November. {Sigh}

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  It’s November already.  Can you believe it??? I’m still firmly planted in July, so, I’m in denial.  I have a few projects that I want to make for the looming holiday, so I should probably get in gear.  It’s hard though — I feel like I need to spend more time outside and enjoy the last little tidbits of fall.  I’m sure I’ll get my chance shortly — the leaves are finally starting to come down and leaf blowing is a big job around here.  I’m really looking forward to it this year though — I guess because I’m inside most of the time, between work and hanging out with MeMum.

In the meantime, did you have a good Halloween?  Ours was very uneventful — sadly, I didn’t even get any decorations out.  SweetiePie provided us with some entertainment though.  From all accounts, they’ve had a beautiful fall this year in Utah.  Here’s our little cherub being attacked by a hoard of pumpkins LOL!

Thimbleanna: Pumpkin

I mailed her a little Halloween package with a pumpkin smocked dress that I made a few weeks ago.  I loved seeing her wearing the dress — SweetiePie is so good to send us lots of pictures.  And here’s FinallyAGirl in one of her several Halloween costumes — perfect for my love of sheepies, don’t you think?  This is definitely my favorite-ever sheepie picture LOL.

Thimbleanna: Lambie

I don’t really have much else, but here are a few tidbits:

  • You probably know I love most things Ina Garten does.  Have you seen her little list of Magic Tricks?  And did you know Ina hates cilantro?  I’m so disappointed — I LOVE it!
  • It’s too late for this year, but this quilt is a serious contender for next year — I love everything about it and I think it would be fun to make.
  • Have you seen Julie’s latest pattern?  Oh. My. Oink. Gosh.  It’s just Tooooo Cute!

And last but not least, there are lots of new fabrics in my etsy shop.  This picture shows just a few of them.  The section of what I call “basics” is growing too — there are several Dear Stella Little Heart prints, Riley Blake Ginghams, and Cori Dantini’s little seed prints will be in the next few weeks.

Thimbleanna: prettyfabric

Also, Tilda’s new Cottage Collection is here.  Fat quarter packs are listed, there’s only 1 stocking kit left, and a few of the prints should be available in yardage in the next few weeks.

Thimbleanna: Tilda

So, that’s it from here. Off to pack a few orders and hop in bed….


16 Thoughts on “November. {Sigh}

  1. Oh Baby is so cute!! love that costume so cute

  2. Oh my gosh those pictures are so sweet. And i’m with Ina on the cilantro issue.

  3. That is the cutest little lamb I’ve ever seen! She looks gorgeous in her new dress too.

  4. Awww, she’s adorable, Anna. :o)

  5. Oh! I love it all! Sweet! she is darling! and yes, October flew by! I guess I feel that way because I wanted to get more done than I did…

  6. That is definitely the cutest sheep ever! I like that quilt pattern, too!

  7. Adorable photos.

  8. Oh those pictures!! Makes me smile and go awwwwww! So sweet – so adorable! Bad pumpkins! And sweetest little lamb ever. I would put a heart emoji here but it would probably turn into something else. I just started a new quilt for one of my nieces – a bookcase quilt. I have a picture she sent me of her with her baby girl and Jamie Lee Curtis at a book store book signing that I will include on one of the shelves. She loves books too. And how can Ina garden not love cilantro? It’s the best! And dill. But not together. (Smile emoji)

  9. That photo of Little C as a sheep!!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!

    (Mind you, photos aren’t the same as hands-on nuzzling… sigh.)

    I have no idea what cilantro is. Will Google it.

  10. Oh, coriander. Ah.

  11. INA M MASLANA on November 9, 2017 at 1:07 pm said:

    I’m so glad about November bc it means cooler weather. Luna is happier too. Also means more hiking. ;p Finally A Girl looks a little pissed in that Halloween photo. I guess she wanted to be carried?


  12. what a cute li’l lambie!

  13. Overwhelmed by pumpkins! She is adorable and so is her sheepie disguise!
    That quilt you want to make is a winner. In spite of swearing not to start any new quilting projects I have been sent careening off that track by my niece having twins. So, in the new year, I’m poised with my two patterns – one for a girl and one for a boy. So rthe teetering pile of UFOs is still teetering….

  14. Little Sheep could not look any cuter. I’m in love with the little pigs, too. The pumpkin quilt is the best I’ve ever seen. I think you have the best eye ever!

  15. What a lovely dress! You are so talented! Have you noticed that the motivation for blogging has gone down? I do not seem to be as motivated as before. Perhaps it is because blogging audience seems to have taken a turn downward. Not as many people read blogs and consequently, many of the fabric/pattern designed have sadly neglected their blog. Instagram seems to have taken its place. I will admit, it is so much quicker than spending time writing a meaningful post. Click … caption … voila we have a visual! Oh well! Since the closing of Fibre, my quilting mojo seems to have taken a down turn. So, I stopped here for some motivation. You always have such beautiful posts. Well, I chatted enough! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Cheers!

  16. What a sweetheart! So darling Grandma.

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