Houston, We Have Pillowcases

Wow!  Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about The Wedding Quilt.  Several of you mentioned that I neglected to say whether the kids liked their quilt.  Yes — I think they did!  I received several wonderful text messages and a phone call from SweetiePie last week.  And we had a surprise visit from TheFirstChild on Monday and he said he loved it too.  Anyway, you’ve all been so sweet!  I’m thinking you deserve a little reward — look for a giveaway right around the corner. 

In the meantime, as part of my duties as a button-displaying member of Cassie’s crochet-along, I’ve finished some pillowcases this week.  They’re super fun to make and I love them!


Cassie did a fantastic job with her instructions.  They’re clear and concise and her photos are perfect.  I do have just one little teeny, tiny complaint though.  Cassie, dearest…I think you severely underestimated the number of chocolates required for Step 3, A Firm Foundation.  Three???  Three measly chocolates for all that pain and suffering I had to endure while my yarn was all twisty and knotty???  The green crochet thread above wasn’t tooooo bad, but the pink yarn below was a pain in the b.u.t.t.  Step 3 may or may not have caused more bad words to slip out than quilting the wedding quilt!  I’m thinking at least 20 chocolates.  Yes, that would definitely soothe the pain.


Shortly after I bought the pink flowers and green stripes, I found this little sheepy fabric.  I love sheepies and I thought it would be perfect for pillowcases.  I thought that pink yarn would be too heavy for this job, but it wasn’t too bad.  If it just hadn’t tangled so easily!  I really love the envelope style of the pillowcase — no more ugly pillows peeking out of pretty pillowcases.  I’ll definitely be making more of these in the future. 


And one last thing, Knitter Sue and Yellow Beach Dog have very kindly given me Sunshine and Beautiful Blogger Awards.  Thank you so much ladies!  As they say in the UK, I’m rubbish at this sort of thing, so, I’ll just pass these along to everyone who is reading!

Now, I’m off to prepare a little goodie for a giveaway.  Have a great weekend!

61 Thoughts on “Houston, We Have Pillowcases

  1. Well, of COURSE TheFirstChild and SweetiePie loved the quilt. How could they not??? I think it’s so nice that you call your daughter-in-law SweetiePie. I wonder what my mother-in-law calls me… I highly doubt it’s anything as complimentary as that.

    Your pillowcases are lovely. I don’t suppose those little sheep ones are part of the giveaway…? No?

    I’m pretty sure Cassie would allot you as many chocolates as you thought you needed to get through Step 3. She’s good like that. I’d need a whole box… can’t crochet at all. You should come and teach me.

  2. Very neat and beautifully done! I’m just puzzled about where you attach the crochet trim if the envelope opening is in the back? Hanging my head for being such a dunce; just really want to know…..

  3. Wow, your pillows came out just beautiful! Those sheep are so darn cute! And your crochet work is lovely! Isn’t that pillowcase design just so clever? I haven’t made any yet, but I’ll be stocking up on chocolates and following Cassie’s tutorials soon!


  4. Very nice! Someday I might have to try pillowcases. I saw someone mentioned a skip stitch blade in the comments on her blog. That looks interesting. Would be much better than my stupid idea with the hole punch on those fleece blankets!

  5. Your pillowcases are beautiful Anna!! That is one project that it on my “to do ” list – I like your chocolate rating best.

  6. I have three of my pillowcases completely done and I’m part way done on the other two. It’s been so much fun making these and I’m getting pretty good at crocheting now. I’m loving it. I really love the sheepie fabric too. Absolutely DARLING!!! Ya know, I had a lot of trouble with one of my crochet threads too and I went with another blue thread I had on hand. My thread kept twisting too. It made it very difficult.

  7. Well done, I am in envy of a task completed nicely.
    Adore the sheepies – I think the pink is a nice touch
    The pink rosebuds have a laura Ashley feel.
    As far as I know, we only can get ‘posh’ pillowcases in Australia!
    I am planning to stitch some up over Easter – and gorge myself on chockie eggs!

  8. Oh, those did come out well. I’m thinking white on white would be very elegant – and has the advantage that I have a stash of white envelope style pillowcases upstairs already, bwahahahaha!

  9. They are lovely… Thanks for letting me know of the chocolate need.. when I go ahead I shall see to that I am stocked up with more then said…:o)))

  10. Oh they are so lovely, well worth the pain and chocolate.

  11. OMG those are just wonderful…I think you deserve the whole bag of chocolate for that!

  12. Woo whoo Anna, they look fabulous! Guess what I’ve been doing today, yup, the very same thing. I have to admit I’m making a couple of little changes. I have learnt to lick my fingers after the chocolate or it might get on the pretty pillowcases.

  13. The pillowcases are beautiful, Anna. Love the sheepies! :o)

    Like the commenter from Australia – is “commenter” a word?? – we only have “posh” pillowcases in Scotland as well. Our pillows are always kept in their pillowcases with pocket flaps.

  14. Those pillowcases look as though they already smell of lavender and belong in a 1950s seaside B & B on the East coast of England. That is DEFINITELY a good thing.

  15. Those pillowcases look absolutely wonderful and I love the sheepies too. I am sure that the 20 chocolates would have soothed the pain, although if I ate that many I would need to do another 20 minutes of my gym circuit to work them off, lol! Glad you liked your award too.

  16. The pillow cases are fabulous Anna! I want to make some too! (and eat the chocolates!!!)

    Off to London for a mini bloggy meet-up now! Can’t wait!

    Lucy xx

  17. Ginger on March 26, 2010 at 7:41 am said:

    Your pillowcases turned out so loverly! I especially love the fabric and yarn choices for the top ones. Gorgeous!
    Those are definitely on my “someday” list. It gets longer and longer every week. :-)

  18. Gorgeous! I love this trim. What a great way to add crochet to a project. Now I must learn how to crochet-lol.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. Oh my goodness, Anna, I may need to learn to crochet so I can make these. They are absolutely adorable!! And we were on vacation when you premiered the Monogram quilt…all that work really paid off! It’s gorgeous!

  20. That dear sheep pillowcase would bring restful dreams even with the neighbor’s dog barking at 3 AM! Hope you are going to have a beautiful spring weekend!

  21. I like how your pillowcases turned out; darling sheep fabric too. I have to get moving on my pillowcases. I have the cases made but haven’t started the crocheting part yet.

  22. Love those pillowcases!! Now I must learn this type of crochet work.
    And the wedding quilt is so gorgeous!!!

  23. Your pillows look great! I love them. I need to make some more. I have to say, I was really surprised by Cassie’s method. The dork that I am, I was convinced that the yarn that I used in the blanket stitch had to still be attached to the piece of yarn that I crocheted with. I couldn’t figure out how she got a double blanket stitch with it still being attached. Cassie’s way is MUCH easier. lol

  24. I LOVE your pillowcases. And yes, chocolate doeth good like a medicine. And more is definitely better, right?

  25. Those pillowcases are beautiful! Thanks for the link… I have another favorite new blog to follow.

    Jennifer :)

  26. Sheepies!! Oh, how I love them. All the pillowcases are just fabulous, too. :)

  27. Your On the Edge Crochet-along pillowcases are gorgeous. I’m super impressed. I’ve finally managed to get one pillowcase crocheted and will work on the other 3 later today after my house chores are done. I don’t know squat about how to crochet so my first effort looks like a mess and, oh my goodness, am I ever so slow doing it. After seeing your beautiful results, I’m going to undo my edging and try again.

  28. I never said you couldn’t have MORE than three chocolates. Three was simply the minimum requirement. If you have an elastic waistband on your pants, eat up, girlfriend! It’s hard to swear when your mouth is full of chocolate. Believe me, I know. You can still throw your scissors or kick your scrap bin with chocolate in you mouth, but swearing is out of the question. You might get chocolate spittle on your fabric.

    Isn’t it weird how yarn can make a difference? The bamboo yarn I have is very twisty. The cotton glace (whatever that is??) isn’t so bad. Live and learn, I guess.

    Your pillowcases look fabulous. Aren’t you glad you talked me in to showing you how to do something you already knew how to do? LOL! Thanks for the encouragement, Anna.

    Happy weekend~

  29. LOVE the sheep pillowcase fabric! I was I was that talented with a needle and yarn.

  30. ** I WISH I was that talented… need to proof-read better!

  31. Oh man I’ve been so busy lately. I can’t wait for life to slow down some. I love your wedding quilt! I saw this awhile back and have been thinking about doing this…but only in my spare time…right what spare time. Nice work!

  32. Anna, these are awesome! I’ve just gotten into crocheting–and this is such a perfect combination of sewing and crochet! Thanks for sharing–I’m bookmarking the page. XO

  33. Those pillow cases are so beautiful and I am a bit envious! If I could reach out and snatch those I wouuld :o) I wish I could make some but I have my doubts since I don’t sew or crochet (very well). Looking forward to your giveaway!

  34. Looks wonderful! I wish my hands were up for crochet!

  35. Dear Anna,

    I just love your pillowcases. I have finished a few also, but have yet to photograph them – maybe this weekend. By the way, the girls loved learning how to knit – more than a couple of them had that twinkle in their eyes – you know the look you get when a pair of needles and a skein of yarn takes over your whole body? :)


  36. Oh wow – they look so fantastic. I’m off to check out that tutorial right away! x

  37. Your pillowcases look great Anna, I made a couple too but put a little ruffle around the edge instead of the crochet,it looks so beautiful though,I will try it sometime. When I read 15 times the width of the fabric, it made me think I may knot know enough swear words to get through it. I am so spoiled now I want all my pillow cases to be Posh,I just love the pockets!!

  38. YOU.
    so THAT’S why you were wondering if my pillowcases were done, YOURS ARE!!!
    You amaze me woman.
    :applauds, lounder and longer than usual

  39. i do not need to start any more projects … i do not need to start any more projects … i do not need to start any more projects … that’s my mantra and i MUST NOT go and look at the instructions … well … maybe just a little peek cuz those are some lovely pillowcases … and i really don’t like how my pillows tend to show their underwear…

  40. So cute! I really wish I knew how to crochet.

  41. I LOVE your pillowcases….especially the sheep! So sorry they are 20 chocolate worthy, but hey, whatever it takes to get a job done! You are right, she did a great job on her tutorial – I’ve been looking at her blog trying to feel inspired enough to make some pillowcases of my own!

  42. Great pillowcases Anna- You are one talented lady- you enjoy cooking and baking, are a fabulous quilter, knitter and crocheter. Oh and I forgot about a jewelery maker as well… What other hidden talents do you have?:)
    It is always fun to visit your blog- I know you will be having fun playing and exploring new things.
    You do find the most interesting things.
    Have a great weekend,

  43. Lovely pillowcases. I didn’t read the instructions to note the envelope style but that intrigues me. I don’t know what the Sunshine award is but sounds like something you’d deserve! Not to mention the other :)

  44. Shirley on March 27, 2010 at 3:10 am said:

    Fantastic job on the pillow cases. I just re-learned how to crochet and I hope to be crocheting-along as well, pretty soon. You definitely have inspired me to hurry up my current project. Geez, had I realized that chocolate was involved(and even encouraged) I would have re-learned a lot sooner!

  45. OH! I love your pillowcases, and wouldn’t you know it…the green is my favorite. Probably because it went along a bit smoother! LOL. VERY pretty. So did you say what you were going to do with your pillow cases?? Are they for your bed? Or are you stocking them up for presents….Christmas will be here before we know it? Perhaps a Mother’s Day gift for Mum??

  46. Robin Brown on March 27, 2010 at 10:17 am said:

    Do you ever sleep? You must be the MOST organized woman – work full time, make the mostest cutest things, wonderful blog to document the mostest cutest things, baker, mother, wife, fun friend….Where do you get your energy from my friend? Are you from outer space, or do you have a super energy plug-in at night? (mind out of the gutter girls) luv the pillowcases – I bet you even hung them out on the line to air dry… as always, robin

  47. Those must be the prettiest pillow cases ever… and I’m thinking they would look so good with my crochet coat hangers!

  48. Oh I am sure they loved that quilt – who wouldn’t! It’s so beautiful and classic without being boring. Wowza. I love how your pillowcases turned out!! She did do a great tutorial- I definitely have that on my list. Your sheep pillowcases ARE TO DIE FOR!!

  49. Oooh! I love those. So cute. I remember having pillow cases like that as a child, I think my grandmother used to crochet edges like that. Now that I learned how to crochet, I think I could make them. Am heading straight to the instructions.

  50. Love the pillowcases…20 chocolates huh? Maybe I will try some crochet again after all—no one mentioned chocolate before :)

  51. Cute pillowcases! It has been awhile since I’ve made pillowcases and crochet the edge. You’ve got it going, girl. I’ll check out that link to Cassie and it sounds like that new bag of chocolates is going to come in handy.

  52. Well now I have to learn how to crochet. The trim makes such a difference. I love it xoxoxo Clarice

  53. very very pretty anna…such a lovely, homey touch to pillow cases.

  54. These are just gorgeous!!!! Thankis for the inspiration…

    Hugs – Jodie :)

  55. I love your pillow cases. I loved them when I saw her crochet along at first. I’ve not attempted it yet. Do ya think I can do???

  56. Miss Thimble,
    Your pillowcases are terrific! So perfectly perfect. Love ’em.

    Mine are not yet done. I did the single crochet around one and started the shelly crochet and have had a devil of a time making it look nice. I need to reread the instructions and take it slowly. I *think* I can do this, but maybe not. I’m a novice at the crochet part. I also need more chocolate.


  57. Teresa on March 29, 2010 at 8:49 am said:

    Oh, a bunny would be so fun – thanks for the giveaway.

    Your banner just gave me the biggest smile – so cute!

  58. Those pillowcases are fantastic – they are so pretty! Nice work :-)

  59. Oh Anna, you always make me smile!! And feel inspired.
    Love the sweet pillowcases and your quilt is simply stunning. What a treasure!

  60. nicole j bideau on April 4, 2010 at 1:58 am said:

    OOOHHH this bunny is so sweet who would not want to win this. Love your blog always something good to admire thanks for the chance take care God Bless x

  61. Mary E.Dadds on July 10, 2010 at 7:13 pm said:

    I was just wondering.What type fabrics do you look for to make your pi;;ow cases?

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