Her Name Was Nancy Wolfe

I took MeMum to an antique store for a few minutes yesterday.  I was worried about our trip — MeMum was grumpy and didn’t want to play.  Isn’t it funny how shopping is a lot more fun if you find something that interests you?  Just when I was giving up hope that she would enjoy our little outing, we saw a few things that caught our eye.  One of them was this train case that used to belong to Nancy Wolfe.

Thimbleanna: Train Case Sewing Box

It looks a little bunged up in this next picture, but it’s really in great shape.  I knew immediately how I could use this cute little train case.

Thimbleanna: Train Case Sewing Box

The makeup tray is perfect for sewing tools and little squares of fabric.

Thimbleanna: Train Case Sewing Box

And the section below the makeup tray is perfect for my growing quilt.  My little buddy case is tucked under there too, for times when I don’t want to take the whole case with me — I’ll grab the buddy case, quilt top, and go.

Thimbleanna: Train Case Sewing Box

I think it was $15 well spent.  I tried to get The Scruffster to show a little interest but he wasn’t having it.  He’s not an outdoor cat, so actually being outside was more than he could take.  He’s too rotund to run away from me, so I don’t worry about having him out there for a minute or two.

Thimbleanna: Train Case Sewing Box

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.  We’re having a pretty downpour as we speak.  A perfect day to sew!

Thimbleanna: Rain


26 Thoughts on “Her Name Was Nancy Wolfe

  1. never thought to look for one of those for a sewing case – I will need to watch for a bargin

  2. Now I wish I’d kept mine oh well

  3. oh, we’re having a big storm too xxx

  4. That is a heavy rain shower……we had lovely weather today apart from about 5 minutes. The little case is just perfect for your quilt! Oh and if you ever do want to go to Shetland….just say ;-)

  5. Of course you had to have a travel case for your trips around the world quilt!! What a great find! I bet the Scruffster is happy he’s not out in the rain.

  6. A cute case, perfect for your little bits and bobs . That’s some shower !!

  7. What a find Anna! You have a good eye. I think nancy would be pleased that her case has a second life. We’re enjoying some down time on the coast of Northern California. There mat or may not be some new yarn in my suitcase.

  8. What a great find! Perfect for your project(s). I hope yermum found something of interest. We have been skirted by storms for the most part all week. Lucked out and got the new roof finally. I hope you had a great day of sewing in the rain. Or during the rain :o)

  9. Perfect use for the new to you train case! And thank you for the picture of the rain…we haven’t had any since February and I sure miss it!

  10. I love train cases….a bygone era. it’s perfect for carrying your sewing project. if your family makes you mad you can always pick up the case and tell them you’re running away from home. tell them not to try to find you becuase you’ve changed your name. ;p

  11. Love your newly found quilt case! The pouring rain is the best excuse for some indoor sewing!

  12. I think that reusing the case for your quilting is a fantastic idea!! So much better than it just languishing somewhere unloved and unused. I hope that you enjoyed your sewing while it was raining, but that the rain has passed now! xx

  13. What a great case Anna! And for a great price too. Your cat is so neat looking, I love his coloring.

  14. brigita on June 29, 2014 at 11:08 am said:

    oh the adventures you’ll have.
    make nancy proud!
    love your train case and stay out of the deluge!
    :waves madly

  15. Looks like a great find to me!

  16. Lucky you to find this case, I love the color. Your cat is so cute :)
    June has been so wet in Iceland, they say it’s the most rain in June for 100 years! So I hope the sun is coming in July… but I agree with you, it’s the perfect weather for sewing :)

  17. what a cute train case. I love her name tape too.
    does it have that wonderful old makeup smell? ha ha
    My kitties love to sneak out for fresh air once in awhile too. They never go far, they have it too good here :)
    summer rain – lovely

  18. We could use the rain. Corn crops need a big drink. I’ve been wanting a vintage train case. Guess I better start checking out antique shops.

  19. I love the case! (I won’t mention the cat!) Perfect for quilting on the go!!

  20. The case is fab, Anna. What a great find! :o)

  21. Good shopping, girl!!

  22. That is a great case and I’m sure you will gets lots of use out of it!

  23. Well, I’d never heard of Nancy Wolfe, but Google is a wonderful thing. I’m sure you’ll make good use of it.

    I’m quilting my little quilt now and enjoying it. Thank you!

  24. I love the train case! I wonder why your cat wasn’t so excited? They are so fun and functional… not to mention stylish! I love the name of the person who had owned it too!

  25. What a neat idea. I love heading into antique shops, you just never know what you’ll find. Looks like you’ve been having the same kind of weather we’ve had and are having still.

  26. What a perfect project case! This beats my system of constantly having my quilt and the squares laid out at one end of the couch. :)

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