Back Home.

I’m back from our whirlwind trip … I think. We drove straight through (a 25 hour drive one-way) to Utah, in both directions. We’re all tired, but very refreshed. There’s nothing like a visit to the mountains!
BigDaddy had a great time at the reunion. Here’s a picture of the little cabin where his father grew up.

Log Cabin

Grandpa (born in 1902) was the oldest of 10 children. When Grandpa was around 23 years old, his father died of pneumonia, leaving my Great-grandma to raise 8 children on her own. (Grandpa was on his own by then and the second child died when he was 2 years old.) My Great-Grandma was an amazing woman. The oldest 4 of the 8 children were girls and the youngest 4 were boys, the youngest being only 4 years old when his father died. For most of their childhood, this little cabin was only 2 rooms — a room for my grandparents and a room for all the kids. The door on the far left hand side is a door to the kitchen, but that wasn’t added until the late 1930’s — I can’t imagine where Grandma must have cooked before then, as there’s no fireplace in the main cabin.  Grandma had a hard life.  The older children quit school after the 8th grade to help support the family.  And just a few years after Grandpa died, her third daughter was killed in a sledding accident at age 18.  In spite of everything, she always had a smile on her face and a fresh, home-baked cookie for her great-grandchildren.
Out HouseTo the right is a picture of the outhouse. Indoor plumbing was added at the same time as the kitchen. And below is a picture of a hen house on the property. I took the picture and didn’t even notice the tree growing out of the middle of it. One of BigDaddy’s cousins mentioned that people stop to take pictures of “the shed with the tree growing out of it” all the time.

Hen House

After the reunion, we spent several days just relaxing and enjoying our cousins on MeMum’s side of the family. We stayed with my aunt, another fabulous woman who has raised 7 children and has 26 grandchildren. We cooked and ate and played games. My aunt makes THE BEST sweet rolls. I had to take a picture.

Sweet Rolls

There were a ton of middle-school-age boys and they all had a great time playing a game called fugitive (a nighttime game where everyone tracks down the “fugitive”) and sleeping under the stars. Oh those western skies — the stars at night are SO clear and beautiful. We also worked a little. We helped my uncle paint a fence one day.

Fence Painting

I suppose it was a weak attempt to work off a few pounds gained from all the food they fed us. I don’t think it worked though. Here’s one more farm picture. The long building is my grandfather’s turkey barn. It hasn’t had turkeys in it for many, many years. The farm has been sold now and the new owners will take over in December, so this was my last visit. It’s not the same now, as it was when I was little, so it wasn’t too hard for me to say goodbye.

Grandpa's Barn

The last day, we went up to Salt Lake. The boys checked out some schools and my aunt and I did a little quilt shopping. We visited my ALL TIME favorite quilt shop, Whimsy Cottage (no website yet!) It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside is loaded with all sorts of Kaffe Fassett, Lakehouse Dry Goods, Anna Maria Horner, Batiks, etc., etc.

Whimsy Cottage

We also found a new little quilt shop, Elaine’s Quilt Block. I hate to say it, but we almost didn’t go to Elaine’s — the name just sounds a little…um…un-exciting. But when we were at Whimsy, we told the clerks that we only had time for one more shop and we gave them three choices and said “Which shop would you go to?” They both immediately, and at the same time, said Elaine’s. It’s a great quilt shop. If you live in SLC, you’re very lucky to have such great choices in quilt shops!

So, now, back to work and catching up on all your blogs. Only 1450 posts to read! I squinted in fear when I opened my bloglines. Maybe I’ll be caught up in a few weeks. It won’t be easy though — two family birthdays this week and a trip to New Jersey. It’s a good thing that Labor Day weekend will be here soon to help me get caught up!


There’s Nice Stuff Going On…

Nice Award

I’m sure you’ve seen it going around. It’s the Nice Matters award. And I’ve been so fortunate to be nominated by Kim and Nicollette, both of whom are the very nicest! I must say though, I can’t possibly imagine how Kim could nominate me after I’ve abused her so much about mashed potatoes. So, Kim, my new nice self is turning over a new leaf. I’m not going to harass you about mashed potatoes anymore. ‘Cause that wouldn’t be nice.

Ok, just kidding. I just can’t do it. Sorry Kim — but at least you know I love you, right? If you want to take away my award you can. But, I still have Nicollette’s award — she just doesn’t know the real me as I haven’t found anything to tease her about yet. Yet!

Ahem. Back to the subject at hand. I need to nominate 7 bloggers who I think are very nice. If only you knew how difficult this is for me. You’re ALL so nice and it’s been so wonderful to “meet” all of you. And, I’m a Libra. I like balance and want to keep you all happy! I usually bow out of the naming part of these nominations, but I’ll give it a go (wouldya look at how that British-speak is rubbing off on me from all the UK blogs! ;-) )

Here are seven VERY nice bloggers:
Jade — she’s a sweetheart, sews like a dream and has the cutest little Bub!
Jill — who is probably too busy to respond right now. She’s been blessed with an adorable new baby boy — remember those first few tiring weeks of new motherhood? That’s where sweet Jill is now.
LucyLocket — who is terribly nice and is going to make a PIF for me and probably thinks I really think her name is Lucy.
Louise — who makes the most beautiful aprons and other wonderful things.
Karen — who has wonderful projects, stories, and fabulous GOATS!
Kahne — one of the first bloggers I “met”, she was so nice to let me know about Flibbertygibbet’s fabric swaps, which have been SO fun.
Which brings me to Gail — who is terribly nice to organize and control all the fabric swappers.
And another Karen — I’ve joked that we were twins who were separated at birth.
And …. oh wait …. that’s MORE than seven? Sorrrrrry. I really could have kept going. I’d love to list all of you — bloggers are the nicest people. But I’m trying to follow the rules, you understand. Thank you very kindly to Nicollette and Kim — you’re both very sweet!

So, for now, I have one very important word:

Roadtrip 3

BigDaddy turned 76 last week. On his birthday we were sitting around talking about the big family reunion that his family has every year and that we never attend. It’s held near the log cabin where his father was reared with 9 siblings, smack-dab in the middle of Utah. So, I said, “Why don’t we just go this year?” And imagine my surprise when he said “Ok!”

Roadtrip 2

So, tomorrow morning we’ll be on our way. 1600 miles one way. Ah LUV me a roadtrip! I’m very excited. Among other things it’s 10 days away from work! WooHoo!!!

Roadtrip 1

The clothes and pillows are packed. Please try to behave yourselves while I’m gone. The worst part about a vacation is knowing the blog-catch-up-hell I’ll face when I return. If you’d all like to take a little break, now would be the perfect time! ;-) I’ll miss you all terribly.

Now it’s off to make a quick batch of cookies, then….off to bed!

Weekend Sewing

I FINALLY got my sewing room put back together. Not that all the fabric is folded — I still have a cabinet with fabric that needs to be done. But the majority of the shelves have been straightened, and that’s good enough for now. I’ve been itching to get back to sewing.

Kitchen Towel 1

Over the weekend, I managed to sneak in a few quickie projects. Remember the cousins? I’ll be seeing them again very soon, and since they always take such good care of us, I want to take them a little gift.

Kitchen Towel 2

Hopefully, these kitchen towels, combined with a few things from the kitchen shop will fit the bill. I thought it would be fun to play with my leftover Susan Branch fabrics.

Kitchen Towel 3

I’m pretty sure none of them have lime green kitchens, but these are just for fun. I’ll tell them I’m hoping to inspire a new color scheme. ;-)

Now it’s late….off to bed!

Red Bunny has a New Home.

TheManoftheHouse had been away for most of the week, but when he came home tonight, the first thing I did was ask him to draw a winning name for Red Bunny! He gladly obliged, wiped a tear from his eye (we’ll miss little Red Bunny), and stuck his hand in the bowl to draw a winner:

Red Bunny Winner

Joyce, Come On Down! Red Bunny is so excited — he’ll be winging his way to Canada. Lucky for him it’s August and he won’t need his sweater just yet. When we send our little ones out into the world we tell them not to forget where they came from, so I slapped a little tag on Red Bunny’s bottom to help him remember.

Red Bunny Tag

Then, I gave him a big hug and now he’s all packed up and waiting to be mailed this week. He looks a little worried, but he’ll be just fine. Especially when he gets a peek at all those lovely quilts that Joyce has been working on.

Red Bunny Packed

So, Joyce, click on that “email me” link over there to the right and send me your address. And for all the rest of you, thank you very much for all of your wonderful comments! They were very much appreciated. And, I’m sure there will be more bunny opportunities in the future! ;-)

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

My Lucky Week, Part 2

WooHoo! Yesterday, the mailman delivered the second package from my blog contest winning streak. The very kind and generous Joni had a contest to name her adorable little doll (whom I named Frizzy Lizzy.) I won, and Joni sent me a goodie. Look how sweetly she wrapped it up:

Joni Gift 1

She sent me a cool Amy Butler kit to make a little hanging paper basket. I’ve never seen one of these and it looks really fun. I love paper crafts and I love baskets — a perfect match! I ripped into the wrapped package and look what I found:

Joni Gift 2

A fabulous set of note cards with a quilt pattern on the front. Just look at those beautiful colors. And you can’t see it, but the paper is textured a little bit. You can rub your hand over the blocks and almost feel them. I LOVE note cards and stationary. Joni, f I didn’t know better, I’d think we’d been friends for years — you’ve picked gifts that are just perfect for me. Thank You Very Much — I love them both! Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is wonderful — and VERY much appreciated.

It’s a good thing I’m giving away Red Bunny tomorrow — it makes me feel a little less guilty that I’ve been on the receiving end of such fabulous gifts. What a lucky girl I am! We’ve spent our last Friday night with Red Bunny. We had a cookout with a few of the boy’s friends and then took Red Bunny and the kids to Cold Stone for a little treat — the first we’ve managed to have this summer. Um-mm good!

And finally, I managed to visit MeMum’s and watch the latest Big Love. (I think I’ve mentioned that we don’t have HBO, so MeMum records it for me.)  I’m glued to Big Love this summer and I can’t believe there are only four episodes left.  (It’s going to be an unbearably long haul until February and the return of Sawyer!)  In order to quell my Red Bunny separation anxiety, I’ve been playing the “Find Out Which Sister-Wife You Are” game on the HBO website.


Dang it!  I knew I wasn’t that little trollop Margene, but I was sure I was a Barb!  I guess that shooting the Mountain Dew cans off the porch did me in.  ;-)  Which Sister-Wife are YOU???

See you tomorrow night!