Baby Bibs

Ok, I gave you a break from baby stuff with the little backpacks on my last post, so, now I’ll make you suffer again LOL.  Really, it will slow down after this because I haven’t been working on any more baby stuff.

I made FinallyAGirl a few bibs before she was born.  I love to make bibs — you can do almost anything with them.  When TheFirstChild was born, someone gave me two really cute little homemade bibs and I loved them so much that I traced around them to get a pattern that I’ve been using for many years.  I was going to say that I used my embroidery machine on a few of these bibs, but, as it turns out, I used it on all of them.  First up — some elephants that I’ve used before on terrycloth with a simple bias binding.

Thimbleanna: Baby Bibs

Next, simple cotton with a ric rac edge.  SweetiePie loves polka dots and monograms.  I think this one might be her favorite.

Thimbleanna: Baby Bibs

She also love pompoms.  This little bib is like the tied quilt that we made at the baby shower.  I don’t think those pompoms will last very long, but they’ll be easy to cut off if they start to look ratty.  ;-D

Thimbleanna: Baby Bibs

And this last little bib is my favorite.  A little pink plaid ruffle, some big stitches, and a Peter Rabbit embroidery.  I know it looks like Mama Bunny is putting Peter to Bed, but she’s actually feeding him.  Poor little Peter must be sick.  I Love Peter Rabbit!

Thimbleanna: Baby Bibs

Now it’s back to regular programming.  I’ve been working on a new shirt and I need to get started on FinallyAGirl’s quilt (I keep saying I’m going to get started!)  It’s also that fun time of the year when market purchases start to trickle into quilt shops.   These fun crochet-edged double bias tapes arrived last week.  They’re SO cute and I’m looking forward to using them on clothes and quilts.

Thimbleanna: Crochet Edged Bias Tape

Have a great week — it’s supposed to be blisteringly hot here by the end of the week … Think SNOW LOL!

22 Thoughts on “Baby Bibs

  1. Mary Ann on July 18, 2016 at 12:07 am said:

    I love bibs too and have favorite pattern much like yours. It’s fun to add all the cute touches, I sometimes do raw edge applique or add a cute ribbon across the middle. I will getting some of that yummy basis tape!

  2. Such cute bibs! Very hot here this week (well, hot for us) but it won’t last so I’m making the most of it!

  3. I love the word Bibs, it’s our name for bum! You’ve made some lovely ones! Guessing what the initial stands for…
    We’re having the most wonderful and hot Summer weather here!

  4. Oh my! what sweet bibs. One is cuter than the next. I love the details on the edges. I’m a huge fan of any ball fringe and the dotty monogram is so chic. What a lucky little baby girl.
    Fun bowl of tapes – off to check them out.

  5. very cute bibs. It is sometimes very hard to not go on our about grandchildren – we are so pleased to get them – I like that bias tape it looks very pretty – I have not used something like that on a quilt – would be interesting to see it in person!

  6. Jewels on July 18, 2016 at 7:44 am said:

    To cute! They are adorable. xoxo

  7. Bonnie on July 18, 2016 at 12:23 pm said:

    A new mother can never have enough bibs. these are adorable. Sweltering here. Just returned from Alaska to a broken air conditioner. Just unpacked my parka and neck scarf. I don’t know what i’m missing more…the cool weather or the room steward.

  8. jenny on July 18, 2016 at 12:39 pm said:

    love the pom poms Anna!

  9. What gorgeous cute bibs! She is a lucky little girl to have such a clever Granny!!

  10. The bibs are gorgeous, Anna. Just lovely!

    We’re supposed to get our hottest day of the summer (so far) tomorrow. Well, that won’t be hard as it’s been cold here recently – our heating came on last week as the temperature got so low. Anyway, I’ll believe the hottest day thing when/if it happens. It’ll probably pour all day – it is Scotland after all! :oD

  11. Amy L. on July 18, 2016 at 6:15 pm said:

    The bibs are darling! I like the single snap too – easy on, easy off. I can see “C” chewing on those pom poms. I remember doing that as a kid, much to my mother’s dismay. (The poms were on the bottom of our bedroom curtains.) Something about that texture.

  12. Your bibs are so cute!! Can’t wait to see her quilt (when are you starting?!). That crochet edge tape looks interesting……. xx

  13. The bibs are so cute and while they are tiny they do sort of stay clean, unlike when they start solids. You must be enjoying making little baby items.

  14. I love the Peter Rabbit one. It looks vintage and yet also reminds me of reading to my little ones (which was not *that* long ago!)

  15. Such cutie-pie bibs!! I like them all.
    HOT here– 105* right now. I’ll send it to you right away!

  16. Super cute!

  17. Those bibs are adorable!!! One is cuter than the next!! Such a stylin little babe. I hate to think of the strained spinach or blueberry buckle that will be decorating them soon. Ha!! They are beautiful. and your added embellishments are perfect! It’s melting hot here too – and after last nights thunderstorms and much needed rain – HUMID!! Stay cool and have a great hot weekend!

  18. They are adorable! Love your creative mind! Cheers!

  19. I cannot pick a favorite, they are all perfect! But I do love the Peter Rabbit books, so I may just have to side with you!

    It seems to be extremely hot all over. I laughed the other day when I looked at the weather report for our younger daughter. It said “extremely hot” with a high of 85. LOLOL!!!!

  20. Stephanie on July 23, 2016 at 3:44 pm said:

    Darling bibs. One can never have enough! I’m dying over the darling fabric AND the pom poms. My favorite bib. :o)

  21. She is going to be the best bibbed baby in the world! Beautiful ideas and such a quick and easy gift!

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