Thank you for all your sweet comments about BigDaddy. He’s in a rehab hospital now and verrrrry slowly getting better. Not much fun stuff is going on around here as most of my non-working hours are spent at the hospital with him and MeMum. I do manage to sneak in about an hour each night before bed though, so I’m hoping I can piece a few blocks this week.

In the meantime, when BigDaddy was in the regular hospital, I finished a sweater. (And boy, I don’t know what happened this year, but I think I’ve had BIG sweater karma. It took me for.ever to knit the 10-year sweater (about 10 years!) but in the last 7 months I’ve knit my first Lopi, Kilmory, and now this sweater. Yay for sweater knitting!)  I was going to wait until I’ve blocked the sweater to show you, but who knows when that will happen?  Definitely before next winter, when I expect I’ll be wearing it as much as I wear my first Lopi.

Thimbleanna: Lopi Sweater

Around the time I was getting ready to start this sweater, I was telling Berglind how much I love Lopi yarns and that I was planning on knitting another lopi sweater. She mentioned that she was going to knit the Kross pattern by Vedis Jonsdottir. As luck would have it, the pattern is in the Knitting with Icelandic Wool book that Berglind sent me this winter, so I thought it would be fun to knit a version along with Berglind. Of course, she finished her sweater in a week or two, because she has way more than sweater karma — she has Icelandic sweater karma. You know, being Icelandic and all! It’s fun to see both of our sweaters in the different color combinations.  The pattern says to use five different colors of yarn, but like Berglind, I thought three would be just fine.  I didn’t look at her sweater while I was knitting mine, and  we’ve done our color changes in different places, so that’s fun to see too.

Thimbleanna: Lopi Sweater

This sweater is knit on bigger needles but with fewer stitches than my first lopi sweater, so the fabric isn’t as dense. It also fits a little looser than my first sweater, but it’s not too big to wear it. One thing that I thought was interesting is that the crossover stitches (the rows in white and light blue in my version of the sweater) are done differently around the neck than they are at the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves. The neckline crossover stitches are knitted in groups of four stitches but the others are knitted in groups of six stitches. I much prefer them done in groups of four (the resulting “hole” isn’t as big) so, if I ever make this pattern again, I’ll do groups of four around the bottom and the sleeves. (That will probably only make sense if you actually knit this sweater!)

Thimbleanna: Lopi Sweater

Ok kids, it’s off to bed for me — work comes early in the morning these days. I hope you have a wonderful week!


28 Thoughts on “Kross

  1. Really pretty Anna! Your knitting prowess continues to amaze and impress me.

  2. Very pretty. I really like the texture. But I Do love sweaters. Glad things are looking up on the big daddy front.

  3. I love your sweater – I haven’t seen that stitch before. It’s years since I knitted a Lopi sweater – after seeing yours, I may just have to put one on the to-knit list!!
    So glad things are looking up for your Dad.
    Anne xo

  4. Your sweater looks lovely and I really like the colours that you used, I think that it looks great with three colours! Hope that your Dad keeps getting better and that he can escape from the hospital very soon. Take care and hope that you have a good week. xx

  5. Hello,
    I see you love my little cotton rabbits…
    I knit some ones too, they are on my blog
    Thanks for your visit

  6. You’re a wonder. Hope BigDaddy improves steadily.

  7. Wow, what a great sweater. It’s beautiful. And thanks for the update on your dad. Sending you all lots of good and healing wishes. Hang in there and take care.

  8. the sweater looks just plain beautiful! you have been busy – glad your big daddy is getting better!

  9. How in the world did I miss your last post…too busy here I guess. I’m so glad big daddy is getting better tho slow that it is.
    Your sweater is gorgeous!!! I have not picked up the needles in so long, I have been having trouble with my shoulder (which I suspect is my rotator cuff, I’ve been doing exercises and it’s feeling 90% better).
    P.S…love the fabric in the previous post as well.

  10. Beautiful knitting…! Glad things are settling out ((hugs))

  11. Jewels on April 14, 2014 at 3:11 pm said:

    Love it! Don’t know how you get all this stuff completed. Marry me! LOL xoxo

  12. It’s beautiful, Anna. Continuing prayers for your dad. :o)

  13. What a gorgeous cosy jumper! Such an interesting knitting stitching ( I don’t know anything about knitting). I hope Big Daddy is comfortable and recovering well.

  14. Hi Anna, somehow I missed your last post – so pleased to hear BigDaddy is on the mend. Thoughts and prayers with you all. Gorgeous jumper – how do you knit so quickly??

  15. Hey, Anna-banana! Long time incommunicado…..Life…. you know how it gets in the way sometimes. So sorry you’ve had a traumatic time of it, between losing your F-I-L and having Bigdaddy in the hospital again. And still you made that cute quilt, gorgeous sweater and those magnificent drapes. Is it something in the water (or slush) in Indiana?

  16. Those colors are beautiful! The detail stitches are awesome. I bet it will be a warm dream to wear. You are an inspiration!!

  17. I love the colours you chose for the sweater! (it’s no secret I love blue in any shade). And I also love the crossover stitches I have never knitted that, so thanks for the tips!

  18. pretty sweater! will go perfectly with blue jeans. 10 years eh? I get that. Love the stitch technique. Hope your dad is doing well.

  19. give Uncle Big Daddy a big old hug from me and tell him i said not to scare you and Auntie MeMum like that anymore!!!

    (i can finally comment again!!! thank you for the suh-weet fabric shipment – i LURVE those fireflies!!! and i want a quilt JUST LIKE YOURS!!!)

  20. I’m glad big daddy is recovering x

  21. Wow, those crossover stitches are so pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever done those. Beautiful sweater. And I hope BigDaddy continues to improve. ;)

  22. Delighted Big Daddy on the mend. Lots of love from sunny Ireland xx

  23. Beautiful knittin’. You’re amazing. Hoping BigDaddy keeps on improving.

  24. What a beautiful sweater! I’m glad BigDaddy is on the mend. I have had a hand in caring for someone who is ill also. It’s amazing how much time is consumed, and how you can feel like you have accomplished so little. But it isn’t true, bedside sitting is invaluable, and is an intangible benefit to the patient. I have always been in healthcare, and you can see the difference when patients have the support of loved ones around them. You can’t put a price tag on it, but its value is often overlooked. Sometimes it helps to have a visual result (like a hand-knitted sweater and a loved one on the mend) to “quantify” the value of one’s efforts. Am I making sense? I have recently been working on “teaching” someone I love how to be a calm and peaceful bedside companion. It can feel so helpless, when you want to be “doing Something”. It can be important to realize that “Being There” *is* “Doing Something”. And besides, what better way to relax and pray than while knitting something calming? Well done, Anna.

  25. What a gorgeous blue! Nicely done m’dear :)

    Really happy to read that BigDaddy is on the mend, here’s hoping you can all enjoy a restful and relaxing Easter x

  26. Lovely sweater! I think I’m on a 10 year sock! I’ve taken it out twice so far! Just not happy how it turned out. Will get there, eventually. So sorry to read that your father is still not himself. Please know that you are in my thoughts. Market is slowly approaching. I’m hopeful that we will finally meet in person. Hugs. x0x

  27. LOL! Sweater karma… I love it :)

    So glad your dad is feeling better Anna. — And I Love love LOVE your sweater. The blue colors are so pretty with the white, and it’s so funny to see what different color change can do for the sweater. I know you’re going to love this sweater. And I agree with you on the big holes at the bottom, they are quite big.

    I’ve finally gotten my sewing room back after the cleaning tornado went by… and OMG how great it feels to be back!! I just wish I could spend all of my time in there sewing :) — I’m off to wipe the dust of my blog as well, it’s been really neglected while I was cleaning the room.

    Happy (belated) Easter, I hope you got a lot of chocolate ;)

  28. I hope all is going well with you and your family! Sending you good thoughts and throwing in a little sewing time wishes too!

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