Christmas Knitting

Well, how is the weekend going? I’m trying to enjoy my last few hours of the Christmas break — sadly, work will resume tomorrow. I’ve been trying to clean up some computer files and just clean up stuff in general. I’d rather be sitting in front of the fire knitting!

I’ve been on a knitting streak lately — I think because it’s portable and I needed a lot of portable during the fall months. I managed to get a little Christmas knitting in too.

Niece Knitting

I made some headbands and wrist warmers for my cute nieces. CuteNiece1 got the gray set and CuteNiece2 got the tan set.

Niece Knitting

The patterns were freebies when I purchased my yarn. The headband is available HERE on ravelry, and the mitts are available HERE.

Niece Knitting

CuteNiece2 posted this fun picture of a snow heart on her instagram.

Niece Knitting

She’s wearing my mitts. I think that means she likes them!


30 Thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. What’s not to like? Except maybe the cold weather that makes you need mitts in the first place! Brrr! About to embark on a sock making venture myself…

  2. Beautiful headbands and mitts! And your nieces are very cute ;)

  3. Such wonderful gifts! I really wish I could knit. My aunt made me and my daughters the most beautiful knitted scarves for Christmas, and I wish I had one in every color!

  4. I’m busy knitting myself a scarf at the minute and intend to make some wristies to go with that too. You’ve most definitely been on a knitting streak and they are adorable , as is the snowman on your new header x

  5. oh a headband is just what I need!

  6. Ooooh…The ultimate compliment. A teenage girl wearing your beautiful hand work. Lovely gifts, Anna. Lucky girls. :-)

  7. linda townsend on January 6, 2013 at 4:58 pm said:

    I am so in awe in what you accomplish even though you work full time. You are a master of organization. Do you sleep?

  8. Oh my goodness. I love those! Now I need to find someone to knit them for me.

  9. Stinkin’ cute….your mitts and headbands and your neices!!! Love the picture with the snow heart!!! Wish I knew how to knit :-)!

  10. Cute mitts!! I need to find a knitter to make a pair for me.

  11. Those are too cute! I can understand why they like them.

  12. Gorgeous sets of woolliness – lucky nieces!

  13. I love them! Your niece’s picture is adorable with the snow heart and your knitting! I’m so impressed and I will be passing the pattern link on to my oldest so she can knit us some! :) Happy New Year, Anna!! :) Have a good week!

  14. The girls look so pretty wearing them.

  15. Looks like they really loved their gifts! I knit my mother a headband (she has short hair and gets chilly ears, but in spite of modelling it on one she’d been admiring in a shop, she pulled it on once, made a face and I have a feeling it’s residing in the bottom of a drawer somewhere now.

  16. I love the mitts and headbands, Anna! They look great in those neutral colors. Thanks for posting the links to the patterns, I want to start knitting them today!


    PS. Your nieces are beautiful.

  17. I love the knitting!! I haven’t done much recently – I’ve been too busy sewing!!

  18. Just beautiful knitting!! Makes me smile!!

  19. What’s not to like…that knitting is amazing. I wish I had nieces to knit for. Holidays will come again.

  20. Cute nieces look even cuter in your creations.

  21. super cute headbands and mitts, Anna! and yeah, having a hard time with getting back into the work thing here too. But feel super blessed at the same time :)

  22. love these! I think I’ll start the headband tonight…thanks for sharing!

  23. Could you please adopt me as your niece? I sure love those! Well done! I’ve been knitting, too. I wish I could finish something, though.

  24. Great knitting! Looks like winners there. Love the new header. Hope all is going well at work – poor you.

  25. Frannie Fimbres on January 9, 2013 at 7:50 am said:

    Your knitting is beautiful. Love love hearing about family. Thanks for sharing!!! Happy 2013 to one and all.

  26. Those are super cute!

  27. What a very good aunt you are! Those are really pretty.

  28. Well, by now you have had a few days of work….it sucked going back after the new year for me!! I am still not totally accepting the whole thing!! Beautiful knitting, love that headband; that would be perfect for my climate right now…though we are supposed to get very cold soon.

  29. ohhh pretty. My girls would love these. Thank you for sharing!! Clarice

  30. Gosh! I love them! What great gifts! ;p Doesn’t Sweetie Pie need a set to keep her warm? Oh wait, you made her a blanket that is to die for…you rock! ;p

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