The Busy Weekend

Whew! What a fun, happy weekend I’ve had! The whole thing was a big giant whirlwind — it all happened so fast. I had a great time with the quilty peeps. It’s so wonderful to have a girlfriend getaway — we really should do it more often.

We left early Friday morning for the Chicago Quilt Show. As soon as we got there, we made a bee-line for the vendors. I pretty much go to the quilt shows for the vendors these days — the quilts just haven’t seemed to be classic quilt show fare in a long time. I used to love to go to Paducah and I wonder if it’s still the same high quality show that it used to be. Maybe I was just spoiled by attending that show for several years? But, I digress (which isn’t hard to do…I think I’m still tired from my weekend!)

I looked for Sharon and Carol on and off all day but didn’t see them. Once it was time to check in to our hotel room, we left the show for awhile, and when we were re-entering the show, we ran into S & C as they were leaving. What a fun surprise! (We spared Sharon the “mask” greeting this time — but I still have them LOL) We split up again, but then met for dinner in the hotel. After dinner, we got together for some fun in our hotel room.

What a crack-up those two are. Can you spot the bloggers in the crowd???

Sharon & Carol

This is some very serious business! As is our tradition, they’re taking pics of all the booty. It was totally by accident, but can you tell which bed contains the blogger booty and which bed contains the non-blogger booty???

Goodies Goodies

And look again — that picture is too funny. Look how hap-hazzard the bed on the left is and how neat and tidy the bed on the right is — I didn’t even notice that before! What’s up with that??? You’ve probably guessed, the slovenly stuff belongs to the bloggy peeps! What the heck does that say about us bloggers LOL! Sharon claims the territory on the upper left of the blogger bed, Carol has the upper right and my stuff is toward the bottom. What was I thinking? I don’t need all that stuff! I couldn’t help it though — our closest quilt shop is 45 minutes away, so when I see all that fantastic quilty goodness in one place, I go weak in the knees. And, I blame a fair amount of it on Nanette too — seeing all those cute tumbling block quilts that she makes made me buy a tumbling block kit and I RARELY buy kits! Junie gets the prize for the non-blogger bed — look at all those neat rows of fat quarters. Don’t you just want to reach into that picture and rustle that stuff around a little? C’mon Junie — admit it, even YOU want to LOL!!! Jewels bought all the goodies on the left and Gurney claims that little pile up top. Gurney — I admire your strength. I’m blaming it on the fact that you have a brand-spanking new granddaughter and you had your mind elsewhere!

After we got done making a mess of our room, we cleaned things up a bit, broke out the diet pepsi, cupcakes and lemon bars (’cause we party hard LOL) and got down to some crochet business.


We worked on a little circular birthday tag (sorry, I forgot to take a picture — I think Sharon did though) and everyone did a great job. I was very proud of lil’ early bird Jewels — we were up WAY past her bedtime — it was well after midnight when everyone finished. Here they are in a serious moment of concentration — which was rare, most of the time Sharon or Jewels were cracking us up!


We met again in the morning for a leisurely breakfast. (For some reason we were plagued with sad-sack waiters for both meals — S & C are very unfairly blaming it on us quilty peeps LOL.) Then we went back to the quilt show for a few hours. Here’s Jewels and Junie with PamKittyMorning‘s Celebrity.

Alex Anderson

They’re having a very serious conversation about how much they miss Simply Quilts. The message was “Get Over It and Move On!” OkeyDoke! The two days were WAY too short and we had a fabulous time. Thanks for our cool new tote bags Sharon — we love them! And Jewels was a sweetheart and brought us some goodies too — Thanks Jewels!!!

So, that was Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning, SweetiePie, TheFirstChild, MeMum and I got up bright and early to drive to Dayton for SweetiePie’s last bridal shower. SweetiePie had her final dress fitting just before the shower (when you live so far away, you have to squeeze in all these activities where you can.) There’s no dress peeking (wouldn’t want TheFirstChild to catch a glimpse, now would we?) but here’s a shot of her pretty shoes.

Wedding Shoes

We had a fun, fun time all the way there and all the way back. We laughed a ton. Let’s just say that there was a lot of “She Said That”* going on. And “Grandma” was the worst offender!
So, I’m a very lucky girl and I’ve had a wonderful weekend to carry me through this next month of fun work until the big day. Thank you, thank you Quilty Peeps, Sharon, Carol, and my little fambly for all the fun memories that will keep a smile on my face for a long, long time!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well — I have lots of blogs to catch up on and I’ve had lots of e-mail — if I’ve missed replying to you, please excuse me — rest assured that I have read everything though!


*The Quilty Peeps taught me a new game that we called “She Said That.” I’m pretty dense, so it took me a long time to catch on and it would take me even longer to explain it. But, if you watch The Office, you’ll know the dumb game!

31 Thoughts on “The Busy Weekend

  1. Valerie on April 15, 2008 at 1:21 am said:

    I love those shoes! That’s a great picture, too, cause most people don’t think to catch details like that at a wedding. How pretty.

  2. Ahh my celebrity! She cracks me up. Love all the photos. I’m with you, I’d blame Nanette as well. I’ve done a lot of expensive shopping because of her and her smarty pants Japanese fabric ways.

    Thanks for the great photos.

  3. Oh my gosh, you really had a fun week-end!
    Thank you for sharing the joy!

  4. Oh what a fun time you girls had!!!! You’re cracking me up…do you mean “That’s what She Said”? That’s Michael Scott’s big line in The Office…which we are in mourning about over here as we forgot to watch the first new show in months on Thursday…anyway…looks like you got bunches of great stuff–how fun!

  5. It was the BEST weekend…thanks so much for the crochet lesson and the wonderful bag full of goodies. It was soooooooo much fun. I need to crochet another one so I remember what to do.
    We must do it again. Get some rest to get ready for the BIG day.

  6. Good to see you partying hard Anna! I spotted the bloggers’ bed immediately!

  7. What a great weekend… One day when my kids are a little older I plan to have that much fun! :-)

    I LOVE those shoes… and a question. I emailed my sister your post with the wedding invitations… she wondered where Sweetie Pie got them (she is getting married in late summer.) Can you email me that info?

    Thanks! xoxox

  8. The booty on the bed made me drool! Sounds like you all had fun…SweetiePie’s shoes [and toes]are gorgeous! Looking forward to the wedding pics!

  9. I wish I could have come even more now! Shame it’s such a long way to drive!!!!!!

    Lucy x

    P.S. Love that shoe photo!

  10. It sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! Looks like there were lots of goodies to be found – I even see my SWELL tote bag fabric! I love the picture of the shoes, they are so pretty! (they look like something I’d break an ankle in- I always wonder how people can wear that type of thing) My nephew got married a few months ago and the photographer took TONS of pictures of their FEET. So maybe you are onto the latest trend in wedding photography and you don’t even know it! ; )

  11. I’m so glad you had such a grand time. And, wow, I absolutely love, love, love those shoes!

  12. I would head to the vendors first, too! Love to shop. But, please share any pictures of interesting quilts for us all.

    Our shower is over and I feel so relaxed. Goody Bags are on my blog today. I didn’t make your cloth bags, but will save the instructions for another event… like Valentine’s Day, etc. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them out and send them.

    The shoes are beautiful!! When is the wedding? I know you told me but I can’t remember the date.

    I went on Jenny Craig’s program and also bought my dress. She picked out a blue that is in a lot of the Lily Pulitzer prints.
    Enjoy being home.

  13. Ha… one can always spot the bloggers! Especially Sharon!

    How cool you all got to meet up!

  14. Ohh I’m so jealous! Booty power. What a great time. Nice company, too. And those shoes! wow

  15. Those shoes are just beautiful! I used to love shoes, but now I can’t wear all the fancy ones.
    Tell Sweetie Pie to make the most of them!!
    Quite envious of you goody haul!

  16. WOW – that’s some booty between all of you. Looks like you all did your share for the quilting economy. I’m so proud, LOL. I soooo understand being weak, I sooo understand,- I think I’m queen of the weak. Sounds like lots of fun was had and cupcakes consumed – again I’m proud.

    LOVE those shoes and can’t wait to see the dress also. In time I know, in time.

    Rest now my deary – Karen

  17. Sounds like a great weekend, am just drooling over all the goodies purchased and piled on the bed!

  18. It sounds like a fab weekend and what wonderful goodies – I would really like to rummage through that fabric!!
    I love the picture of you all crocheting!

    Those shoes are gorgeous – if they are anything to go be she will be a most beautiful bride :)


  19. ok, you got me, I had to look up what slovenly means. NOW I get it!!! What a fun weekend! Love love the shoes, very princessy!

  20. sounds like the perfect weekend!

  21. What a weekend! I would be totally energized after a weekend like that! Love the pic of the bloggers taking bloggy photos – too funny! I also love the side by side pics of the quilt show loot! Mine would definitely be the messy side. And you girls all concentrating on the crocheting is wonderful, too. I need a crochet lesson from Anna! Someday……..
    SweetiePie’s shows are beautiful – I am excited to see the entire ensemble (using the French pronunciation of that word, by the by). Now you need to rest up for the BIG event!!

  22. I miss you girls already. I had the best time with all of you. I showed my peeps the crochet last night and they all love it and we’re gonna give it a whirl again. I made it home with all that stuff and my suitcase still had 5 pounds to go. Shoot I could have shopped more. LOL!!! Love those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for our bags you made. Everyone was jealous here last night. I brought it out to show.

  23. Looks like it was a fabulous weekend indeed :)

  24. Looks like some SERIOUS fun!
    Love Sweetiepie’s shoes!


  25. It sure looks like you all had a wonderful weekend! Shared fun is double fun! Love the Sweetiepie’s wedding shoes!

  26. You sure seem to have had a busy week end.

    I love your thimbles in your head banner. I collect thimble and sure would like you to have a look at my blog. I am showing parts of my collection.

  27. I’m a vendor junkie, too – and I really feed off girlfriends who are like-minded. My endorphins are on fire and I spend money like a drunken sailor. My head spins with all the things I want to do – then reality hits about Wednesday, and I wonder what the heck I was doing. And so the word stash was created.

  28. I am so envious of your weekend! It sounds perfect! I am so longing for another trip to the states and one of your fab shows. You really do those things right over there. Thanks for the comments on my new blog home. Struggling to keep up with it all at the moment. Maybe two blogs was a bit ambitious!

  29. Oh, Anna! Fun, fun, and more fun. I don’t know which I want more…the bed of booty, or those absolutely lovely shoes. Somehow I don’t think the shoes would look like that on me?? Take care!

  30. What a fun weekend! I am seriously jealous. I can tell what a blast you all had!!

  31. Oh my goodness, this sounds like sooo much fun!! Wish I could have joined you girls!! The shows in Australia dont hold a candle to the US ones – jealous, jealous, jealous!!!

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