50 or Bust

50 or Bust

50 or Bust

50 or Bust

50 or Bust

50 or Bust 50 or Bust


(Extra Special THANKS to the Quilty Peeps and work friends for 50 bra donations!)

79 Thoughts on “HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

  1. Too, too funny! Happy Birthday to My Dad Loves Me Best Sister!

  2. Hi Anna,
    what a great decoratiopn!
    That looks like a great day, and I hope, a funny party.
    Congratiolations to your sister.

  3. this is a riot!!!
    LOVE it.

    i wanna do this to my momms when she hits 50.

  4. ummm that was supposed to say momma, not momms.

  5. My first thought was where did she GET all those bras?? Happy Birthday to your sister!

  6. that is great!!!!
    tell MDLMBS happy birthday from your imaginary friends!!!

  7. Oh my god, that is SO funny. Hysterical. Thanks for sharing, it made my morning. I hope your sister has a good sense of humor :-)

  8. So funny Anna, your sister will be the talk of her neighborhood for some time..

  9. LMAO! What a great way to greet 50!

  10. Thanks for the giggle! :D

  11. So funny. What a better way to start the week than with a good laugh! Happy Birthday sis.

  12. For real? Those pics are true? That’s AWESOME! Happy birthday!

  13. Holy Cow! I thought at first it was toilet paper and then I looked a little closer! 50 bras! Wow! You have a lot of friends with a lot of bras! Your sister just HAD to be thrilled!

  14. Oh my. LOLOL

  15. Junie on April 27, 2009 at 1:28 pm said:

    Anna – You pulled it off…and MDLMBS is even smiling!!! ;-) Happy Birthday Krista! Welcome to the 50’s club! Have a great day! xoxox Junie

  16. Ah, just TOO funny! hee hee

  17. AWESOME!!! Happy Birthday to her!

  18. These photos have made me laugh! What a fun thing to do for your sister. I hope she had a lovely day.

  19. What a riot! hahahahahah!!! Thanks for the laugh;) Hope your sister thought so too;)

  20. haha, what a hoot! or should that be hoots?

  21. OMG Anna – that is a HOOT. Happy Birthday to
    MYDADLOVESMEBESTSISTER – welcome to the 50 club.

    Hugs – karen

  22. HILARIOUS!!! I can just imagine the look on her face when she saw all those boob-holders flying in the trees.
    Happy Birthday to your sister.

  23. What a lucky sister! Too funny. At least you aren’t still referring to her as…What was it?…Skinny B*%ch? I wish someone would call me that and mean it!! LOL!

  24. Love it!! Hope your sister did too!

  25. hahahahahaha! that is too funny! if i did that to my sister, she would tell me that payback is a b*%ch!

  26. What a brilliant idea! Love it.

  27. OMGosh how funny. Is your sister laughing? I hope so. I hope she has a great day!

  28. so funny :-)

  29. This is sooo hilarious!!! I hope your sister has a great sense of humour!
    Happy birthday to your dad loves me best sister!

  30. LOL That is great! ooxx`jodi

  31. What a crack-up …. that’s hilarious!!!
    Happy Birthday dear MYDADLOVESMEBESTSISTER!!!
    Joy :o)

  32. Anna, you’re the best sister–LOLROFLMAO!!!
    Who is older? and will there be pay back?

  33. Too funny Anna – hope your sister had an awesome celebration!!

  34. OMG Anna that is just hysterical! Certainly a birthday she’ll never forget…how very, very fun!

  35. rohaknitter on April 27, 2009 at 7:00 pm said:

    OH HOW FUNNY! heehee

  36. Jewels on April 27, 2009 at 7:31 pm said:

    OMG!!!!! I can’t believe you actually pulled it off. That is sooooooooooooooooo funny Happy Birthday 50 year old sista…xoxo

  37. How did you ever manage to do that Anna, too funny!

  38. LOOOOOOOOOVE it!! Too funny! Happy Birthday to sis!

  39. the bras are awesome…I have got to make a mental note of that for my sisters!!! that’s awesome

  40. How cute! LOVE it!

  41. OMGosh!!! That is hilarious! I love it! :)

  42. Remind me to not let you know when I turn 50. lolol

  43. Too funny Anna! You guys obviously have a great relationship!

  44. Bahahahahaha! That is the best birthday yard art ever!

  45. Hahaha! What a great idea…I’m sure that got lots of laughs :)

    By the way, I went to Franklin again this past weekend and still did not go to the quilt shop! My mom, aunt and I went to the flea market in Nashville and then headed to Franklin….only to find the Main Street Festival in full swing! It was really neat and I plan to go again next year. However, there were tons of people there, so we hardly made into any stores. I did go to the toy store to look for a cowboy hat for my son. Have you been in there? They have retro toys! They had the mini GI Joe toys that come in bags (you know, the little green guys)…one set was the North vs. the South & the other set was the US vs. the Commies! How cute is that? I’ll definitely be going back there.

  46. How very original! I love it!

  47. lol…love it! the bras are hysterical! what a hoot…happy birthday, sister!

  48. This is the most fabulous thing I’ve seen for celebrating a 50th birthday. All those bras hanging everywhere is fantastic. How truly fun! A very happy birthday to your sister.

  49. Hysterical! What a hoot. Hope sister has a good birtday. :)

  50. LOVe the bras!

  51. These are such fabulous pictures Anna – so so funny! You lot have got a lot of front!

  52. Goodness. That must have surprised the neighbours…

  53. oh my gosh so funny, happy birthday. Clarice

  54. OMG that is so funny.

  55. So funny Anna! MyDadLovesMeBestSister is very, very lucky to have such a fab sister as you!

  56. Happy “belated” Birthday…I’m so glad I’m not related to you ;)
    I’m on the floor laughing!

  57. OMG! I wish I would have thought that one up. But I’m certainly going to put it back in my mind when a friend and/or relative reaches a milestone birthday!

  58. OMG! How did you remember who to give them all back to! My husbands 50th b’day was yesterday the 28th!

  59. Laughing out loud, what a fun thing to do, I love it…..What a boob!!! :)

  60. Happy Birthday to your sister – that’s avery original way to celebrate 50:)

  61. That is just the best! I may have to use that decorating scheme sometime!

  62. Oh gosh! That is so funny! I’m so glad no one ever did that for me! LOL!

    Happiest of wishes to Dad Loves Me Best Sister!

  63. meggie on April 29, 2009 at 7:11 pm said:

    What a laugh!! I bet she was surprised!
    Happy Birthday to her.

  64. NO WAY Anna! Now that’s funny!! I bet it was all your idea too!

  65. You are so evil and awesome at the same time!! Come decorate my house when I turn 50! (You have some time.)

    Nice work.

  66. Oh my goodness, looks like you raided many a ‘sister’s’ underwear drawer! That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I love the picture with your sister peeking out of the window. I think our old Barbie needs a little brazier to go along with her new shirt, she’s a shameless hussy. x’s and o’s , #3.

  67. Teresa on May 1, 2009 at 4:02 pm said:

    So funny…did she get to keep all the bras? Happy Birthday to Sis

  68. so, funny, siblings are so fun to torment…and love. She had to have loved the work that took.

  69. not to be mean, but after seeing this, i’m kinda glad that we are not related. :)

  70. Oh my, what a fabulous idea! You’re brilliant!
    Happy belated birthday to your MyDadLovesMeBestSister!!

  71. What is huckcloth? I love to do dishtowels, so I’m curious. I remember when my guy and I took a trip from Idaho to the New England states. It just totally killed us that people hung their laundered bras and panties on the clothes lines in the FRONT yard! :)

  72. I love the shot with your sister in the window. Perfect! You’re so blessed to have a sister. So far I’ve got two SIL’s, who live far away. Slowly, we’re becoming friends, but it’ll take decades to get very close.

    Happy 50th, MDLMBS!

  73. I LOVE THIS!
    I love what you did.
    I love your photos.
    I love your humor.
    I love you.
    I love that you don’t know when my birthday is.

  74. Happy belated birthday! What a sight to come home too! I’d be in stitches! lol What beautiful gifts you received! Enjoy! Cheers!

  75. I love the aprons and the little touches are just perfect. Adorable.

  76. This is hilarious! A VERY belated happy birthday to your MDLMBS!

  77. LOVE. IT!!

  78. I did something wrong, because I had more to say! My comment wasn’t ready for submitting. I wanted to wish your sis a very Belated Happy 50th! She’s just a youngun!

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