Spring Quilt Market: The Booths

{Warning!!! Picture Heavy Post!}

I have lots of market pictures to show you.  No matter how many photos I take though, it always seems like I forgot a LOT — and I did.  Market is so busy and so inspiring and so overwhelming and sometimes I just forget to take pictures!   These pictures are definitely lacking in quality — many booths have random bodies in them, so I hope you can at least get an idea what some of the booths were like.

Back to the first booth — Anna Griffin.  Her booth is always so pretty and here’s the side that featured the Halloween print that I showed on my last post.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Sandy Gervais’s booth was beautiful and sadly this photo has cut it in half.  I Love the colors of the fabrics in this collection — those chocolate prints are yummy!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

And look at these clever “flowers” she had at the center of her booth.  They’re made from Q-tips.  I heard the man in the booth assure someone that they were never-been-used Q-tips.  Whew!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

The Westminster booth was fun — they had live models standing on each side.  All day in those heels doesn’t look like much fun to me.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Amy Butler happened to be in the Westminster booth when I walked by but I didn’t venture in.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

I was on the same wavelength as Sherri when I saw the Edyta Sitar booth.  I love her new house quilt.  I LOVE pieced blocks combined with applique and I think this is such a cute combination.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

(As an aside, look at these cute hexagon papers that Edyta Sitar will soon be offering.  Each hexagon has a little saying on it (Love in Stitches, Life is short buy fabric, etc.).  Edyta said there are 100 different sayings in each package and the papers will be in two weights depending on whether you’re a baster or a gluer.  Very Clever!)

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

The indomitable Pat Sloan.  Her new fabric has some really cute coneflowers on it.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

The ever cute Gail Pan.  I talked to several of the Aussie designers — I’ve been missing Kellie and I just wanted to hear their Australian accents LOL!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

The Michael Miller booth was very pretty — I didn’t even get a shot of the fountain.  Those big panels in the foreground are all fabric and were so pretty.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

I loved this wall and I don’t even know the fabric manufacturer.  Dots and plaids in any color you could imagine.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Jillily always has a pretty booth.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Hatched and Patched from Australia.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

And both sides of Jen Kingwell’s booth.  There’s the famous Steampunk in the corner!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

I Love the quilt on the table on the right.  Again — the combination of pieced and applique blocks.  I talked to Jen a lot about this quilt.  She said they ran a quilt-along in Australia for this quilt and I’m thinking it would be really fun to do the same thing here.  The pattern will be available this summer and you will be hearing more about it LOL.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Jennifer Sampou.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Darlene Zimmerman.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Dear Stella.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Alexander Henry.  Their booth was all about the Ghastlies.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.  SO many cute new patterns!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

And Look!  She’s used the Moda Mochi Dots as sashing!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Riley Blake had a fun beach theme, although I didn’t capture it very well.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

How cute are all those little flags in the American Made Brand booth? They’re all made of fabric and they were hanging on strings.   This may have been the second most photographed wall at market!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Art Gallery’s Cherie line is really pretty.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Windham is bringing back Far Far Away by Heather Ross.  I love the cute Princess and the Pea quilt!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

So, that’s enough for now! When we get back together I’ll show you a few quilts at market that I thought were really pretty. And then we’ll be done and we can get back to real life — which isn’t very exciting at the moment!


26 Thoughts on “Spring Quilt Market: The Booths

  1. Mary ann on May 21, 2014 at 10:52 pm said:

    Love those hexies with the text!! and I am starting to dream about making Steam Punk…I am sure its you’re fault.

  2. Thank you, Anna, for your usual thorough, detailed, and quite lovely and inspirational reporting! Wow! You really did good.

  3. thanks so much for sharing all your pics………..I love seeing the booths………….glad you checked out some of the Aussies…………..

  4. Wonderful post!!! I don’t think I can ever tire of market photos!

  5. Thanks for all the great photos!

  6. It all looks fabulous, Anna. :o)

  7. I must say I like the Australians quilts the most – those gals/guys can really come up with great designs. (and I’m not Australian)

  8. Thanks for the tour! So much fun inspiration there.

  9. wow! wow! What loveliness. My favorite are all those new dots and plaids. I want them all!

  10. brigita on May 22, 2014 at 10:21 am said:

    okay so thanks for the booth photos. we’ve been waiting around here for DAYS… can’t wait to see the quilts.
    :waves madly

  11. Karin on May 22, 2014 at 10:30 am said:

    Fab photos, Anna! Love those little flags! Super cute. Jen Kingwell’s stuff is delicious. I have almost worked up the courage to make Steampunk! Almost, ;) Hope you have a super-duper week. I am off to do some painting at Dad’s. He’s coming home on Saturday and I want to have the majority of stuff done before he gets here. That way he cannot complain. lol

  12. Oh wow, so much yummy beautiful loveliness!!! What wonderful quilts and fabrics. No wonder you took so many photos, lovely to see though. xx

  13. Thank you for sharing all these photos. I love seeing how the different booths reflect the fabric ranges.

  14. Great pics Anna – I took hardly any – what’s wrong with me lol. I sure enjoyed seeing the booths again here on your blog. It was so much fun to see you, visit and hang out a bit. We really should have taken a pic together – just for ourselves :(. Remember next year you can pop up here for a nice visit.
    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  15. Beautiful pictures, Anna. They inspire me to start a new quilt. It seems my tastes have changed so much through the years though. I used to be an earth tone kinda gal but lately I can’t get enough of the creams and pastels. However, I have and always will love dots, so that is a must! Can’t wait for the next round :)
    Xo Amy

  16. Oh Anna… I would have gone and died in heaven if i had been at this quilt market…. There are so much to love… Have spotted lots of favourites… Texts dots and plaids and wow..that lovely Pam kitty morning fabric in aqua with text and flowers… To die for…;0))
    Bet you are totally worn out after all these impressions… Or maybe energetic!!! Hugs!

  17. Beautiful photos Anna. What a quilt galore and inspiration feast!

  18. Hum… now I want to go home and write a blog entry! Thanks for the show! Brings back memories!

  19. What a lot of FUN!!! I’ll bet it was really hard to pull yourself away. I LOVE that house quilt! How about that for a quilt along? Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!

  20. Frannie Fimbres on May 24, 2014 at 2:57 pm said:

    Great post. You inspire me tremendously & I can’t wait now to find a new quilt to make! Thx bunches!!!

  21. That Princess and the Pea quilt is awesome. I was part of an online chat with Heather Ross … what a lovely person!

  22. Jody on May 28, 2014 at 4:55 pm said:

    Tasty eye candy! I like the Made in America flag booth too. WOW!

  23. Hi Anna! Oh, how lucky are you to get to go to the Market – and lucky me to get to enjoy your pictures from it! :)

    First, do you know how they did color the q-tips? I LOVE this decoration and the colors are so pretty!

    You got to see all the celebs!! Amy Butler, how exciting. And Edyta Sitar, I love her work.
    And look! A lot of polka dots for us… maybe do many colors LOL

    Thank you for sharing with us far far away :)

  24. I always enjoy these vicarious walks through market. Thanks!

  25. Thanks for sharing the photo’s Anna! I would have loved to see Jennifer’s quilts in real… and all the others too of course!

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