The Dog Days

Well, I think I was on a little break again, only I didn’t take a trip this time LOL.  I keep hoping something exciting will happen around here so that I’ll have something to blog about.  But then I tell myself that these boring Dog Days are good.  Very Good.

After a really busy May and June, July has been slow and wonderful.  Our weather has been beautiful.  Stunning, actually.  The hot muggy summer days have been replaced by cool, perfect temps.  I’m missing most of it while I’m locked away at work during the day, but I’m sure enjoying it when I get home in the evenings.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain this summer and I think that’s why my flowers are doing so well.  I’ve been slowly replacing a “vegetable” patch with a flower garden and it’s finally starting to look fairly decent.  My favorite flowers are these pretty phlox.  I have my gardener extraordinaire friend Pam to thank for these lovelies — I’d never really paid any attention to this variety of phlox until I saw her beautiful phlox when SweetiePie and I visited with her a few years ago.

Thimbleanna: Flowers

My garden will never be as beautiful as Pam’s, but if these flowers look like this every year, I’ll be a happy camper.  My little garden has taken a lot of experimentation — it’s hard to figure out what the rabbits won’t eat.  So far, so good on the phlox.  The asters and sweet william haven’t fared so well though — they’re mowed down regularly by the bunnies.  Nasty Wabbits.  These pretty little coreopsis are doing well too — I didn’t think I’d like this flower because they’re so little and wispy, but I love them!

Thimbleanna: Flowers

In addition to little bits of gardening and pulling weeds, there have been lots of routine boring jobs around the house.  We’ve cleaned a few closets and done some long overdue painting.  And I’ve managed to sneak in a little sewing.  I made myself a shirt from the Rifle Paper Co. fabric that I used to have in my little shop.  The pattern is Simplicity 1279 — I took my time, enjoyed the process and I’m really happy with the results — it fits just right.

Thimbleanna: Shirt

I also finished up a little throw quilt just for me and the tv.  A year or so ago, I saw this adorable deer fabric at Hawthorne Threads (I was going to link to the fabric but I don’t see it listed anymore) and I HAD to have it.  I LOVE deer.  Among my best childhood memories are watching Bambi at the movie theater and sobbing while I read The Yearling, one of my very favorite books.  Now I have a little quilt and I can cuddle some deer!

Thimbleanna: Deer1

For the rest of the fabrics, I raided my little etsy shop and used the japanese dots for a border, some cuddle for the backing, and that fun japanese stripe for the binding.  I think that stripe is just perfect — it matches those cute little black deer noses.  The quilting is just some random machine quilting — easy peasy.

Thimbleanna: Deer2

So, that’s it for an update — just wanted to check in.  I hope you’re having a great summer!


13 Thoughts on “The Dog Days

  1. your flower garden is looking wonderful – been wetter than usual here and I have only had to water my garden a few times – next year will be more flowers here also – too many veggies I have not had good luck with and more bugs than I want to contend with.

  2. It has been the Dog Days. i have a lot to do, but……. We have been on the road, I get hand work done. I have been working on the house, moved my sewing from one room to another, and have been working on eliminating “stuff”. It never looks like I have done much though!. I love your shirt. I picked up some of that Rifle fabric, and love using it. Love the phlox. They can smell so pretty, and remind me of Grandmoms yard.

  3. Vikki W on August 10, 2017 at 10:25 am said:

    Would you be willing to share info on the variety of pink phlox you have growing? They are beautiful! My phlox is really struggling:(

  4. Welcome back! I’m glad you have been enjoying your little break. I love your flower garden. I am having the same problem with those (cute) pesky wabbits! My little zen garden was doing so well and then bam! They started devouring my hostas and wild ginger. They seem to be leaving the pachisandra (sp?) alone. I try telling them to eat the grass or weeds but they ignore me. I’ll do some studying before I move more plants next year. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  5. Hey Girl! that is a darling top—good job there! and love the quilt! I read The Yearling!
    I have the worst luck just trying to grow pretty flowers! —to little water, too much water, bugs, too much heat, bad drainage, spiders, the list goes on! :) Thanks for checking in, yours is one of only a few blogs I read anymore! :l

  6. your garden is looking so pretty, and I love that shirt. Enjoy snuggling under your quilt!

  7. I love your shirt, and your little quilt is just sooooo cute – enjoy snuggling under it!!

  8. Everything looks lovely, just as I knew it would. Absolutely love your shirt. I just got the Patricia Tunic pattern from Jennifer Paganelli to make for myself. This will be the first article of clothing to sew for me in in a gazillion years. Frannie suggested I make one for her first just to be sure it’s a good one. She’s so clever. So glad you are enjoying your summer.

  9. Your shirt is amazing! I never got the knack of garment sewing.
    What a nice couch cuddle quilt.
    Phlox are a big thing here in CT – they are so bright and pretty.
    Enjoy the dog days

  10. Glad to hear your vacation was so fun! Your phlox is very beautiful, I need to get some, as well. I keep saying it year after year, I guess my beds are too full so that’s why I never actually do. :( But it looks so cheery. Those darn bunnies! I fenced in much of my flowers last year, cuz I am a sore loser. lol!
    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures!

  11. I’m still laughing at “cool” used in any sentence having to do with Summer! Our heat index right now is 105. Not cool. At. All. Happy for you, and I DO like your deer quilt. I do love a snuggly quilt, even in Summer!

  12. We’ve been enjoying some lovely 70ish degree days. Perfect! Your flowers are really pretty. I’m glad you’re finding just the right flowers to grow that are bunny proof.

    Love the deer quilt. Around here, it’s the deer that are eating all our garden things that aren’t fenced in. But deer quilts are nice!

  13. oh, miss anna. when are you going to quit that job and just enjoy sewing and your family? i know. i know. easier said than done.

    our weather turned lovely last week. so relieved. ;p

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