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A Little Store

Well Hello There! It’s a beautiful spring day here in the heartland, and I hope you’re having a nice day too! I’ve been busy, busy all week (and then some!) birthing bunnies, as, after much thinking and deliberation and many bunny requests, I’ve decided to open a teeny, tiny little store here in ThimbleannaLand. {Eeeep!}

I should probably back up a little. A few months ago I went on a search to find Moda’s gorgeous Bella by the Bolt. What with the nine-patch quilts, the yoyo quilt, embroidery pieces, and my new-found love of quilts with solid fabric I realized that I was burning through solids and I should buy it by the bolt. A search ensued and I turned up … nothing. There are many of you out there who crank out more quilts with white and solid sashings than I do and I thought YOU might also share my Bella by the Bolt problem.  So, being a Bella hungry girl with a website, I decided to open a specialized little shop and sell Bella by the Bolt.

Store Button

I set about making a little store and when that Bolts o’ Bella page was done, it was looking like an empty little store, so I decided I’d pop a bunny pincushion page in there too. I’m not a bunny making machine though, so there won’t be very many bunnies in that room of the store.

Chocolate Bunny

And THEN, since that bunny room was so small, I thought I’d add just one more page for the occasional fun thing that might strike my fancy. I had a scare a few months ago when the source of my Patisserie Dome went out of business. I whined about this problem to my good buddy, Linda NoBlog, who also has a beloved dome, and she discovered a source for the domes. If you’ve been here very long, you know I LOVE my Patisserie Dome, so I couldn’t resist putting it in the store. While I was searching, I found a cool Bon Appetit Dome, so I plopped that in the fun stuff room too.

Patisserie Dome

So, to recap, I opened a little store with three rooms:

  • Bella Solids — available all the time. And currently on a Grand Opening Special of 20% off through April 30th!!!
  • Bunny Pincushions — available once-in-a-blue-moon. ‘Cause making those little arms and legs is time consuming!
  • Fun Stuff — available most of the time. A few of my favorite things that I thought you might like too!

And please don’t worry. This won’t turn into a store blog. {Really. Stop rolling your eyes!} It’s too teeny tiny to take-over — my day job will keep that from happening.

If you have time — I’d love it if you’d check it out — Thimbleanna{dot}com!

And have a wonderful weekend!