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I finally finished my Little Red Riding Hood quilt and managed to get some pictures taken.  Did you notice in the post title that I don’t call this The Little Red Riding Hood Quilt?  That’s because this little quilt is for me.  The Grandma.  ;-D

When the grandchildren of BigDaddy and MeMum were little, MeMum had two bedrooms where the children could stay when we came to visit — a boys’ room decorated for boys and a girls’ room decorated for girls.  Now that I’m on the cusp of Grandmahood, I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing.  Only, I didn’t want to give up two rooms — just one.  I’ve been wondering how to decorate for both the girls and the boys.  And then I saw her.  Grandma.

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Isn’t she just the cutest?  And she looks just like ME!!!  ;-D  She’s part of the adorable Little Red Riding Hood fabric line created by Cori Dantini (long time readers know how much I LOVE Cori Dantini).  Grandma is just perfect, so, I’ve decided I won’t have a boys room or a girls room.  I’ll have a Grandma room!  It will have Little Red Riding Hood quilts on the beds and Little Red Riding Hood pictures on the walls.  I haven’t started to do all the furniture moving and re-painting that will be required, but I have the first quilt done — and that’s the most important part, right?

The other characters in the fabric are pretty cute too.  There’s the woodcutter.

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And the Wolf.  He certainly doesn’t look like he’d eat a little girl.

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Here he is dressed up like Grandma.  I used pearl cotton and big stitches for the quilting stitches.  I mostly did 1/4″ quilting around all the seams, except for those sweet little characters — I quilted around their shapes and through their middles.

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I used the woodgrain print for the background.  The other brown print looks like the rings of tree sections that have been cut and I chose pinwheels for the ax blades.  Fun prints to represent the woods that Grandma and Sweet Wolfie live in!  Oh, and there’s Little Red peeking out of the bottom of this picture.

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I love the way this quilt quilted and washed up.  So much krinkly goodness and she’s all cozy — I wish you could feel her.  I’ll be making another one for a second twin bed, but it will have a green border, instead of a blue border.  This was a super fun project and I can’t wait to make some accessories for the new room.  I’m thinking there needs to be a little dress-up cape out of that red fabric!  Anyway, I have a little fabric left over and I put some quilt kits (with the pattern) in my little etsy shop in case anyone needs a Little Red/Grandma quilt for themselves.  ;-D

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Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Oh! P.S. See my quilt holder there? It’s at MeMum’s house and TheManoftheHouse thinks it needs to be taken down since no one needs the swings anymore. Hello??? What would I do for a quilt holder??? Hmmmm??? M.E.N. Sheesh!

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market

28 Thoughts on “The Grandma Quilt

  1. Wow! That quilt is just wonderful. It’s perfect for the grandchildren’s room when they stay over. I love that you have a room set aside just for this, it’s really nice and I am sure they will love staying with you as they grow up. Beautiful work.

  2. I think you need a little Grandma wolf for your room. I sent you a ravelry message.

  3. It’s beautiful, Anna, and perfect for Grandma’s room! :o)

  4. cute idea, my grandchildren never lived close by for me to do something like that and were teens already before they spent the night here without the parents!

  5. It’s lovely, but speaking as one who’s seen you, I would like to say that the Grandma – while bearing a certain resemblance to you – might be more like you in 25 years than it’s like you now!

  6. the quilt looks great………..and the swing is a perfect quilt holder……
    enjoy your quilt holder………

  7. What a fabulous quilt! And as someone else who has seen you in the real world, I know that you don’t look like Grandma – it will be quite a few years before you do!!

  8. What a fantastic quilt…..perfect for your Grandma room and your sweet grandchildren to snuggle under when they stay over……it will store up lots of special memories for them. I would love a quilt holder like yours :)
    Have a great week!
    Helen xox

  9. That is so cute and perfect for the Grandma to be!! I think that’s the perfect quilt holder.

  10. Karen Ruta on June 6, 2016 at 8:08 am said:

    Hi Anna, your quilt is super sweet! The grandkids will love it. We have a room set aside for our grandsons, but beware, it will soon contain more toys than quilts. They love knowing all of their “stuff” is waiting for them every Sunday. Don’t take down the quilt holder! There will be swinging great grandchildren visiting your mum soon.

  11. Not only is that a darling quilt but I love the idea of a Grandma room. Very lucky little grandchildren to visit Grandma’s house. I can just seen the accessories and decorations. Walking into the room will be a magical place to stay. YES to a cape!

  12. What a lovely idea, and you have outdone yourself on the quilt! That little room will be a happy place for sure. <3

  13. that quilt is adorable!!

  14. Anna-Banana —You’re a genius! That is the cutest idea/quilt ever! And just like that — done! As she dusts her hands off and curtsies….And they should not dare take down that quilt display marvel. Maybe if I scrunch my face up really tight and clench my fists and wiggle my nose I can turn into you just long enough to get my grand daughter’s quilt finished?

  15. brigita on June 6, 2016 at 9:36 pm said:

    it’s perfect!!!! it’s too bad you can’t be my other grandbaby’s grandma!!! you would do such a good job of it!!!! we can’t wait to see the grandma room as it progresses and it’s the best idea ever!!!
    :marvels once again at your brilliance

  16. What a brilliant idea to set up a room for the grand kids and your grandma quilt is adorable and super cute. Oh it’s just so exciting.

  17. Oh Grandma, what a cozy quilt you have…
    The better to cuddle you with, my dear.

  18. SweetiePie Jr is gonna NEED that swing!!!

    i have a nonna quilt named Froggie Paws – it was the second quilt i made, and has always kept the younglings warm – every grandmother needs a quilt for her grandbabies!!!

  19. SO adorable; the quilt, the room, I love it!! I look forward to seeing finished / decorated pics, whenever you get to that.


  20. Cathy Burk on June 7, 2016 at 11:05 pm said:

    A Grandma Room!!! What a fun idea! You are off to a great start with that quilt!

  21. Grandma, what a great idea! It turned out darling.

  22. Gurney on June 10, 2016 at 4:41 am said:

    So adorable! Where do you find the time? Such a special time for you. Any day now you will meet the new little love love of your life! Hugs!

  23. Such a lovely quilt Anna, love those handstitches too! I had some trouble loggin in to your blog, but it finally worked! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  24. How cute is that and it seems perfect for the grandchild bedroom. I hope she makes an appearance soon so you can get lots of cuddles. Nothing better to enjoy than the company of little ones.

  25. I LOVE this quilt!!! Adorable! And I love that your grandchild can enjoy it through their growing years – it is not too baby themed. Love the colors. Love the design. And really really love the characters – especially sweet grannie. LOVE!

  26. so cute Anna!
    Love the quilt hanger. MMmm I love krinkles too.
    What a great theme for your first grandbaby

  27. Your quilt looks adorable! Lucky grand baby!

  28. Sarah on June 22, 2016 at 3:16 pm said:

    Gorgeous quilt, and what a fabulous idea–a Grandma Room. Love it!

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