, but I’m sure someday she’ll appreciate that it was made with love!

  15. well hello!!!! i love that little waldorf dolly! i wasn’t thinking about a doll when you said Waldorf…. i think a hotel came to mind. you’re the best gma ever! as always, i just love your fabric choices. what to get????? i can’t BELIEVE we are in the last 2 weeks of sept. my TODO list is horrific for this christmas so i’d better hop to it! hey, it’s almost someone’s bday!!!!!!!!

  16. Adorable doll! She’ll grow to love it…just give her a little time. ;p

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