Seeing Stars

Well Hello. Are you keeping good and busy? MyDadLovesMeBestSister and I have been so busy with hospital etc., that we’ve forgotten our names. It’s ok though — we’re here to remind each other. We seem to have a pretty good system of coordinating all the things that need to be done, but what, oh WHAT did we ever do without iphones?  I can’t imagine our daily tasks without them.

Before the big heart event, I had started to hand piece a few stars. It’s my first foray into hand piecing and I’m loving it.


The first star (the green one for inquiring minds) didn’t work so well, but I soon figured out the technique that works best for me. And see that star in the bottom right corner? I was so careful to fussy cut the little blue and green flowers, but then I didn’t space them every-other-one. Grrrr. So. Not. Unpicking. It!


I haven’t really been working on them in the hospital as the light levels there aren’t always the best. I have been gift knitting there though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that there has been craftiness happening.


Hey — before I forget to tell you, Ali is starting a fun new game that you might want to play over at The Compound Word Project. It looks like lots of fun!
And, finally, I thought you might like to see how we bring a little cheer to a hospital room. My CrazyMomQuilt has been having a lot of fun keeping BigDaddy warm.  I’ve loved looking at all the fun fabrics in this quilt all over again.

Hospital Bed

Ok, must dash. It’s my afternoon off — must get some errands done so that I can have a hot date with Daniel hubby tonight.

Have a great weekend!

36 Thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. Oh Anna, your little stars are so pretty! You and Trashalou are tempting me with your lovely paper-piecing and I just might have to give it a go…although, I still vividly remember my Mum setting to make a double bed sized hexagon quilt. It eventually became a small tablecloth on which the hexagons were appliqued! I might make it to a table napkin if I’m lucky :oD

    That quilt on your Dad’s hospital bed looks so comforting and it just screams of love. I bet that’s made life in the hospital much more bearable for him – that and his two lovely girls being there for him.

    ((hugs)) xx

  2. Oh, the stars are gorgeous! And the quilt in the hospital room makes all the difference…I bet it cheers everyone up who comes into the room…love it! I think we need to take a quilt over to my Grandmother in her rehab room! Why didn’t I think of that earlier!

  3. Love the stars, I am a EPP fan!! Nice that your Dad has the comfort of such a lovely quilt while in hospital.

  4. I love the stars! I need to start an EPP project. Because, you know, I just don’t have much going on right now.

  5. The stars are amazing! I love the rythmn of hand piecing. It’s such a nice thing to see yoru beautiful quilt on your dad’s hospital bed. I would imagine that he is the envy of every other patient there! Lucky him to have such a wonderful family. :)

    Oh, market was great but I missed you being there! We would have had so much fun.

  6. Lovely handwork! And the quilt makes that hospital bed almost look like normal! :o) Still thinking about you daily and hope your Dad continues to go from strength to strength :o)

  7. Those stars are just amazing! Love your dad’s quilt…mom loved having her quilts with her…she said it made her feel like home. That’s a good thing. Enjoy date night with hubby! Take good care!

  8. The quilt is beautiful. What a nice touch for Big Daddy. How much homier that makes the room look!

    Your stars are amazing. I am starting my first project, too, with EPP. I am also loving it. Want to do more!

    Hang in there. Make sure you are taking care of yourself, too. Hugs.

  9. The quilt is so cheerful, Anna, what a blessing for BD to get to sleep with it. Hospital stays seem so long, I know the visit schedule gets tough, but again, what would you choose to do otherwise? He knows he is loved, and that in itself encourages the heart ~

  10. WTF??!! Daniel cancelled on ME because he said he had to ‘work’. I’ve been replaced by Miss Thimble Anna… ;p

  11. EPP is perfect to take to hospitals or anywhere else really. Your stars look lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing what you are making with them. And how wonderful the quilt looks on your dad’s hospital bed. I’m sure it will help him to get better faster ;). Hope the date with hubby and Daniel was fun.

  12. Well done you with the stars, they look so pretty. Knew we’d get you to the dark side eventually! Love the quilt on the bed. Hope you enjoyed your hot date.

  13. Suddenly, that bed looks so much less ‘hospital’. Can only be great for morale. Thanks for the project shout out!

  14. I’ll bet that quilt cheers your dad up no end. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how things were going.

  15. Cheerful quilt on the bed Anna…what a comfort for all.
    Love your stars…I never unpick anything :)

  16. your little stars are sweet, aren’t they fun?
    Looks like bigdaddy is being kept comfy and well loved –

  17. You sure know how to cozy up a hospital room with that cheerful quilt! I’m sure it’s a wonderful morale booster for your dad. :) I am still sending prayers your way and hope that hope he’s getting better every day.

    Your stars are beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you make with them. :)

  18. Love your stars! EPP projects are wonderful and portable.
    It looks like that quilt is doing its magic there on the hospital bed.
    How was the movie?

  19. You’ll be doing hexagons next – then you will be truly hooked on paper piecing. Love and best wishes for a continuing recovery to your Dad (and hugs for you too!!).

  20. Love the stars and I’m glad you have something to keep your hands and mind busy while you’re at the hospital. Enjoy your date!

  21. Frannie on November 11, 2012 at 6:05 pm said:

    Just found out about Big Daddy. :( Happy to see how he is cared & loved for. Quite a while back we lifted MyCrazyBill in prayer & now will do so for BigDaddy.

    Those stars are great. Paper piecing is one way to get them perfect. hugs

  22. I hope you had a lovely evening with Daniel but you do know you have to share him;) Your stars are perfect!

  23. I like those stars, but there is no way I’m doing them. LOL And yes, we learned long ago that a quilt just helps in the hospital room. (We also take brightly colored sheets and a couple of rugs.) Anything that makes you feel less instituionalized is a good thing!

  24. Lovely stars and a gorgeous nine patch quilt! It’s my all-time favorite quilt block!

  25. Love the stars and the quilt is beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful date with hubby.

  26. Quilts are so much more than just pretty fabric, aren’t they!

  27. Hello Anna, just catching up on blogs now and read back a few posts on yours. So sorry to hear about BigDaddy but glad that things are looking up! Love and hugs to you!

  28. Isn’t English Paper Piecing fun?! I just love it! Of course, I did not need another hand project. I’m telling you between hand applique, embroidery, wool work and EPP, I barely have time to sew at the machine! It’s a tug of war as to which project gets attention! Love that crazy quilt! Bet ya it’s keeping you dad warm with love! Hope you are taking care of yourself in the business of it all! Enjoy your hot date! Cheers!

  29. Your ornie is so sweet – thank you.

  30. helenmarie on November 13, 2012 at 3:07 pm said:

    Love the cute little stockings! and your hand pieced stars! and your halloween stockings! and your hospital sock dryer! LOL

  31. Sweet little ornament. I travel quite a distance over the next month and am loving all these little ornaments to keep me busy while I’m on the road and in the air.


  33. Ooh, what a cute ornament. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

  34. I love that you are hand piecing stars. They look fabulous! I also love that you are using the 9 patch quilt on the hospital bed. Awesomeness!!!! Hope your dad is recovering well and that you all are hanging in there. I would imagine that you and your sis would make the hospital a fun place to hang out!!!!

  35. Love the stars! I hope your dad is doing well. Hugs to you.

  36. Kris of dandelion quilts on November 24, 2012 at 9:17 pm said:

    You’re quilt does certainly cheer the hospital room! Hope Nig Daddy is making big strides! Ps – loved your Halloween socks! Cute!

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