Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Pie Day! Or the day after Pie Day (when I make the pies), but the day we get to EAT Pies!!!

Thimbleanna: Pecan Pie

We’re in that funny time of the year when there’s not much to blog about because the days are filled with running errands and working on secret projects that can’t be shown. Except for pies. I can show you my pies LOL.

Thimbleanna: Apple Pie

Luckily, I don’t have to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year — MyDadLovesMeBestSister is doing all the work. Except for the pies and dinner rolls. We’re having our usual fare — Pecan, Apple and Pumpkin pies.

Thimbleanna: Pumpkin Pie

Yum Yum — I do love a good Thanksgiving Dinner. The best part is getting together with family and playing games. We have a fun new one this year — Cover Your Assets, and of course, the crowd favorite, and very rude, Crimes Against Humanity. (Those are not affilitated links, btw.)

I hope all of you in the US have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

(P.S. The beach scene blog header has finally been replaced ;-D)

14 Thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. love your new header and Happy Thanksgiving to you – love looking at those fancy pie crust – I always say one day I will do that and never get around to it :( taking time for my second cup of coffee then I really need to get busy and get a few things prepped – at least the turkey is in the oven!

  2. What wonderful looking pies… quite mouthwatering. Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving Anna.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your pies look delicious – enjoy your dinner with your family.

  4. Yes, those pies look amazing! I made my very first pumpkin pie last week (requested by my son who used to live in the US) and I can’t say it was a complete success as there’s still leftovers in the fridge (not a good sign around here haha). I had to make the filling myself (can’t get the ready made one here) and apparently it was too eggy and not spicy enough. Happy Thanksgiving dear Anna!

  5. Enjoy all those pies…..lol
    Love the new header…..

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Your pies look so delicious and I love your new header! Xox

  7. Your pies are magazine worthy! Mmmmnnn pecan, my favorite!
    I love the header

  8. Love it when you show your pies! Beautiful. I made three pumpkin, one apple and one pecan. Used Ina’s crust. Thank You for telling me about it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo

  9. Oh, how I love pie! And yours are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I am going to tell you a little story about my paternal grandpa, and I hope I’m not repeating myself. My grandpa was a pie maker, a very good pie maker. During the depression he would make pies and sell them to diners and places like that. His pies were so good that the eateries were able to charge 15 cents a slice when all the other pies would only get ten. How about that! I’m not really a pie maker, but this Thanksgiving Frannie made a chocolate cream pie, and it was delicious! Maybe it skips a generation. Ha!

    P.S. – Love your new banner!

  10. YUMMM!!! I’m envious. Cannot make pies. I made a dump cake because that was kind of pie like – fruit filling on the bottom and the crumbly stuff on top – without the crust. Does that count? And I bought a Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie from Walmart :o)

  11. Why are you not fat, eating all those pies?????

  12. Anna, your pies look amazing. I would have to try some of each, just to be fair… :-)

  13. Beautiful pies. I love your varying orange backgrounds and lovely crust shapes.

  14. merry christmas, Anna!!!

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