Fun Times

Ok, was that hysterical laughter I heard out of all you Siggy Swappers when I wondered out loud whether I could finish all of my siggy blocks in one day?  So. Not. Funny!  Boy, what was I smoking?  Those little suckers are taking forever.  For one thing, whose bright idea was it to put a thimble on my blocks?

Siggy Swap Block

‘Cause once you start, you can’t quit, right?  These thimbles are really taking some time, even though they’re machine stitched.  All that thread changing takes time.  {Sigh}  I will say though, that I’m really enjoying making these little blocks.  You have to love a block that gets cut to size after it’s pieced.  I love that technique — it hides a multitude of sins.  Anyway, I only got 20 blocks done on Saturday.  I have almost another 20 ready to go, and hopefully, I’ll have the rest of them done by the weekend.

Siggy Swap Block

In addition to the siggy swap, I’m participating in a scrap fabric swap with a small group of ladies.  This should be a fun swap — we’re exchanging fabrics and then the challenge will be to make a quilt with the fabrics before October 1st.  Or I should say a quilt top, in my case.  There’s no way I’d have a whole quilt done by then.  These are the packs of scraps that I sent out yesterday.


That will conclude my swapping for awhile.  And that’s enough LOL!

In non-quilt related news, I met a few of my book group members last night to hear Geraldine Brooks speak.  I can’t even tell you how cool it was — what an interesting woman!  As you know, her Year of  Wonders is one of my favorite books.  And now I’m more excited to read People of the Book.  Her presentation was fairly short, lasting only about 30 minutes.  Then she had about 15 minutes of questions, and then a book signing.  I was in and out in just an hour, as I didn’t have to wait to buy a book for the signing — I brought mine along with me.  Here she is speaking.  Isn’t she cute?

Geraldine Brooks

We discovered a fun fact about her last night — she got engaged right here in Ft. Wayne! Apparently, she was a journalist in Cleveland and her now husband worked at one of our newspapers. On one of her visits here to see him, he popped the question. There were a lot of gasps when she revealed that little tidbit — I think we collectively, suddenly felt a little more important LOL. I mean, she grew up in Sydney, has traveled the world as a journalist, and she’s a “Pulitizer Surprise” (as her young son called it) winner. Don’t you think that makes us a little more worthy???

What a charming woman!  While she was signing my book I asked her if she had a relative in Australia that likes to quilt.  (Because some time ago when I mentioned on my blog how much I loved Year of Wonders, someone commented that they were related to her and I couldn’t quite remember who it was.  We figured it out though.)  She thought for a minute and said, “Well, I like to quilt.”  Ha!  I knew I liked her!  I wish I’d had the presence of mind to ask her more about that, but we went on to figuring out the link and then I needed to move on so she could get to the next signature.

Oh, and for you book lovers out there, someone asked her who she likes to read.  She said her current “crush” is Marilyn Robinson.  She loved Gilead and is currently reading Home.  Which is so funny, because MeMum and I had just had dinner together and MeMum told me how much she loves Gilead and that she was now reading Home too. {Insert Twilight Zone music here.}

So, if you ever have the chance to hear Ms. Brooks speak, go do it!  It was really enjoyable.  And if you ever have the chance to embroider 60 thimbles on exchange blocks, that’s really enjoyable too, but you might want to pass.  ;-)


31 Thoughts on “Fun Times

  1. Hi Thimbleanna! Glad you got your swap pieces done.
    How cool that you got to go meet an author you really admire! :)

  2. The blocks will look great. Love the thimble – but I agree, machine embroidery can get very tedious. I can’t believe that you decided to do all of those blocks that way! You are qute a woman.

    I have read Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson. I don’t remember the book really grabbing me. I might have to try Gilead.

    Keep on stitching!

  3. 60 Siggy-blocks… OMG! The thimble looks so lovely!
    Love your scrap swap packages too! They are so elegantly wrapped!

  4. Your thimble blogs are perfect! Your scraps packages look very inviting. I will have to check out some of Geraldine Brooks work.

  5. Your siggy blocks are just gorgeous with the thimble! They will love them, I can bet on it! What a cool day with Geraldine Brook, fun!

  6. What beautiful blocks you are making and I love, love, love the thimbles!

  7. You go girl…That’s why I started waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in February…I just finished mine on Monday. The sad thing is my pen started to go dry…bummer!

    Love the Thimble.

  8. You are amazing! YOur little gift packs look beautiful and the thimbles what can I say… you are too cool!

  9. What a great addition to your siggy blocks, the thimble. Love that idea! Now I wished I had signed up so that I could have received one!

  10. Wow – that is a lot of stitching and a lot of thread! Bless you! Can’t wait to see you block!

  11. Good luck with the siggy blocks – what a silly person to think of putting thimbles on each one!!!! ;o)

  12. She sounds fascinating! I’m going to check out her book.

  13. Courtney on April 1, 2009 at 3:40 pm said:

    ‘Year of Wonders’ is one of my favorites, as well. I just re-read it about a month ago, and then read ‘March’, which was also excellent. I would recommend it!

  14. How interesting to hear Geraldine Brooks speaking, my DIL gave me Year of Wonders for Christmas and I really enjoyed it, read it straight through on Boxing Day. I live near the village of Eyam where it was set which is why she chose it for me. Must look for her recent book now.

  15. Oooh, I really loved People of the Book. It was my first time reading Ms. Brooks so I’ll have to follow up with another of her books. So very interesting.

  16. I’d love to hear Geraldine Brooks talk. I’ve read Year of wonders and March and have People of the Book on Mt. ToBeRead.

  17. Anna, your thimble blocks are just exquisite! You have a whole lotta stamina to do all those blocks with embroidery work!

  18. rohanknitter on April 1, 2009 at 10:52 pm said:

    How fun to be able to hear a favorite author speak! I’ll have to check her out, I’ve never read anything by her. The quilt blocks look like they are super cute – I can imagine the thimble is time consuming once. I borrowed a friend’s embroidery machine once to make some simple gifts and the thread changing about drive me nutty.

  19. Your thimble looks great.
    I confess I wouldn´t have the patience for that,
    And beside that; not the ability ;-)
    Liebe Grüße aus Aachen

  20. That’s a lot of blocks Anna, they look like they turned out sew beautiful all wrapped up with your special touches!!

  21. brigita on April 2, 2009 at 7:39 am said:

    okay…. so now i have some books to order!!! i need something good to read.
    your siggy blocks are beautiful. i’m impressed by the straight cutting on the geometrical design!!!
    your fabric swap looks fun…. and you made them all a soldered pendant! keep making those for people because there are several that i want and i want you to be able to do them PERFECTLY by the time you get to mine!

  22. I can’t believe how many of those quilt blocks you are making!! They look soooo cute, I love the little thimbles. You have a lot of patience, machine embroidering one monogram, all in the same color even tries my patience… So WHAT should we do with our dear M, she seems to have gone on a trip without us… hehe #3 x

  23. Hi Anna…I adore your embroidered thimble. Each time I see such a project, I daydream about an embroidery machine. Yes, I am Amish…no cable television and no embroidery machine. So deprived. Anywho, on another note, do you plan to attend the Very Bradley sale in your neck of the woods? Have you ever been? Let me know what you think….maybe you could “drop me a line” whilst your machine stitches those lovely thimbles : )

  24. Love that embroidered thimble….now why wasn’t I in the swap? Derrrrrrrrrrr! Where would I be able to find the embroidery file? :-)
    Also…I make something very similiar to this dish….yummo!!! I’m hungry this morning!

  25. I’m putting Year of Wonders down on my to-read list right now. How cool! I bet a lot of people quilt/sew in secret….its sort of daggy to admit to sewing. And all those nice crafty, fabric-cy stuff. I really miss swaps!

  26. I have read Year Of Wonders too – I didn’t realise it was by her – I read that many books I forget who is who!. I will definitely keep a look out for her other books now – especially the one March – I need one to take away over the Easter break.

  27. I love the thimble detail, so very awesome! I’m behind on my blocks and am having to play catchup this coming weekend. Actually, I wasn’t sure what you do with the actual signature piece as I’ve never seen a signature block quilt before, so your post has helped with that aspect.

  28. so why couldn’t you get your entire quilt done by Oct. 1??? that’s nearly 6 months, woman! :)

  29. Dont be showing all of us up in this block swap missy. I’m just sayin dont make me come over there.
    And I dont know what that little charm is but I need, uh want one ok???? You do amazing work.
    Your my hero.

  30. Anna, I LOVE the embroidered thimbles — they’re fantastic. Though I’ve always loved the photo that includes real thimbles in your header (speaking of which, your photos are excellent!). What a lot of work you’re doing. I’m so impressed with the beautiful packaging also for those scrap fabrics. Lucky people who get one of those!

  31. Now how did this post slip by me; I had to check to make sure I didn’t comment and forget, not that that could not happen. Wow–that thimble is so cool and your block is as pretty as can be.

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