Happy Easter!

Thimbleanna: Happy Easter

Holyyyy Cow!  How can it be that so much time has passed since my last post?  And that we’re 1/4 of the way through this year already???

I hope you’ve all had a Very Happy Easter!  I had a hard time getting computer time this weekend to post — TheManoftheHouse hogged the computer ALL weekend for Work work.  And I was busy in the kitchen all day.  We had our usual Easter fare – Ham (I think the troops are all ready to revolt though — half of them don’t really like ham and were voting to discontinue the tradition), Cheesy Potatoes, Carrots, Green Salad, Deviled Eggs and Dinner Rolls.  There would have been a beautiful Miette Lemon Debutante Cake too, but I had a MAJOR cake fail.  I had to make the cake twice and then, the icing failed too.  I’ve made these cakes several times before and never had trouble — I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  It made me sad though — I’ve been craving cake all night LOL!

It’s been a busy six weeks here in ThimbleannaLand.  Work, work, and more work.  TheSecondChild has been back at home for several months and we just moved him to a new apartment and job in Indy — I’m so excited for him.  And us too — he’s only 2 hours away, which is SO much better than 16 hours away.  I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot more often.

Then, in the middle of it all, we went to see TheFirstChild, SweetiePie, and our little cherub for a week.  We had a really relaxed week — I didn’t even take my big camera!  Oh how fun it was to play with our little doll — she’s 20 months old now and so much fun.  I made her a little dress before we left and I was so excited that it fit her just right.  Here are a few iphone pictures that I posted on Instagram.

Thimbleanna: Little Doll

The dress is the Aliana dress from The Freckled Pear and the fabric is from the new Kinder line by Heather Ross. I had this cute little apple print in my etsy shop but it sold out right away, so I should have some more (plus the red apple print) arriving this week. (Btw, I have sooo many cute new fabrics that have arrived this spring — I need to find more time to sew!)

Thimbleanna: Little Doll

I’ve been working on other projects too, but no big finishes yet.  I’m doing a little test knitting for an instagram friend.  I’m hoping to finish up this cute little project in the next week or two.

Thimbleanna: Pink Sweater

And, after a too-long break, I’ve been working on the little quilt for FinallyAGirl again. I’m about 3/4ths of the way through. I’m such a slooooow hand-quilter. I need to get with the program though — FinallyAnotherGirl is due to arrive this September, so I’m going to need to start another quilt!  We’re SO excited!!!

Thimbleanna: Pink Quilt

Hopefully it won’t take me so long to get back here this next time. Maybe I should just post on holidays. Or chocolate holidays LOL.
Happy April!!!

15 Thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. about time you got back to us…….cute dress on a very cute little girl…….

  2. Jody on April 2, 2018 at 7:50 am said:

    Happy Easter! I think I am about to revolt against ham too. I had a bun fail this year. We ate them, but they were not up to par. The lemon cloud pie was great tho. Your little sweetie girl looks so cute in her dress. She is so blessed to have a grammy like you.

  3. I revolted for Easter dinner a long time ago and we do not really celebrate it as a holiday – I do not even do eggs anymore – no kids at home to enjoy it just the two of us most times. Looks like you had fun though and another girl baby expected, you must be excited

  4. Everything is so lovely and congratulations!!!

  5. Happy Easter to you too! I love that little dress. How sweet, and she is getting so big and is such a little beauty. How exciting to be awaiting another baby girl! Now it’s going to be girls and girls and girls forever! :)

  6. Oh how exciting! Another little girl, that’s so lovely. You’ve been busy with all sorts of things and still managed to make a cute little dress and you’ve been knitting as well as hand quilting. We’ve been doing Easter brunch for the family since we’ve returned to Switzerland and I must say I enjoy that more than cooking lunch or dinner. Sorry to hear about your baking fail; that can happen to anyone (it certainly has happened to me) and you mustn’t lose confidence. I’m sure next time it will turn out perfect.

  7. Jewels on April 2, 2018 at 2:36 pm said:

    Anna I am so excited for you guys! Congrats!!!!! xoxo Love the cute little dress you made your Granddaughter she looks so cute in it. How disappointing about your cake, it sounds really good. Take care and quilt on :)

  8. Your hand quilting is the bomb! I once crocheted around Christmas cards like the one you have pictured! LOVE! everything here! And guess what! we are getting a new little second BOY in September !!!!! yay I can be like YOU! now! :) Is the little cutie walking through Hogle Zoo there?

  9. Teresa on April 2, 2018 at 8:25 pm said:

    Enjoyed reading this post and seeing all the pretties. Your little cherub is adorable.

  10. we’re SO excited for you!!! congratulations!!!

    let the matching tiny shocked dresses and sweet little knitted sweaters and soft, cozy quilts begin!!!

  11. Ditto what Donna said! ;) What a cutie pie she is. Congrads on another future addition to the family. What a blessing! Take care! Cheers!

  12. Another girl! That is exciting news. That dress is adorable on that gorgeous little girl x

  13. Cathy Burk on April 6, 2018 at 2:55 pm said:

    Anna, your little cherub is adorable. And FinallyAnotherGirl!!!! How exciting is that?!?

  14. SweetiePie looks adorable in her pretty dress, Anna, she must be a joy. And congratulations!

  15. Mary Ann on April 8, 2018 at 11:28 pm said:

    Such a sweet little girl! And having 8 granddaughters ourselves I know how fun it is to be expecting another sweet girl. Congratulations! ??

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