Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


I hope you’re having an Easter as beautiful as this one or this one. Or as elegant as this one! We’re having a quiet dinner with MeMum and BigDaddy. It will be just the four of us this year.  We’ll be having a traditional Easter dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes on MeMum’s pretty Bluebird table.


If nothing else, I hope your Easter Basket is full of pretty fabric!

22 Thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. We have chocolate coming out of our ears – a good day indeed! Happy Easter to you and yours, Anna.

  2. Happy Easter Anna!!

  3. Love that chicken!

  4. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter to your and your family Anna!

  6. Happy Easter Anna! And aren’t you happy that we are finally seeing some SPRING weather? :)

  7. Mary ann on March 31, 2013 at 5:57 pm said:

    Happy Easter Anna! I feel about the same way about my Hexy MF as you do about the yoyos. Try watching Midsomer Murders…there are almost hundred 1 1/2 episodes, and the English countryside is so gorgeous! And the murders are pretty tame with lots of interesting puzzles and British characters. Oh and Rosemary and Thyme too!

  8. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  9. Happy Easter! Your mum’s bluebird dishes are gorgeous. Thanks for including that link. I love birds & blue dishes.

  10. I hope your Easter day was wonderful, my friend!

  11. Love that little chick, and fabric is always a good gift! Happy Easter to you, too!

  12. Happy Easter to you too! We had traditional leg of lamb for Sunday dinner – delicious!!

  13. Happy Easter Anna! We had a great day but a long one. I’m dragging a bit today. :)

  14. brigette on April 1, 2013 at 4:49 pm said:

    you’re teasing me with fabric i don’t own because…???? i only want the blue flowers, the yellow flowers and the pink dots. wait, i have pink dots up the kazoo, just the florals. you can keep the stupid chicken fabric for your lonesome.
    we too, had ham and scalloped potatoes. but alas, some of us don’t eat pork, so i smoked some chicken, and scalloped potatoes don’t go with smoked chicken, so i had to make mashed. are you sensing a theme here? i’m an idiot and i made two dinners. i bought our dessert. yes, you read correctly. purchased it. our little princess can’t have gluten so i couldn’t bring myself to make a raspberry tart that she couldn’t indulge in so i bought bundtinis at a local bundt shop and got a couple of GF ones for her. broccoli salad, roasted asparagus.. all in all, a bit of a boring holiday meal. bad menu planning on my end. i have next year planned out already. learn from our holiday menu mistakes and do better next year, that’s my motto. the rest of my mistakes, i just repeat. i’m enjoying them too much i guess! ;) hope your day was enjoyable with the elders. i’m working on being an enjoyable elder so my offspring will want to hang out with us on the holidays. we had color coded egg hunts where one clue led to the next and mucho dinero in the last egg of the day for all involved. regretfully, i forgot to plant eggs for myself so i was doling out cash and not receiving any myself. hubby knows that groudhog’s day is a day for celebration in my life and that all holidays lead to gifts for yours truly in an constant endeavor to keep me happy. so we went FURNITURE SHOPPING for MY easter festivities. life is good.
    okay, more things about my job that i love… i think i already mentioned the commute, and the people in my building, okay, next is… the dress code.

  15. brigette on April 1, 2013 at 4:52 pm said:

    is the prize for the longest comment that blue fabric with the pink roses?

  16. Happy Easter Anna!!

  17. Hope you had a great Easter. I just love your photo. You are so stinking creative.

  18. What lovely photos! Now I wish I’d thought of fabric instead of chocolate, I’m a bit slow there.

  19. Hope it was nice!
    it was quiet here too with just me and my honey.
    cute vintage chick and fabrics.

  20. Hope you had a lovely one Anna, sorry this is a bit late x

  21. I’m late too, but hope you had a nice Easter and wish you splendid weekend!

  22. Hi Anna, what a cute little chick you have, and I would love to get my hands on that stack of fabric and go through it! :) I went and checked out your MeMum’s bluebird table. I love the bindings you sewed onto the napkins. They look so pretty with the bluebird plates. I’m pinning a picture of it to my Sewing board so I can remember that I want to do that sometime.


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