Well kids, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. It’s been dreary, chilly and rainy here. I went outside today and found this pretty scene on MeMum’s clothesline.


I’ve managed a bit of sewing this past week, and I was in search of a bit of sunlight (not to be had!) to take a few pictures of my new top.

Corduroy Shirt

Remember a year ago when I made a shirt using the bright green Amy Butler corduroy? I LOVE that shirt. I’ve worn it to death.

Corduroy Shirt

It’s so warm and cozy in the winter, so I decided to make another one from the same pattern. This time with a blue Amy Butler corduroy.  It’s hard to get a good picture of the shirt ’cause the print is so wild. I’m thinking maybe next time I should find a solid corduroy.

Corduroy Shirt

In the meantime, this shirt should be pretty happy with some jeans.

Ok peeps, off to pay some bills. Have a good week!


37 Thoughts on “Cordurain

  1. I love it, wild print and all!

  2. Love it Anna! It will look perfect with some jeans. Stay warm.

  3. Were you dressmaker to Marie Antoinette in a former life?

  4. I didn’t even know they made corduroy in patterns like that. I love it, love it! I haven’t had my sewing machine out for ages, and I won’t pretend that I have any plan to accomplish any sewing soon, but… day, I’ll get back to it.

  5. oh now, that’s just pretty! i miss wearing corduroy – it is so soft and warm and … well … melodic (jue ba jue ba)…

  6. That is a beautiful shirt and a beautiful print. I think it will be very happy with some jeans.

  7. Your Amy Butler top is looking gorgeous!
    I’ve always loved to wear corduroy.
    The weather is cold and freezing here and tonight there will be snow. Brrr.

  8. This is sure pretty, and just in time for the cold weather so you can wear this one out, and look good while you do ~

  9. That shirt would be perfect in the snow here today – would you like to send it over here? No? Oh well, then I shall have to admire it from afar – it’s beautiful!

  10. Wow – I can’t believe you made that! It looks amazing. I think corduroy, particularly needlecord is a great (and underrated fabric).

  11. The new blouse is beautiful, Anna. It’ll bring some smiles to the dreary winter weather, I’m sure. :o)

  12. Love your shirt…you are amazing!

  13. Mary ann on January 14, 2013 at 10:12 am said:

    As cold as its been in Soca this week i would love to be wearing a corduroy shirt. Your’s is pretty cute!

  14. What a great shirt to throw on in winter, warm yet cheery on dreary days!

  15. The shirt is perfect, as well as your sewing skills!

  16. Great shirt! Looks very comfy!

  17. Oh. I’m sooo digging the print on your new shirt. Awesome job, Anna!

  18. Fabulous shirt – perhaps if I gave up sleeping I would have time to do some dressmaking!!

  19. Oh so pretty Anna! I haven’t sewed for myself in a few years :(

  20. oh that’s gorgeous x

  21. I love the shirt. NOT too wild! Perfectly YOU! Just gorgeous. Your first photo is really spectacular. I love it.

    Well, you got rain, we got freezing rain and snow. It’s really cold here. Misery.

  22. Love the shirt! The fabric is wonderful:)

  23. Anna, What a gorgeous afghan – beautiful cable knitting- I am knitting these days too but it is much smaller – frilly scarves that are the rage around blogland.
    I love your shirt- You will look very chic in it- The fabric is gorgeous..

    Terrific photo on the clothesline.
    Warmest regards from Alberta,

  24. what a great top! your constructions skills are amazing – come to NYC and be on project runway!

  25. p.s. what a sweet photo with the raindrops of the clothesline and pin :)

  26. Lovely shirt Anna…..that fabric is beautiful!!! That picture of the clothespin is so beautiful.

  27. That looks so comfortable! I wouldn’t even know where to start sewing a shirt like that!!

  28. Happy New Year! What a lovely shirt! You are so talented! Nieces look sweet with those knits! Sweet, sweet, sweet! Oh, I did not know that you baked your ginger breads for the house. Holy cow GF! Do you have a time turner or something? Enjoy the week! Cheers!

  29. Ah, you’re so clever (but we knew that). I love the throw too.

    Hope BDaddy is getting better every day.

  30. Beautiful shirt Anna! Love that fabric! :)

  31. Cool shirt. You’re such a good sewist!

  32. brigette on January 17, 2013 at 2:16 pm said:

    how did you know i loved coeur d’alene?
    love the shirt.
    you are amazing.
    we, your adoring fans are duly impressed.

  33. I like that wild fabric! It’s hard to believe it is corduroy– it looks like cotton in the photos. I can just imagine how cute it will look with jeans. And the corduroy will keep you nice and warm.

  34. The shirt is fantastic. Would love to see the green one. I have two summer shirts cut out, perhaps I should get on to them today!

  35. Gorgeous shirt! Love it! Can see its perfect with jeans. Well done you!

  36. I love this corduroy shirt! I’ve been thinking of making a Tova dress using this same fabric, but wasn’t sure if I’d like “so much” of it. Your shirt has cinched it – adding it to my long to do list, LOL.

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