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I’ve been busy trying to catch up on what all of you have been doing.  Maybe blogland should have designated posting days so that I don’t get so far behind everytime I take a break!  We had a great weekend visiting TheSecondChild for Parent’s Weekend.  It’s always fun to check up on him and his friends.  There were dinners out (big treat for college child — away from cafeteria food), a tailgate party and a football game.  And some re-arranging of the apartment furniture.  The boys don’t seem to have the decorating gene.  Furniture just gets placed awkwardly.  Now, the tv is visible from all seating locations.  ;-)

On the way there, I decided we’d take a 10 minute detour off of the freeway and visit a new little quilt/yarn shop I’d been reading about on this blog.  The shop is Clementine’s and I sort of snuck up on Camilla as she didn’t know who I was.


It was my first blog meet and it really made my day!  (I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the shop because Camilla has some really nice pictures on her blog.)  I introduced myself and we had a nice time visiting.  She was even kind enough to entertain TheManoftheHouse while I browsed the fabrics.  She has a great collection of Westminster fabrics — a VERY needed addition to Indiana as they’re so hard to find here.   I browsed, we talked, I browsed, I selected a fabric, we talked, her 2-yr. old Eli wandered by (so cute!), we talked, I selected another fabric, we talked, I selected 2 more fabrics,  she and  TheManoftheHouse talked, I selected another fabric (someone please stop me!), we talked, she helped me select a Kaffe Fassett print for Magoo, I ended up in the knitting books, she chatted more with TheManoftheHouse, I selected knitting book, we talked about her AGA (which I didn’t even know you could get here in the states), I browsed, ….you get the picture!  Ms. Cami — your shop is going to be a great success — you have mastered the fine art of making the customer feel at home — we browse, we chat, we buy!!!  LOL!

I was VERY impressed!  Supposedly, all five children were lurking somewhere.  They must be very well behaved as we didn’t hear a peep out of them.  Speaking of the children, what happened to that cute little Eli?  Hey — here he is:


Is that TOO CUTE or what?  He fell asleep right by the front door.  No wonder we didn’t hear him anywhere!  After we were done, we quietly left and once outside I had to take another picture of sleeping little Eli — you can see what it looked like if you went walking by the outside of the shop:


Thank you Ms. Cami for a very delightful visit.  I’ll definitely be back — hopefully next time with Quilty Peeps in tow.

I did manage to get a little sewing done on the trip.  I usually do most of the driving when we travel, but this time I made an obvious discovery — if I don’t drive, I can sew or knit!  Duh.  I always thought it would make me car sick, but no!  I did forget to look up often though, so I sort of feel like I missed part of the trip.  I’ll have to work on the fine art of sewing AND paying attention next time.

One last thing — the sweet and innocent hysterical Isabelle has issued a “Show Us Your Jugs” challenge.  Much to the dismay of TheManoftheHouse, I don’t have a jug collection.  Just two reasonably small (and not the same size, I might add) jugs:


Inspired by Isabelle, I’m definitely thinking of starting a jug collection — you must go see Isabelle’s jugs —  they’re very lovely!  And certainly, I’d like to encourage all of you, dear readers, to “Show Us Your Jugs”!!!
Until next time, when I promise I’ll actually have sewing content,

22 Thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Now you’ll have to show us the fabric loot! He he he! I love it when I find a quilt shop where the shop ladies are nice….most of them are, but I’ve encountered a few were not-so-nice. Anyway, the nice ones are the ones you usually want to part a lot of dosh in. I can see you found one.

  2. LOL Nice jugs :)

  3. Thanks for showing us your jugs – they’re very nice indeed!!!! Sounds like a wonderful shop too. I’ve never mastered the art of doing anything other than holding on to the car door when I’m not driving – well done you!
    Kim x

  4. Hey Anna – thanks for showing us those cute jugs, LOL. They are cute and I have a thing for them also. Maybe I’ll share mine. Lordy

    I had to chuckle about the decorating with your son. Visiting with the married ones last weekend was fun. He doesn’t care about anything like that and she is still trying to figure out the style she is really leaning towards. Her taste is very good and it will all come together. Son#2 had is chair lined up directly in front of the TV. Typical

    SOunds like you visited a great quilt shop. It’s so nice when the worker bees are friendly people and you don’t feel like your bothering them. Can’t wait to see what you brought home. SOunds like manofthehouse enjoyed himself also.

    Hugs – karen

  5. Clementine’s dry goods sounds like a wonderful place to shop! hurray for your first blogger meet up.

  6. Delightful post Anna!
    I have to say, I do love your jugs! That pig one, would just suit my DD.
    Clementines looks a fabulous place to visit!

  7. Fabrics please! Your jugs are beauties!

  8. Oh sounds like great fun…such a cute picture of the babe…
    Suzie Sews

  9. Sounds like a wonderful meeting with a fellow blogger and a little fabric purchase too. Cute picture of the little guy sleeping.

  10. The photo of Eli is too cute! Love it!

  11. Glad you had a good shopping trip – the little one is so cute asleep by the door – I have photos like that of Dorothy asleep under my parents’ christmas tree one year! Love the jugs. I may show you mine one day although – as a medical freak – I have more than 2!

  12. Love Isabelle’s “Show me your jugs” comment. So funny comming from a lady who seems so gentle. I took it the Dolly Parton way.

    Sent you an email.

  13. OH! I used to have a mug painted just like your jugs! I lost that mug a long time ago but it was so dear to me. I wonder if you know wher eyou bought your jug? maybe I can find a replacment for my mug!!!

  14. Look, everyone, I’m innocent! I’m Scottish! In Scotland, jugs are what you put the milk in before you pour it on your porridge! I don’t know what you rude American ladies are on about! Stop it!

    Maybe I’m overdoing the exclamations here. Very nice jugs, Anna. Or pitchers, or whatever it is you call them.

  15. Oh how sweet is that little baby ! We don’t have a quilt shop in our town, or city centre yet alone our village ! Love Julia x

  16. Hey, wow! I love what you did to the place *grin* It was a pleasure to serve a fellow blogger (though your blog is more ‘Olympic level’ than my tiny to-do) and ManOfTheHouse was charming… a man who detours for fabric is worth his weight in gold, second only to the man who plans entire trips around fabric and yarn shopping for his wife’s amusement. Please drop by anytime you feel up to the (rather lengthy) drive. With a day’s “warning” I could bake you something fab for the journey home… (see samples on my blog). Nice to meet you for real! Cami

  17. Love the post, Anna! Your jugs are adorable – thanks for sharing. Love the photos of Eli, too – so sweet and innocent.
    I hope you will share whatever loot you bought at Clementine’s, too!! We’re interested in more than just your jugs, you know! LOLOL!!

  18. What a great post! Wonderful shop, adorable baby, amazing jugs. Too funny.

  19. I’m laughing, you took better pictures of the front of Cami’s store than she has posted (*tease to Cami*) I met her pre-blogger, ran into her in a Border’s bookstore and she won me over just as quickly. I actually created my blog because of her!

    Love the pictures and the jugs!

  20. I love your jugs!!! Oh my can I say that??? LOL!! Well I do so there I said it. And that little guy sleeping at the door is too precious. I could just squeeze him.

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  22. Very nice jugs. But you need to add to your collection! Love all that Kaffe Fassett fabric……

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