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Having a Divine Time

Whew!  Our boring July has become very busy.  We have several visitors here in ThimbleannaLand.  MeMum has a longtime friend visiting from Florida, MyDadLovesMeBestSister has her in-laws from Germany, and we have TheFirstChild and SweetiePie for a week.  We’ve had lots of fun getting together and I’ve had a great time practicing my long-forgotten German and watching the kids laugh until they cry.

Everyone arrived within 2 days of each other so I made some of our favorite poppyseed bread, wrapped it up in parchment paper, tied it with my new favorite twine and took everyone a little present. 

Poppyseed Bread

A few years ago I couldn’t find baker’s twine anywhere.  Now I’ve found this Divine Twine and I love it.  There are so many ways to use this twine.  I love it for tying packages of any kind.  And when I get some time, I want to make this cute little bunting.

Divine Twine

Since I love this twine so much, I’ve added it to the Thimbleanna Store.  On my Fun Stuff page.  The page where I put special things that really make me happy and inspire me to make pretty projects and gifts.

Divine Twine

As is traditional for my favorites, when I add them to the store, I offer them at 20% off.  And if you run over there and buy some, I’ll give you my extra special Poppyseed Bread recipe that everyone loves. 

Just kidding – you already have my poppyseed bread recipe.  Now, I’m off to try and figure out how I’m going to finish my current UFO — I’ve run out of that little bee fabric.  Hope you’re having a good weekend!


Mid-Week Check-In

Hello out there!  How’s your week going?  It’s reeeaaalllly slow around here this week.  I think it’s the calm before the busy May storm.  I’ve mostly just been working, baking (cupcakes for our study buddies at work) and making plans for the next few weeks.  There was a bit of excitement in my mail today — Moda finally got their Bella swatch cards back in stock and I ordered one.  I’ve been fondling it off and on, since it arrived.

Bella Colors

The new card has been updated to contain the newer colors.  Like Cheddar and Azalea.

Bella Colors

I wish you could see it up close and personal.  Those colors are so delicious.  Super delicious.  Is it any wonder that I want a bolt in every color?

Speaking of wonder, I wondered if you’d like an update on sweet little Teddy Rose?  He’s growing like a weed.  Here he was at Christmas — just a new puppy.


And here he was last weekend.  Yikes!


He’s adorable and the name is just perfect.  He’s lovable and cuddly, just like a big teddy bear.  MyDadLovesMeBestSister reports that he’s a wonderful puppy.  There have been a few incidents of things that get eaten, but it’s mostly all good.  Isn’t he cute?


So.  That’s it for me.  How ’bout you?  Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods?


A Little Store

Well Hello There! It’s a beautiful spring day here in the heartland, and I hope you’re having a nice day too! I’ve been busy, busy all week (and then some!) birthing bunnies, as, after much thinking and deliberation and many bunny requests, I’ve decided to open a teeny, tiny little store here in ThimbleannaLand. {Eeeep!}

I should probably back up a little. A few months ago I went on a search to find Moda’s gorgeous Bella by the Bolt. What with the nine-patch quilts, the yoyo quilt, embroidery pieces, and my new-found love of quilts with solid fabric I realized that I was burning through solids and I should buy it by the bolt. A search ensued and I turned up … nothing. There are many of you out there who crank out more quilts with white and solid sashings than I do and I thought YOU might also share my Bella by the Bolt problem.  So, being a Bella hungry girl with a website, I decided to open a specialized little shop and sell Bella by the Bolt.

Store Button

I set about making a little store and when that Bolts o’ Bella page was done, it was looking like an empty little store, so I decided I’d pop a bunny pincushion page in there too. I’m not a bunny making machine though, so there won’t be very many bunnies in that room of the store.

Chocolate Bunny

And THEN, since that bunny room was so small, I thought I’d add just one more page for the occasional fun thing that might strike my fancy. I had a scare a few months ago when the source of my Patisserie Dome went out of business. I whined about this problem to my good buddy, Linda NoBlog, who also has a beloved dome, and she discovered a source for the domes. If you’ve been here very long, you know I LOVE my Patisserie Dome, so I couldn’t resist putting it in the store. While I was searching, I found a cool Bon Appetit Dome, so I plopped that in the fun stuff room too.

Patisserie Dome

So, to recap, I opened a little store with three rooms:

  • Bella Solids — available all the time. And currently on a Grand Opening Special of 20% off through April 30th!!!
  • Bunny Pincushions — available once-in-a-blue-moon. ‘Cause making those little arms and legs is time consuming!
  • Fun Stuff — available most of the time. A few of my favorite things that I thought you might like too!

And please don’t worry. This won’t turn into a store blog. {Really. Stop rolling your eyes!} It’s too teeny tiny to take-over — my day job will keep that from happening.

If you have time — I’d love it if you’d check it out — Thimbleanna{dot}com!

And have a wonderful weekend!