Spring Quilt Market 2014: The Fabric

Whew! I’ve just returned from quilt market — it was a super quick trip (luckily I’m close enough to drive!) and I even had time to sneak in a quickie visit with SweetiePie. When I arrived at her house, she saw my market bag and started laughing at the fabric I bought from sample spree — and she only saw part of it!

I have lots of booth pictures to show you, but I need to hurry so I can run to MeMum and BigDaddy’s, so I thought I’d just show you the fabric that jumped out at me while I take a few extra days to sort through market pictures. I failed to take pictures of all of the fabric (which is just impossible) and some will appear with the booth pictures.

Blend Fabrics was the first booth, so I’ll start there. As you may know, I love Cori Dantini and her cute little illustrations. She has a new woodland line that includes hedgehogs, foxes, owls, and squirrels. It’s super cute!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

She also has a new Christmas line out — I love the whimsical Santa.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Also in the Blend booth, but not new was their Halloween line by Maude Asbury. I’ve always loved those pumpkins and I finally had to get some!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Speaking of Halloween, Alexander Henry has a new Ghastlies line. Rumor has it that this will be the last one. Some of you are thinking “Finally!” and others just can’t get enough. If you’re a collector, this is a fun one. (Coming to a shop near you soon — ha!)

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Next up is Moda. Moda always has a lot of new stuff and I love almost all of it! More later, but here are a few of the fabric lines I loved:
Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais. My photo doesn’t even begin to do justice to the beautiful colors in this fabric. Some of the prints are just so pretty too!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Elementary by Sweetwater.  I love every. single. print in this collection!  {Swoooon.}

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Horizon by Kate Spain.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

I also love this collection of dots by Moda — what a fun stash enhancer!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Riley Blake has a super cute little celebration line coming out in June. I’m really excited about this Happy Birthday print and I’m looking forward to making some fun things with it.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Then there were the Japanese fabrics. I was so star struck that I hardly got any pictures.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Lecien usually has a new Flower Sugar line and this is the entry for spring 2014.

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

The fabulous Pam Kitty fabrics are always so pretty they remind me of Japanese fabrics. The new Pam Kitty collection is SOOO pretty. I LOVE the aqua prints!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

I also loved this cute little fabric by Dear Stella. How fun would it be to applique (or embroider) clothing for all of those little animals. You could use scraps from all of your children’s clothing that you’ve saved!

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

And last, but far from least, there was much buzz and commotion about the debut of the Cotton and Steel division of RJR Fabrics. I didn’t get a good close up of their fabric (I’m sure you could google it) but here’s probably the most photographed wall of market:

Thimbleanna: Market Fabric

Ok, more market pictures next time — it sure would have been lots more fun if YOU had been there! If you just have to have a few of those lines before they officially come out at the end of summer, I managed to snag a few extra fat quarter packs at market and I’ve put them in my little etsy shop.


18 Thoughts on “Spring Quilt Market 2014: The Fabric

  1. Woohoo, thanks Anna! Some of those lines are just gorgeous…. I’m going to go look in your shop ;)

  2. What a treat to see so many photos!! Thank you!! I love the Pam Kitty fabrics, And the dots by Moda are the most wonderful colours!

  3. How did I miss seeing you???!!!

  4. Serious droolage going on here. What lovely fabrics! I cannot even pick a favorite.

  5. I agree cori’s fabric is really fun. This ghastlie line is too cute.

  6. thanks for all the how and tell………did you find any Aussie designers…………glad you met with Carole………another one of my old blog buddies…………..

  7. brigita on May 18, 2014 at 4:49 pm said:

    oh my gosh. what to choose? way to go Anna! I’m de-stashing right now and then look at what you went and got. get thee behind me satan. i think i love the pkm, yuwa, moda dots and sweetwater the best. and i think those sandy gervais colors are to die for. oh, and i want to dress those little critters. okay, i’m going over to my online banking and then over to your store.
    :waves madly

  8. Lots of fabulous fabrics there, Anna. I’d be permanently skint if I was able to go to the quilt markets! :oD

  9. Linda on May 19, 2014 at 8:07 am said:

    What a great Monday morning treat from you! Thank you! I’m so happy you got to have his little trip. Like a kid in a candy store right? And a bonus of seeing the kids. Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Lots of lovely fabric – my favourite, of course, is the Ghastlies!
    There seems to be a problem with Typepad, and I can’t do a post, so you will have to wait to see some Spanish sheepies!!

  11. Looks as though you had a very busy time!! The fabrics are all lovely, but I think that the Moda dots are my favourite! xx

  12. trash on May 19, 2014 at 3:30 pm said:

    Glad you are back safely, hope all is well at MeMum and BigDaddy’s. Am loving seeing all the fabric popping up online.

  13. Ahhhhh – swooning over Miss Kate and Elementary…..Kate Spain…..dots…..Flower Sugar……sigh. All so gorgeous! Thanks Anna.

  14. Thanks for sharing Anna!

    Elementary by Sweetwater reminds me a little of Pure! But this looks even better! I still have a Pure jelly roll, somewhere…

  15. I’ve just been scrolling down the page and drooling. Love that Cori Dantini fabric! So cute! And Horizon! OMG!!! Love, love, love!!

  16. looks like there are some great fabrics coming to quilt shops. the halloween fabric and ghastlies are fun! Looks like you are having a great time

  17. acckkk.. i… need … hedgehogs!!! It was GREAT to see you!

  18. Aren’t you the quick miss organized gotta get my market blog entry out! Hum… makes me look bad! ;P Oh well, it is what it is. I could do a blog entry right now, but my pics are my my other lap top – the apple! Thanks for showing what I didn’t photograph!

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