Emma & Myrtle

Brace Yourselves Kids — I actually have a finish from my sewing room!  A month or two ago that cute little CrazyMom sent me some fat quarters from her new fabric line, Emma and Myrtle for Connecting Threads.  Soooo Sweet — and I LOVE the name!  I’d been wanting a little travel sewing kit for a long time, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make one.

Thimbleanna: Sewing Kit

I looked at lots of different sewing kits on Pinterest and then I just made it up as I went along.  I decided on a tri-fold style (the size when it’s closed up is about 6″ x 9″) and wanted to do a little applique on the front.  When I saw CrazyMom’s cute spool print, I thought it would be cute to use for flower centers.

Thimbleanna: Sewing Kit

When the cover is opened, there was another surface to decorate — I took the lazy way out and added a little sewing badge, some hand stitching and called that surface done.  When opened fully, there were lots of choices to be made!

Thimbleanna: Sewing Kit

I knew I wanted one see-through pouch and I’d planned to put pockets for pencils and needles on the right-hand side, but then I started to think about things falling out of the pockets.  So, I opted for another see-through pouch for security.  Then, finally the middle.  I knew I needed a pin-cushion and a place to store scissors.  And something for needles.  I had this adorable beehive needle keep sent to me by a sweet friend, so I tucked it into a vinyl pocket and added a crochet edge.  And, just in case the scissors wanted to fall out of the pocket, I decided to make a flap to cover everything.

Thimbleanna: Sewing Kit

As a bonus, it provided a surface that could be appliqued ;-D.  I followed the needle-keep’s lead and went with the beehive theme and added some bees.  They really do have little white felt wings, they’re just hard to see.

Thimbleanna: Sewing Kit

My sewing kit has already been pressed into service and I’m looking forward to many years of use. Unless I decide to make another one.  Haha.


14 Thoughts on “Emma & Myrtle

  1. This is adorable, I love the bee theme too. x

  2. Perfect. I’m always sticking take-along sewing in a plastic bag. This would inspire me more. I may have to try my hand!

  3. This is so lovely! I love the fabrics and the stitching and all the little details…and it is so useful too! xox

  4. This is so stinking cute! I carry one that my quilting bestie made for for me, and I love it. You are going to get so much use out of it, and everytime, you’ll think good thoughts of Amandajean. It’s really cool.

  5. Love, love your new sewing kit. It really turned out adorable. Love your choice of fabric
    as well. They sure are handy.

  6. It’s Bee-utiful! i love the badge – I haven’t used mine yet.
    all the details are sew sew sweet!
    well done – enjoy it

  7. Teresa justice on September 21, 2017 at 3:51 pm said:

    It’s cute, fun and useful, perfect!

  8. That is so pretty… and practical too!

  9. You can never have too many sewing etuis….you need one for every hand project you’ve got going. ;p

  10. Sew cute and practical. Makes me want to make one.

  11. To cute…. Great design……

  12. Now this is the cutest ever!!! now I want to make one like this one too…I’m hopeless!! ;)

  13. Anna, this is fantastic! So pretty and useful and clever. Well done!

  14. What a fun project! I suspect you had as much fun making it as you will using it. :) -Karen

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