Not Five on Friday

Well, it’s Friday again — Yipee! And I don’t have five things for you — mostly because it’s been so slow around here, there just aren’t five things. There are barely three things!

We successfully made it through graduation season — the last of the little birds in our family will soon fly the coop and head off for college. We had a FULL weekend last weekend with parties and get-togethers and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been in a homebody funk the last few weeks and I wasn’t very excited about all of the activities, but MyDadLovesMeBestSister did a beautiful job and it was all so worth it. Aside from graduation, we had a nice little family dinner, a birthday brunch for CuteNiece1 and the weekend ended with a big multi-graduate-country-club bash, complete with candy bar and photo booth. It was jam-packed with lots of people and everyone had a great time!

Thimbleanna:  Photo Booth

I also managed to get CuteNiece2’s graduation quilt finished, just in the knick of time. Here it is, fresh out of the dryer, about an hour before I gave it to her.

Thimbleanna:  Grad Quilt

You’ve seen this quilt before. When I bought this fabric for my little shop a few years ago, it was always with the intention of making this quilt for my niece. She was definitely made for adventure, and now she’ll be off on her own grand adventure. I do love those sweet little adventure girls.

Thimbleanna:  Grad Quilt

(Ooooh, and have you see the new adventure boys that will be coming out this summer? They’re called The Adventurers and they’re SO cute!!!)

Now that the party is over, I’ve just been trying to get caught up around here — everything’s a mess. We’ve been busy trying to edge all the shrub/flower beds so that they can be mulched, but it’s taking so long, that we’ll have to re-weed the first few beds we edged. We’re hoping to finish that little task this weekend. In the meantime, I just ooh and ahh every time I see the Ugly Tree.

Thimbleanna:  Ugly Tree

In case you don’t remember, I don’t really think this is an ugly tree — I LOVE it, but TheManoftheHouse does not. It’s really a weeping cedar and I think it’s beautiful. Can you see that cool little sprout in the middle of the tree?  Here’s a close-up:

Thimbleanna:  Ugly Tree

It’s really hard to see with a two-dimensional picture — sorry. It’s like a new pine tree is growing out of the old one. It seems to have popped up almost over night! I would call this my favorite tree now, but every time I do that, my favorite tree dies, so I’m not going to say that about this one. But I Really, Really Love this tree!

Ok — that’s it for me. I’m off to take MeMum out to lunch so the cleaning ladies that she doesn’t have can clean her house. Have a great weekend!


20 Thoughts on “Not Five on Friday

  1. A super quilt, Anna! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the quilt! And I love your tree, but I won’t say that in case I jinx it!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Really pretty quilt, perfect for an adventurous niece! I like your tree, too. And I would never call it ugly.

  4. jenny on June 12, 2015 at 1:38 pm said:

    could we please arrange to have a cleaning lady “not” clean my house and you can take me out to lunch too? i still have school supplies sitting on the counter for goodness sakes! i like your tree too.

  5. Lovely graduation quilt! Wish I could say that I have been doing some much needed de-weeding but alas it has been raining lots. I cannot complain, the rain is much needed. Cheers! Literally, I have a glass of wine next to me! ;) Check!

  6. i lurve that quilt! and i have everything i need to make one just like it – it would have made a perfect kindergarten graduation quilt and now i really, really wish that i had put it together for my little adventurer, doggone it…

    and i lurve your tree – it is awesome!!!

  7. What a sweet and happy quilt, a perfect graduation quilt! I like your Ugly tree too, it has lots of character!

  8. Haha Anna. If I go to lunch with you will I return to a clean house? I’d settle for lunch with you! I love your weeping Cyprus. I want a Harry Lowders walking stick but Bruce won’t hear of it. And I love the quilt!

  9. Julie on June 12, 2015 at 8:10 pm said:

    Anna I love your nieces quilt! You are The Best Aunt ever!!!!!! I also love your tree the older I have gotten the more I get attached to my trees???? xoxo Jewels

  10. LOL The cleaning ladies she doesn’t have!

    Your tree is beautiful and so is the quilt you lucky niece got from you :)
    I wish someone would take me out for lunch while me house “wouldn’t” get cleaned ;)
    Have a great weekend

  11. I LOVE that tree!! How old is it? Did you plant it originally? It is magnificent. And I think I just found my weekend project. I was going to work on more of the pouches that you posted last week (one down and five more in the works!) but I think it is time to finish my “Girls” quilt (just needs to be basted and quilted). Have a great and relaxing weekend!

  12. I do sooooooo love that quilt!

  13. the quilt is so pretty……………

  14. Such a great quilt for your niece. What a fabulous tree – I’ve not seen one before.

  15. Oh I really like that quilt. What a sweet remembrance she’ll have of a special auntie who loves her. I like the tree too! I like nearly all trees because trees are hard to come by where I live. I can imagine a big rug under that tree with some little people playing beneath it. Cool fort!

  16. What a gorgeous quilt for your niece. It sounds like all that partying was just what you needed to pep you up a bit. I hope no more of your beautiful trees die, at least that one is growing!

  17. brigita on June 15, 2015 at 8:16 am said:

    love your tree and your quilt and especially that you hire cleaning people and then go to the effort to hide it from MeMum to help her out. you’re truly wonderful anna.

    now, let’s play with some of that LIBERTY fabric of yours!!!!! i haven’t bought any for a while, i need to find a project soon for it.

    okay, i’m off to save the world. have a good day.
    :waves madly

  18. Mary Ann on June 15, 2015 at 2:29 pm said:

    I love the tree! I do miss having big trees in our SoCal yard. The quilt is so cute, I know she’ll love it but mostly love you for making it just for her.
    I am off to try and stay focused…finish that ufo I pulled out 2 weeks ago but I am going to fit in a little mindless sewing too, the QAL from Amanda Jean just sewing scraps together. as I pulled out several bins of scraps I can totally see my road changing. Hugs!! Hope this week is a good one!

  19. I love that you love your tree – I like yours, but some have only 3 weeping branches and have always looked a little crazy to me.
    Yours is lush and lovely.
    Congrats to your new Grad!! lovely photo and the quilt turned out so great.
    You are the sweetest daughter to not have a cleaning lady come while you are at lunch ;)

  20. that boy line is so cute!!!

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