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Zip Zippity.  Just like the rest of the year, November has whizzed by and here we are at the end of the month.  And it’s Thanksgiving for all of us in the U.S.  Yay!  I’ve been off work this week and I’m having a wonderful time just working around the house.  I’ve been cleaning like a mad man — the price you pay when you ignore the cleaning all year long.  Not much sewing done this week, although I did manage to cut into the pile of fabric I showed you a week or two ago.  Five hundred and some-odd tumbler pieces.  I’m thinking this will be a fun, easy quilt.  It might be put aside for a bit though — you know, Christmas sewing and all.

Thimbleanna: Tumbler Pile

Today was Pie Day (not to be confused with Pi Day which involves equally delicious baking.)  I made the usual Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan pies for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and therefore, I must document them here.  ;-D  Lisa had a fun post a few weeks ago about apple pie and she used the same leaf-shaped pie crust cutters that I have to decorate her pie.  I’d only used those leaves around the edges of the pies, so I thought I’d try it her way and I think it looks so cute!

Thimbleanna: Thanksgiving Pies

Being at home, doing all this domestic stuff makes me SOOOOO happy. TheManoftheHouse asked me yesterday if I was enjoying my week off. I wanted to say “Are you kidding?????” HAPPY. Happy. Happy. Happy. And here’s the cream on top of the week — we got a new bookcase.

Thimbleanna: Bookcase

A new bookcase is always HAPPY-inducing, but this one makes me deliriously HAPPY. Seeeeeee????

Thimbleanna: Bookcase

Do you know what this means??? I won’t have to climb that rickety old ladder to get into the attic anymore. That makes me SCREAMING HAPPY!!!!!!!


Ok. I’ve settled down now.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope you have a safe, healthy, HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!


32 Thoughts on “Happy Happy

  1. Secret door!!! Soooo cooool!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Anna!!

  2. linda noblog on November 27, 2013 at 7:42 pm said:

    hi anna,
    wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving!
    really enjoy your new web design…& your banner is great!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Anna. Your pies look beautiful. I too have been cleaning and cooking-baking and having tooooooooo much fun :) xoxoxoxo

  4. LOVE your bookcase! The pie with leaf cut-outs is beautiful, wow, it’s a work of art. Happy Thanksgiving, Anna. :)

  5. I thought it was a secret passage way!

  6. Yes, that’s what I thought too! Maybe leading to the fabric stash ;)!!! Your pies look nearly too beautiful to eat. Enjoy your week off and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving ! Your pies look wonderful. I’m sure they are as delicious as they are pretty!

  8. What gorgeous pies you’ve made my dear. Good enough to eat! And that bookcase with the secret passageway. WOW! I love it. Happy Happy is right!

  9. Those leaves do look wonderful on the pie. Very artistic! Are you going to climb the bookcase now to get to the attic? ;-)

  10. Okay your pies look so amazing…like cover of a magazine amazing!! Congrats on the new bookshelf too…happy thanksgiving !

  11. So, if there’s no rickety ladder any more, are you now going to have to empty the bookcase and climb up the shelves? :O

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I love the leaf decoration on the top of that pie…so cute! Happy Thanksgiving Anna.

  13. Anna,

    So nice to share a little of the happy holiday (thanksgiving)… Hope your day is lovely and you don’t stuff yourself too much with Turkey and pie…

    These days are important to remember – my mans mother is very ill, so to me understanding that my fellow bloggers and other American friends are celebrating a day of thanksgiving – helps me to focus on the important things – my loved ones.

    I give thanks that we are a family (mine) and that we have are getting closer every day to having a house to create our home. You contribute to that from your wonderful posts and the fellowship of sharing online important snippets of your lives.

    Happy Thanksgiving and take care.


  14. Happy Thansgiving Anna!!! Love that bookcase!

  15. Your pies look sooooo good! I know they will be delicious!

    That bookshelf is SO great! Who hasn’t wanted a secret entryway hidden behind a bookcase?!
    Happy Thanksgiving xo

  16. lol, i hope that bookcase DOES lead to a secret stash of fabric. just think, many years from now when someone goes behind the bookcase and finds all that beautiful fabric! it’s like a Nancy Drew mystery! So perfect for a bookcase….

    have a lovely day with your family. we’re off to celebrate with best girlfriend and her family. what did i make? cheesecake. ;p

  17. oh that leaf pie is so pretty. and the bookcase ladder? oh my.

  18. Ok, I’m glad Anne asked the question because I don’t understand the bookcase ladder either! Is there a ladder on the back?

    I’m feeling dumb…

  19. Hope Thanksgiving is good for you and the family.
    Loving the secret door…..

  20. Ooh! Fabulous tumblers, delicious pies and fantastic bookcase – who hoo!!

  21. Your apple pie looks like modern art—I have bought earrings from a local artist who somehow plates real leaves with bronze and then adds beads and interesting findings to make the jewelry. Your bookcase reminds me of Anne Frank—remember how the steps to their secret annex was hidden behind a bookcase?

  22. Your pie is beautiful. Gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful day with your family. Enjoy filling up your bookcase!

  23. your pies are picture perfect! Pinterest worthy and I’m sure they were delicious.
    what a cool secret door bookcase!
    Happy Thanksgiving Anna, hope it was wonderful!

  24. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anna. I love the bookcase/door to the attic, and also the leaf pie top. Did you start the Christmas decorating yet?


  25. That post just oooooozes HAPPY! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

    BTW have I got this straight?…you have a cupboard hiding the entrance to the attic…like a secret door? That’s COOL!

  26. Pretty pies!! I thought you were going to show us a secret hideaway on the reverse side of the bookcase. Love the bookcase though.
    Happy Late Thanksgiving.

  27. Mary ann on December 1, 2013 at 10:56 pm said:

    Gorgeous pies! We celebrated in KC with some of the kids and grand kids , been here a week so no clean or decorating but lots of cooking, card playing and laughs. Home tomorrow to a mad scramble to finish the holiday prep. Oh and did I say we are gone again next weekend.

  28. Oh wouldn’t Carolyn Keene be proud ;) Love your new bookcase!

  29. I love your pies. You always make good pi (pies). They are lovely really. And tasty I’m sure.

  30. Your pies looks beautiful. The leaves are perfectly shaped…beautiful texture.

    Congratulations on the book case!!!

  31. Love that bookcase/attic access!

  32. I love your new bookcase and how you put your bookcases INSIDE the wall in the US… so clever and much better feng sui! – saves floor space too

    The crust looks like made for food magazine, pretty food just tastes better, right?

    Happy belated Thanks Giving!

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