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Ooops, I was supposed to be here yesterday to announce the winner of the Brit Bunny Giveaway. I do have a good excuse:


TheSecondChild is here for a quick, surprise visit and he’s brought his Mookitty with him. Poor Moo — he does look unhappy, doesn’t he? The first day of a visit is always a little stressful for him as he re-adjusts to Paulkitty and Scruff. Moo really is excited though, ’cause he wants to tell you that The Random ManoftheHouse Generator belted out Number 25 as the Bunny Winner. BARB — that’s you, so send me your address!


Meanwhile, I’ve been floundering around since I returned from the UK trip, trying to decide what to make next. Or more likely avoiding the next step of my yoyo quilt. It’s going to be a tricky process and I’m a-skeered! So, to bide my time I trawl pinterest. I love pinterest but it gives me a very unsettled feeling. Like I’m looking for something that I’ll probably never find. {Sigh.}  I am trying to get a little done, so I’ve decided to make use of this down time and try to pre-wash and fold some of the stacks and packs of fabric that I’ve accumulated over the last several years. That way, when I decide on the next project, the fabric will be ready to go. Or so I think.


Oooh, hey — did you see that cute little clothespin people fabric? Jenny alerted me to that fabric several months ago and I forgot all about it. It’s a Heather Ross print that was available at our local Hancocks fabric store.


Isn’t it cu-u-ute?  Like most of my fabric, it has no plan. Yet.  But I’m working on it.

Have a good week!

19 Thoughts on “Thinking and Pondering

  1. I’m glad SecondChild got to come visit you. Cute kitty.

    Hooray for Barb!

    Now, what is the next step in the yo-yo quilt? I’ve always wanted to make one, and I’ll listen if you’ll tell us about the difficulties and trials of making one.

  2. Moo Kitty reminds me of a kitty we used to have named Fat Cat. Name perfectly described him. Love your fabrics waiting to become a quilt…..

  3. The clothespin people are sooooo sweet! Congrats to Barb. Lucky lady :-)

  4. Lucky Barb…congrats! Those clothespin people are so darn cute!

  5. Congratulations to Barb! The clothes peg people are fab. I remember spending hours making dresses for clothes peg dollies as a child! :o)

  6. i was wondering if hancock’s sold out of the HR fabrics…looks like you got a nice chunk! :)
    i love your pretty stacks of fabrics…why dont you make another baby quilt, just because?

  7. You have such a great stash and that clothespin fabric is too, too much!

  8. Awwww poor Mookitty , the saddest face ever . I used to love making little peg dolls when I was small.

  9. Hope inspiration hits while you’re ironing. Cute clothes peg fabric.

  10. Oh, that fabric is CUUUUTE! I love it. I haven’t seen it. You say it’s at Joann’s? Mookitty is pretty awesome. I love what you did to his second photo. Have fun with the visit!

  11. It’s OK Anna—we all understand that it is necessary, occasionally, to take our fabric out and pet and admire it, even if we don’t have any immediate plans for it. I’m sure “Moo” would be happy to oblige if you needed a cat to sit on some of that fabric …. Even clean stash fabric is improved by a little kitty-love, not to mention fur….

  12. Miss Thimble Anna, GO TO YOUR ROOM! I want you to ponder your bad behavior. You KNOW that you have a duty to inform your readers when cool fabric shows up at JoAnn’s. You know that, don’t you? ;p

    Now it’s too late for me to get my hands on some of that cute stuff. I’m sure it is long gone….soon, I’ll be seeing cute things made from it and I will sob a little knowing Miss Thimble Anna did not do the right thing. ;p

  13. I had not seen that clothespin people fabric, so thank you for that public service announcement. (Like I need more fabric, but what has that got to do with it?) Ah, the visiting pets. Always fun and games.

  14. “I’m the happiest girl, in the whole U.S.A.”
    remember that one?
    Well that is how I felt yesterday when I heard the big news. Thrilled and so happy to be the big Wiener!!
    poor little kitty, he does look a little traumatized.
    I adore the clothespin people, and that grey background seems to be the new black in Australia.

  15. okay so you suck.
    i had to go find some of that fabric and buy it. it’s your duty, to tell us of these things. i don’t work for wwofthew anymore so i don’t always see these things you know. glad you got to spend some time with the kitty and the boy. in looking at that pile o’ fabric, the clothespin doll fabric is quite a chubby bundle you’ve got there.. how many yards are there? you should have done a CLOTHESPIN fabric giveaway instead of the bunny. poor barb. hopefully she doesn’t mind.
    okay, well i’m clearly tired and overworked. have to get to bed for another big day at work during busy season. fa la la la la!!
    nite my friend.
    :waves madly

  16. Oh, Mookitty sure is a cutie! :) And that clothespin people fabric is adorable!!

  17. Mary ann on October 6, 2012 at 8:48 pm said:

    Gosh, now I have to go off and fins some of that HR fabric! It is so cute and my stash is calling for it.

  18. I love your stack of fabric! I think I need a 2 1/2″ square of every piece, lol!

  19. Hi Anna, kitty is SO cute. Of course any kitty topic is so dear to me right now. I have a few more weeks to go before I find out if anything is wrong with mine….I have a bad feeling. She is definitely feeling better but we shall see. Of course my mom is not doing well. I am at their place right now and, well, lets just say its not a holiday!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I lure that fabric…so happy!

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