Saturday Stuff

(…formerly known as Friday Five on Saturday LOL)

1. I’ve been on a little break — DidYaMissMe???? We took a quick little winter trip with some friends and TheFirstChild and SweetiePie to Park City, Utah. You know how I love the snow and we certainly weren’t disappointed — it. snowed. every. day.  I was in Heaven — it was Beautiful!!!

Thimbleanna: Park City

It was an almost perfect trip — I really need to learn how to ski. Headline: “Old Woman Learns How to Ski!”.

Thimbleanna: Park City

The girls pretty much summed up how I felt while we were there.

Thimbleanna: Park City

2. Since we were with friends I didn’t take any time to go to the usual places that I love. With one exception — I did a quick drive-by to The Wool Cabin to visit with Bonnie. Bonnie is such a sweetheart and we always have much-too-quick visits, but they’re fun. Bonnie has been knitting Little Cotton Rabbit’s fun bunnies and foxes with reckless abandon so I wanted to get a few tips from her and buy some yarn for some bunnies of my own. And look! Bonnie surprised me with a little lamb that she’d recently knit. Isn’t she adorable? I call her Lambie Pie and I LOVE her. Thanks Bonnie!!!

Thimbleanna: Lambie Pie

3. Speaking of lambs/sheep, I forgot to show you the adorable slippers that MyDadLovesMeBestSister gave me for Christmas. Aren’t they perfect? I wear them all the time!

Thimbleanna: Lambie Slippers

4. Speaking of footwear (how do you like these segues? haha) — while we were in Utah, SweetiePie and I found some wild shoes. The colors are so bold, we just couldn’t resist. You’ll be able to see us coming from a mile away!

Thimbleanna: Shoes

5. Now, back to reality. A dirty house and laundry. And the unfinished Tumbler quilt which is now to the quilting stage. Can’t say I’m enjoying zig-zagging my way down those tumblers, but it’s slowly getting done. Hopefully there will be a finish soon.

Thimbleanna:  Tumbler Quilt

And that’s it. Another few weeks blitzed by — it never fails to amaze me. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

36 Thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. Park City looks beautiful in the snow – I love Utah! I love those slippers too – have fun with the tumblers – I plan on doing a big one with little tumblers and will start on it this year (I think :) )

  2. Did you change your blog layout? It looks different, somehow cleaner and I love it. Maybe I’m just having a senior moment. I love, love, love your shoes and your slippers. And the photos were beautiful. I’m glad you got home safely and I’ll look forward to our next meet up. Oh, and I can’t wait to see the tumbler quilt all quilted. It’s one of my favorite patterns.

  3. I forgot to ask if you knit the great socks you’re wearing in the slipper photo. I wanted to say….I love them too. Love the whole post!

  4. Miss Jean on February 15, 2014 at 7:15 pm said:

    I love that little lamb – she’s adorable! Park City last week? You are brave!!! I think last week I was housebound for 5 days between the snow and ice!!!! It does look like a nice town and I’d like to visit it – in the summer!!!!!

  5. Ohhhhh! The little lamb! I can’t stand the cuteness!

    Looks like you had a great trip. Have fun with the post – vacation chores!

  6. At least there is no”old woman breaks leg learning to ski” headline

  7. Utah is sooooo beautiful. I’ve only been there in the summer, but I know I’d love the winter, even though I’m a non-skier too. Oh, and those “mules,” I bought my daughter the kitty and yarn ones for Christmas. Been coveting the sheep one for myself. I don’t deny much, but for some reason, I haven’t bought them yet.

  8. Park City…so beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy the wonderful snow!

    Love your new shoes, too!

  9. I love the glimpse of your tumbler quilt – such happy colours and the backing is perfect! But I’m so jealous that you got to play with even more snow!! Xx

  10. The snow looks wonderful. It looks as though your friend is a very good friend knitting you up such a cute little lamb. Love the bright runners too, at least you wont be missed when your out running.

  11. Skiing?? Knitted lambs? Lots of joy over here. Hurrah! So lovely to see you xxx

  12. Little Old Lady wants to ski? That sounds fine to me, I say go for it!!
    The trip looks lovely, the snow is so attractive (especially since we haven’t had ANY AT ALL in Liverpool, UK this year) and the heading on your blog made me feel like I should just go and make some mini bunting just because!!

  13. what a fun getaway I was in park city years ago, such a charming town.
    I love the slipper – how cute! The bunny is adorable. I love her shoes especially.
    do you always use a regular foot for quilting instead of a walking foot?

  14. Love the slippers, love the shoes – and want that little lamb!! (of course I could buy the pattern and knit my own!!)
    I have never had the least desire to learn to ski – I like hobbies that take place in comfy warm rooms (apart from walking).

  15. What an awesome getaway! I checked out the Wool Cabin home page and I can see why you stopped by there :)

  16. How snowy and beautiful! It looks so lovely! And I always enjoy the lambs! :) Glad you are home safe!

  17. Love the shoes, the slippers, the lamb and just about everything in this post!

  18. I have snow envy, I want snow too!!! Glad you had a lovely get away and there’s noting better for recharging the batteries than a winder vacation. And you should definitely give skiing a try, if not alpine then maybe cross country.

  19. I’m thinking you would like February here in my neck of the woods. Our “June-uarey” of last month has turned into real winter. Lots of snow and chilly-willy. Oh, I need to learn to love this. But I don’t. I do love you shoes, though. They look like summer to me!

  20. Love all the sheepies. As for learning to ski – no thanks. I’d rather be warm and cosy watching it on the Olympics on the telly! :oD

  21. Oh go on – learn to ski! I only did 2 years ago, but I have to say it is my favourite thing ever. Love it! With a passion. Only sorry I didn’t do it years earlier.

  22. Mary ann on February 17, 2014 at 4:12 pm said:

    Well I will get my dose of snow this week. Headed to Chicago for the rest of the week. just hoping the snow stops so flights are on time and all. Not looking forward to the crazy cab ride from Midway downtown with lots of snow. The slippers and sheep are adorbs. Do wish I knit when I see these cute things. Glad you a great time but couldn’t you have stayed home for lots of snow?

  23. Mary ann on February 17, 2014 at 4:13 pm said:

    Well I will get my dose of snow this week. Headed to Chicago for the rest of the week. just hoping the snow stops so flights are on time and all. Not looking forward to the crazy cab ride from Midway downtown with lots of snow. The slippers and sheep are adorbs. Do wish I knit when I see these cute things. Glad you a great time but couldn’t you have stayed home for lots of snow?

  24. Yes, those pictures are lovely but snow is COLD. (You possibly knew that.) Brrrr. Glad you had a wonderful time, though!

  25. WooHoo!! Snow, shoes, sheepies! What more could a girl want?! (Yes, I missed you!!)

  26. it’s gorgeous there! i may go some time, but then i have to buy a coat, and a hat and sweaters and sorels and gloves. i grew up skiing, but since i also grew up roller skating and recently went and had to HOLD ONTO THE WALL

  27. OOPS, pressed enter too soon… I’VE come to the conclusion that i probably can’t ski anymore

  28. i’ve come to the conclusion that i probably can’t ski anymore. in fact, as i was grasping the wall, and stumbling along, those are the very words i screamed. “DOES THIS MEAN I CAN’T SKI ANYMORE?????”

  29. apparently i have a “hitting the enter button while typing” problem. i may have to seek help for it. love your bright shoes and your darling quilt that you are quilting. i need so many new quilts. i better hop on it!! hope work isn’t too hard for you after snow vacay.
    :waves madly

  30. 1. LOL!! You and snow! :D love the pictures of you jumping with joy in the snow!
    2. I am so amazed with these little animals, they are so beautiful and well knitted. Andrea, Arna and me have gone through so many pages at Bonnie’s and Little cotton rabbit’s blogs, the girls (especially Arna) are screaming with excitement when they see all the animals and their little adorable clothes! You are so brave to try to knit one, (or have you already?)
    3. These are the cutest slippers I’ve seen, the girls (they are reading your blog with me, admiring all the pics) are laughing so hard because of the half-and-half sheep :D
    4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes, I love bright colorful sports clothes and shoes… how many horsepowers are they??!!
    5. Your quilt lookes so good, is it for yourself??

  31. That looks like a fun trip! And I can’t believe how luky you were to visit The Wool Cabin. I love Bonnies work.

  32. Your photos made me realize that I am missing the snow! Looks like you had a great trip and have some fun treasures from the Wool Cabin! Glad your back!!!

  33. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Your photos are beautiful. All of them! It looks like a great time for all of you. Love those slippers too!

  34. Wow, those slipper … they’re perfect :)

  35. Great series of photos Anna! Love the quilt!

  36. Happy someone Loves The snow…lol…
    Love your new wild shoes…makes it even more fun getting out…right…:0)
    Can’t wait to see your tumbler quilt…remember having a quilt like that on my to do list…with ME fabrics…think I have the fabrics…

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