Oh, Fine.

I guess I can’t avoid the Big C anymore.  We’re well into December by now.  Here is the official start of Christmas 2011 here in ThimbleannaLand:

Soldered Santas

I decided to make some little soldered pendants.  I found this cute Santa on Pinterest.  (Yay, I actually used something I found on Pinterest!)

Soldered Santas

I thought they would make cute gift tie-ons and I love them with the divine twine.  I put Merry Christmas 2011 on the back of each little pendant.

Soldered Santas

But, just so you know, I’m dragging my feet here. I still have pumpkins on the kitchen table. Hopefully I’ll get some decorating done here this weekend. Have a good one!


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  1. Oh how cute! Didnyou just the little frames and pop the Santas in or were you Ms. DIY who made the frames herself?

    This reminds me of what might have been the very first time I saw/commented on your blog – when you showed the gift tags made from photos of the recipient. I think I asked your permission to steal that idea – but I still haven’t done that. Maybe this year.

  2. Sorry, iPad keyboard issues – Did you just buy the little frames… Sheesh.

  3. Anna they are gorgeous! They look perfect with the polka dot paper, bells, and twine. I hope you find time to get into the holiday decorating. Must be tricky having Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together.

  4. Anna, only you would come up with such a beautiful, novel wrapping idea and then say you haven’t started yet. LOL That is such a great idea. I started decorating today. And tomorrow is the big Christmas party. HELP!

  5. Cute! We really need to decorate too! Two poinsettias is not cutting it for our 7 year old daughter. Guess we will be heading out soon for a tree.
    Happy holidays!

  6. love your santa tags.
    you’re a master solderer!!!
    i’m totally going to be like you when i grow up.

  7. WHAT??!!! I feel like I’m doing a Scooby Doo double take! YOU SOLDERED these little frames like it was NOTHING??!! Shoot, you have better tools than me!

    First you build a retaining wall. Now, you solder? I officially give up! ;0

    p.s. my tree is up and my house is decorated BUT I’m still sewing on one gift and I need to wrap and hit the post office. ;0 Scooby Doo, where are you??

  8. What a lovely idea ! x

  9. You really are a lady with many talents. Love those pendants.

  10. I love your pendants Anna, I have done some stained glass. Oh how I would love to give this a try. Can you buy the glass already cut, I don’t like that part?? Merry Christmas!!

  11. We’re decorating this weekend too. I have literally no clue where we are going to fit in a tree – we inherited a lot of very lovely, but overlarge, furniture this year … and our spare room is now a bedroom so I can’t even toss junk in there anymore!

  12. linda noblog on December 10, 2011 at 5:53 am said:

    OK…so share with us non crafters how to put together these fabulous pendants…do you put a protective clear plastic overlay & where did you purchase the frames…

    happy holiday decorating!

  13. My Dear Anna, Yes, the big day will arrive right on schedule whether you and I are ready or not! Perhaps today and tomorrow I can put up my trees which has been on my to-get-done list but not yet achieved. I have a priority list in my head of what MUST be done first and now I’m just about down to the tree business. We have a mere two weeks left, not much time, eh? Here’s a wish to us both that we meet our goals on time! Merry Christmas, my friend :-)

  14. Those are so cute Anna, you did a great job!

  15. I just took down the bunnies… nuff said

  16. Those are so adorable! My grandmother tells everyone, “If Christmas came once every five years, Kim still wouldn’t be ready for it.” And she’s right. :-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. I LOVE the Santa’s!!!!

  18. I put up the tree and most of the decorations today – and took the pumpkins off the kitchen table!! Love your little pendants – you are just so clever!!

  19. I think your skin is changing colors! Stinkin’ CUTE Santa tags/ornaments. What a thoughtful thing to add to your gifties. I’m guessing you made these? Such talent!

  20. I’ve had it with you and your clever ways. Not really, but I felt like it needed to be said. Love the dot paper as well. sigh I just have boring paper. My only dot paper is black and white. Merry Christmas Thimbleanna! xo

  21. What a relief to know it’s not just me dragging my feet. :-)

  22. Oh this tags are wonderful

  23. Can I hear an “ADORABLE” – what a lovely idea and the people getting them on their gifts will love them as well. Oh lordy don’t you just love that Pinterest – it just sucks me in, lol.

    Hugs Sunshine – Karen

  24. I’m in denial too….It’s too soon! But it will come in spite of our protests so we might as well get going! Cute pendants—seems everything you touch turns to gold!

  25. Ho! Ho! Ho! Classic Santa image. Love the tags. Where did you get the polka dot paper????

  26. Those santa pendants are adorable!!!

  27. Oh, OH, OH!!! Those are so cute. How do you do it? I love the charms. A friend of mine does them and sells them. I never thought to use them on gifts. Thats a Two-fer. I wish I had never given away my soldering iron years ago.

  28. i think i’m gonna skip the koolaid this year – the Big C gives me a Big H … maybe i’ll just leave the computer on for the next two weeks, with links to your blog … and Kim’s blog … and all the others…

  29. Cute… dragging here also. I let Mr. & dd do the decorating. Where the heck to you live? Your blog clock says 11:55 and mine says 10:55. It must be east of me. Enjoy the day! Cheers!

  30. Cute… dragging here also. I let Mr. & dd do the decorating. Where the heck to you live? Your blog clock says 11:55 and mine says 10:55. It must be east of me. BTW, you website is sluggish today. Seems to take forever for anything to happy. Perhaps I am just in speedy mode! Enjoy the day! Cheers!

  31. Those tags are just simply the cutest things!!!!! I know how you feel about…..the big C! Little overwhelmed here.

  32. Mary ann on December 11, 2011 at 11:30 am said:

    Geez….those are so smoking adorable, no wonder you’re behind. Me too although I did throw the last pumpkin in the trash yesterday AM. maybe a tree today? I have a business trip this week, not making my spirit bright for sure!

  33. Gasp! Pumpkins on the table! LOL. I think this is one of first years that we still don’t have a rotting pumpkin on the step. LOL. No judgements here, except those Santas are darling. Good going.

  34. Yeah, yeah. I was just congratulating myself with having written my cards and you have to do fancy metalwork. You are a wonder.

    Thanks so much for my mum’s get well card, by the way! (You really ARE a wonder.)

  35. I’m a late starter too. Love these a lot, what do the backs look like?

  36. Adorable, Anna! I wish you lived closer- we could craft together!
    Christmas still hasn’t found its way to our house. I’m wondering if it ever will. lol

  37. Adorable! You are so talented. Love that image of Santa!

  38. Of course its Christmas season.. see..your blog’s banner is also agreeing. ;-) love the pendants..

  39. I still have pumpkins on my hearth, but it’s only because they grew in my garden and I can’t bear to just toss them aside because the calender changed. Very nice gift tags, Anna. I did not know you were a solderer!

  40. The pendants are very cheerful and make me want to say HO HO Ho. I still love the cupcake one I won on your blog a year or so ago. I especially like your banner, you have the cutest ideas!

  41. Those are adorable!

  42. So super cute. Packaging makes such a difference.

  43. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to avoid the big C either. :) But what a fun way to give in to it. lol Those are absolutely adorable!

  44. First off LOVE your banner!! Ohhh I want one ;-) cute tags. You just need some eggnog and Chrstmas fudge to get you in the mood ;-) xoxo Clarice

  45. How cool are these?

  46. Your packaging is perfect Anna! Do you know, despite being a jewellery maker, I’ve never made soldered pendants like this – I have so many ideas for them but have simply never done it. Your Santa tags are fabulous.

  47. Oh my god I love these!! Is it easy to make these??? Do tell us HOW!!

  48. I love your pendants! that’s the santa of my childhood, Love him!
    Are they hard? do you have a good resource on how to make them? I’ve been wanting to learn for awhile.
    too cute

  49. your wrapping treatment is soooooooooooo pretty! that looks like Camille wrapping paper! :) mind sharing your source? i happen to LOVE red and white dots. (but then again, don’t we all????)

  50. STOP IT!!! Those are soooooo cute. I never did get to your house for lessons. I may have to do that soon. I love love love those.Your so dang creative.

  51. These are so adorably adorable I can hardly stand it. . . I must have one now!!! Look at all of the extras you made. lol. I’m just kidding around. . . kind of. lol. Okay. . .I’m just going to have to make one. . . they are that CUTE!!!! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

  52. I wrapped my presents with the same paper. I love it. Your Santa charms are “charming.” Hee hee…Merry Christmas!

  53. Lovely Santas! You’ve inpsired me to get my butt in gear!

  54. These are amazing! They are surely the cutest Christmas-y thing I’ve seen this year. Yay Santas!!

  55. wow…amazing little charms and the wrapping is awesome~!!!

  56. Michele in Huntsville on December 17, 2011 at 10:43 pm said:

    Hello again and Merry Christmas! Do you do stained glass, too? I’m assuming you sandwiched the pinterest Santa tween two pieces of glass, then copper foiled and then soldered… GREAT idea! Makes me want to get my stained glass tools out and set up – I haven’t done anything in glass in… oh my… over 15 years. Wow. Those would make great stitch group gifties, too. Hmmmm…..

    (BTW – what’s with the odd comments above?…)

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