Five on F-F-F-Saturday

What.Ever. Yesterday was too busy for Five postings, so they’ll have to be a bit late this week!

1. The February Aurifil Block of the month is up! Sherri‘s block has some adorable Snowmen in Love! Skip on over to the Aurifil page and download the pattern. And after you’re done making your block, don’t forget to post a picture to the Flickr group — there are Prizes! Every Month!

February Block

2.  Do you love Sally Mavor’s work like I do?  I think her little felt figures are just adorable!


I was stumbling around the internet the other day and I found a fun video about her making of the Rabbitat piece above. Her detail work is amazing and the video shows some cool closeups! You can view the video HERE.

3.  I was talking to my Auntie Annie last night about Lone Star dinner rolls and how much we love them.  She said she searched the internet and found a knock-off recipe that was pretty good.  Which made me think of how much I love O’Charley’s dinner rolls, so I searched and there’s a knock-off for them too.  I’m waiting for a fun time to try them, but if you try them first, let me know!

4. I was lucky and won another giveaway! This time from Sweet DottyCookie. She makes the cutest beaded Christmas ornaments and I won one shortly before Christmas. Isn’t it beautiful? She also kindly included some fun notecards, a little chapstick holder for my keychain and some fab Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate Toffee which may or may not be melting in my mouth as we speak. Yum. Yum. Thank You Very Much Ms. Dotty!!!

From Val

5.  We got a bit of snow, so a few of the gingerbread houses have been put out for squirrel food.  Sadly, they’ll probably be a puddle by tomorrow ’cause it’s supposed to get warm again.  This warm winter has made it so difficult to fill the squirrels full of sugar!

Snow Houses

Have a good weekend!

23 Thoughts on “Five on F-F-F-Saturday

  1. We’ve got snow coming down as we speak…the kids are so excited…but I know it will barely last til Monday!

    Enjoy your snow.

  2. That snowman block is too cute!! And i love the gingerbread houses are buried in snow. We are having the weirdest Winter so far. Mild, early Spring-like temps over here with sun shining. I hate to say it but a snow day would be very nice!

  3. Thanks for the Aurifil info. I love hand embroidery and this sounds like a fun way to have new projects.

  4. I need to know something…. is Aurifil thread sewing thread or embroidery thread??

  5. Cute block and as you know I love Aurifil.

    Would you believe we had minus 20oC last night? Holland is covered in a blanket of snow now, which caused some severe railway and traffic problems.

  6. I can’t believe I’m the first to mention the Rabbitat clip! Oh my gosh! Instant LOVE! Her work is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  7. okay so being a foodaholic, i had to go to check out the lonestar menu in f.w. omgoodness. deep fried green beans? and peach bread pudding? have you tried these things? can you tell i’m carb-deprived? when i come there for my 60th birthday we’re going there for dinner.
    :waves madly

  8. Wow those felt figures are amazing….sigh.. I wish I had nine lives so I could fit it all in! Happy weekend Anna.

  9. Anna, I have tried and tried to download the embroidery patterns. Is there a trick that you know of. The browser keeps telling me that it has to reopen the site due to a site problem. I WANT THOSE SNOWMEN. You are one lucky woman…want to go to Vegas with me?

  10. Hi Anna, I lurv those snowmen. SO cute. I had an bit of an insane two weeks and am just getting around to read everyone’s blogs…good grief! Thank goodness the babe is skiing this weekend and not here, cuz I on the computer the whole weekend :)

  11. I do, I do, I do love Sally Mavor’s work!

    Love that last pic of the gingerbread houses under snow. Our snow is all gone and it’s been very warm for February. Strange weather we’re having, isn’t it tho?

  12. it must be a lucky city anna…ive been lucky with giveaways too!! fun prize…we are heading out to find the rest of the snow…all the snow at our house has been snow manned up…head to the park!

  13. The Rabbitat piece is adorable. Swoon. Congrats on another giveaway win, the beaded ornament is very nice.

  14. Jeez you did get a lot of snow didn’t you… I hope the squirrels managed to get their sugar fill x

  15. I really want to do some more felting … those gingerbread houses look so cute in the snow – you could recreate that whole snowed in look with sugar … it would make a super cute center piece for Christmas …

  16. Very very cute. Someday I’d love to be snowed under like that. And I really love the snowmen needle work.

  17. I am always so drawn to those little worlds, too. It takes so much patience to do that as perfectly as she has done. (And I think squirrels get too much good stuff as it is, I would not have given them my gingerbread houses. LOL)

  18. Fab five. :) I love Salley Mavor’s work. She is amazing. I guess you’re going to have some skinny squirrels this summer. We haven’t even gotten cold yet. I’m still waiting……………..
    Have a lovely week, Anna.

  19. The snowman block is just adorable!! I sure love any kind of “snow free” snowmen. lol

  20. linda townsend on February 7, 2012 at 10:19 am said:

    Oh, Thimbleanna, I forgot to thank you for your superb kielbassi soup. My family and I loved it. It will be a quick, easy soup to take to the sick. Thank you again. Your recipes are the best.

  21. Wow, you do keep busy. I threw my squirrels the leftover nuts from the Christmas nut bowl. No, it was not full of relatives ;)

  22. Your squirrels obviosly live in the lap of luxury! I wouldn’t have thought of putting out gingerbread houses for them:)

  23. It arrived! Hurrah, hurrah! Sorry it took so long, but it looks as if you still have the snow to go with :-)

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