Tube Socks

Well, it’s been too long, but I finally have another knitting finish. Remember this picture I posted in January?

Thimbleanna: Shirt

That’s the Mind The Gap yarn by Trailing Clouds and I’ve finally finished knitting the socks that belong to it. The yarn is so named because the colors in the yarn are supposed to match the colors of the tube lines on the London Underground map.

Thimbleanna: Shirt

They were a fun knit, but I felt like they took me a lot longer than normal (whatever that is LOL). Usually, I don’t care if the stripes match up on stripey socks, but I really wanted these socks to match. I couldn’t see how to do that using my normal two-socks-on-one-circ method, so I reverted back to one-at-a-time sock knitting on dpns. It was a nice change of pace, but it seemed to take longer.

Thimbleanna: Shirt

{Ummm. Excuse Me Paul. I’m trying to take pictures here.}

Thimbleanna: Shirt

I’ve been thinking about the UK a lot. I’m right at 2 years since my last trip and I’m homesick LOL. I NEED a trip! I’m thinking I NEED to plan one for next year.

Thimbleanna: Shirt

Sounds like a 2018 plan to Me! Have a great week — I’ll be dreaming of UK travel LOL.


15 Thoughts on “Tube Socks

  1. those are so cute!

  2. Those are really cool! I love the colors in them. How funny to see Paul curled up with them. I think you need to knit him some cat legwarmers. :)

  3. I love the color of your socks. I’m finally nearing the end of the pair I’m making. I also like the heel you did.

  4. Love your tube socks! 2018 Sounds like a great year to visit the UK. There will change so much after the Brexit. The exchange rate for the British £ is very favourable now!

  5. I want to go with you!!!!!!!

  6. Love the socks! While you are dreaming of coming to the UK next year, I am dreaming of going to Australia!!

  7. What fun socks! And. UK trip… how exciting!

  8. Love your Tube socks – mind the gap!!

  9. Well, you know where we are! But I don’t think you should try Ben Nevis this time…

  10. I love the socks. I really must try that some day. Tomorrow is the beginning of high school junior year. Can you believe that after all these years I still get a knot in my stomach every time the new school year begins? Does that ever stop? Let’s hope finallyagirl doesn’t grow up too, too fast.

  11. What fun socks – I’ve only knitted one pair of socks in my life and one turned out bigger than the other. I have no idea how that happened. Since then I let other’s knit for me (luckily I have family and friends who are more than happy to do so)! We’ve just come back from London, as always we had a fab time. Good idea to start planning for 2018.

  12. I need those socks! Then people would be distracted from the wreckage of my youth and concentrate on my fabulously socked feet!

  13. those are really gorgeous socks!

  14. “Tube” socks, oh! Now I get it! They are so wonderful. I definitely think you should try them out in England! (On the Tube)


  15. Those socks are amazing! I LOVE them! You can wear them on your trip next year. I just started weaving on a lap loom. It is so much fun. I’m not sure what I will do with all these wall hangings but everyone will probably get them as gifts for the next couple of years.

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