Dear Julian,

Downton Abbey

Thank you for another splendid season of our favorite show.

But seriously. What were you thinking?

I do hope you didn’t shoot your ratings in the foot. I don’t really see how you’ll recover, but I know you’ll try.   You could start by sending Cora to see Dr. Clarkson.  I fear she may stroke out from all those simpering side-long glances.

Very Truly Yours,

32 Thoughts on “Dear Julian,

  1. What season did you watch Anna? We watched season 3 last year November.

  2. So so sad. I’ll be wearing black & pearls this week.

    It’s not Julian, it’s Matthew (Dan) – what is he thinking?!

  3. I live about 20 mins from the stately home where Downton is filmed. It is so swarming with tourists, you can never get a ticket to go in. Roll on series 4!

  4. And now we have nearly a year to wait for season 4!!!

  5. I want to know what he was thinking when he thought that the Christmas special was truly suitable Christmas viewing. how to end a lovely Christmas day in misery………

  6. I may never recover from this one…in mourning…first Sybil and now Matthew…Really?

  7. Linda Lowry on February 18, 2013 at 8:24 am said:

    Dan Stevens wanted out! It’s all his fault. Next season will be trying to find another man for Mary I guess. I wonder what they’ll name the baby……Robert Matthew??? Can’t wait for season 4.

  8. This season 3 was a particularly stressful one. I had NO early clue about Sybil and just sat and watched with my mouth hanging open in shock. I did have clues about Matthew and so knew this episode was going to be “the one.” I couldn’t BELIEVE that cliff hanger ending…all of them in blissful happiness not knowing…this is going to make me crazy till next January!
    Each season is better than the last but oh, so sad.

  9. I’m sorry I have no comment. I haven’t viewed a single episode although I’ve tried. I did DDR or DVR or whatever you call it – a couple episodes – just never got around to watching them. I am an outcast. Please forgive me. I”ll try the library.

  10. Can’t wait for season 4!!!!

  11. Oh, I just KNEW you wouldn’t let this go by without comment. I agree….Julian, what were you thinking?! Sighhhh.

  12. He wanted to make sure we knew he was dead. That last shot was terrible! Last weeks episode ended too happily, so you knew something horrible was going to happen.

  13. Do you see Mary hooking up with Tom Branson? And I thought we were going to get Edith all squared away this season—I’m wondering if it is truly over with the married guy, and if the mysterious veteran who had been disfigured in the war is going to come back. (I was waiting for him to pop back up at any moment through season 3.)

  14. Hi Anna,
    I heard that he wanted to leave the show :( How will Mary go on? I agree….Cora needs more dialogue. I almost enjoyed her more when she was mad at Robert…. :) Maybe having Rose around will liven her up a bit.

    P.S. The clothes are fabulous, aren’t they?

  15. Still haven’t watched it – it just doesn’t appeal to me! I’m getting excited about the next season of Game of Thrones starting soon!!

  16. Haven’t watched any DA either. But I did get your lovely material out and do a bit of pondering… . Don’t hold your breath, though. I need to ponder lots more and do some reading.

  17. Second Treasure thinks I am daft not to have watched it, but really, it was overkill in the UK, Classic FM kept playing the Maggie one liners til I am sure we must have heard them all, you couldn’t open a magazine that didn’t have the D word on the cover or Hugh looking manly, and as for JF, his bum was on more chat show sofas than the proverbial hot dinners and let’s face it he is a bit of an upper class twit! Sorry, off the soap box now, going to sit in a corner and channel Isabelle and fabric!

  18. I’m sad with the ending of the this season. Do we have to wait until next January for Season 4?

  19. What was Matthew (Dan) thinking? He was an unknown before Downton Abby show … which truly made him famous. I wish they had just put another guy in his place. They even asked him to return for a few shows on and off … he refused. Killing him off really has turned me off. BUMMER

  20. This is the first time I could not read your post since I am behind on the seasons. When I am all watched up I would come back to read your post and make a comment – sound good?

  21. brigette on February 19, 2013 at 9:07 am said:

    Do i spend the time watching all these episodes now that some unknown person has gone and ruined everything?

  22. sadly, i have NO idea what all of you are commiserating about, so i’ll continue watching MY British series (Call the Midwife) and leave you to deal with the servants and the privileged.

  23. Jill Reid on February 19, 2013 at 2:45 pm said:

    Seriously!!! I could go off that Julian Fellows. Can’t they find a kinder way to write out the people who are leaving the show?!?!? Gads!

  24. Good golly. Yet another memorial yarn is in order. Just watched the final episode this morning. Seriously…was there not a better way? I wish I had some kind of snarky Dowager comment, but I am just not that refined.

  25. On a different note, I lurve your valentine banner. So cute.

  26. Say no more, say no more!! The season has only just started here…….

  27. I still haven’t watched this show yet. I did put the first season in my Netflix queue, so hopefully I can get caught up and find out what all I’ve been missing. I’m very intrigued! :)

  28. Yeah, I agree. Season 1 was still the best. Season 2 was the worst. Season 3? It was a real mix bag. Glad to see Edith is gonna try to have some happiness. She deserves a chance to live. Matthew seemed to be the only one who understood that. ;p

  29. linda noblog on February 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm said:

    hi anna, could not agree with you more!!
    i read online that JF did not have long term contracts with the actors…hence the quick departures…& also read that the ratings rocketed to great heights.
    hopefully, season 4 will enthrall all of us… i will miss MC :(
    i was lucky enough to see DS in the heiress with JC…magical.

  30. We’ll get through it together! Here have another tissue….

  31. I feel sorry for Julian, he is taking a lot of heat for something he did not do. Those actors I think are really sorry now they jumped ship and did not try to work w/ Julian. Clarice

  32. Well, I sure miss having new episodes on Sunday night!

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