A Random Little Catch-Up

Oh. My. Gosh. What happened to the last month??? It’s been so busy here that I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone post.

TheManoftheHouse made it through his second knee replacement and is almost back to normal. The Halloween surgery and weeks that followed sucked most of November out of me. Then there was Thanksgiving — I thought several times about posting, but something always interrupted my plan. Everyone was here this year and we had lots of fun — FinallyAGirl stole the show with her Uncle and the cousins. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I got a new assignment at work that means longer hours and has been awful — hopefully it will end soon. Last week was pretty rough, so SweetiePie and FinallyAGirl have come to cheer us up and help. It’s been wonderful having them here — SweetiePie has worked her little tail off — cooking dinner every night and she even tackled the pile of fabric that I had sitting around waiting to be pre-washed and folded so it could be added to my stash. She’s a gem and we’re so lucky to have her!

While they’ve been here, I made a little sleep sack for FinallyAGirl. I put a machine embroidery sentiment on the bottom of the sack in hopes that it would help her sleep a little better at night ;-D.

Thimbleanna: Baby Sleeper

I used McCall’s 7219 for the pattern, Baby Pink Cuddle fabric for the outside and the cute Darling Little Dickens sheep for the lining.

Thimbleanna: Baby Sleeper

And here’s our little peach modeling the goods — luckily there’s still a bit of growing room too.

Thimbleanna: Baby Sleeper

In other news, after years of taking pictures of the moon that turned out looking like a tiny white dot, I finally learned how to get a picture that actually looks like the moon during the last super moon. Major zooming in, both with the camera and the computer happened ;-D.

Thimbleanna: Super Moon

And finally, I have lots of new goodies in my little etsy shop —
Beautiful new Liberty fabrics (with a restock of the beloved Betsy in Gray):

Thimbleanna: Liberty Fabric

A few prints from the super cute Collette line by Blend Fabrics (oh, the fussy cutting opportunities!):

Thimbleanna: Collette Fabric

Some low-volume prints, and just so you can treat yourself at Christmas (;-D!), some beautiful new Dovo scissors (sadly, my favorite 5-inch scissors are sold out already):

Thimbleanna: Collette Fabric

Now I’m off to try and get in the Christmas spirit. (Maybe I’ll actually get a new blog header made!) It’s not going to be easy this year — everyone will be somewhere else! I’m not a fan of these every-other-year holidays — at. all!



24 Thoughts on “A Random Little Catch-Up

  1. You sound as busy as a be! Yu made a sweet sleep sack for FinallyAGirl, she’s looking gorgeous. Take a breathe and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the rest of this festive month!

  2. I meant to say busy as a BEE!

  3. Cathy Burk on December 4, 2016 at 3:20 am said:

    Oh, Anna, FinallyAGirl is a little doll! I’m sorry that you need cheering up, but glad you have her and her mama to do the job. Playing with her would cheer me up, for sure. Hope you are able to relax and enjoy the holiday season a bit!

  4. Bless you, you sound in need of cheering up and I hope you get some time to relax over the holidays. That little girl is such a doll, no wonder she steals the scene. xx

  5. Sorry things have been a little rough! I hope work calms down soon. Mine was pretty busy over the last few weeks too…but quieter now…so hopefully for you too. I am glad FinallyaGirl and SweetiePie have been around to keep up the levels of cheerfulness. Been a gloriously dry, cold and sunny November here on the east coast of Scotland….had some lovely walks, photo taking dawdles and time out with National Trust. Hope December is better…

  6. I’ve missed you here on blogland but I’m glad it’s only busyness that kept you away. What an impertinence to give you an assignment at work before Christmas, when one is busy anyway. That should not be allowed! Good to hear that the Manofthehouse made a speedy recovery. How wonderful that you had “your girls” staying with you for a while. It seems that DIL of yours is a proper gem and that little cherub is cute enough to eat ;)!!! I hope the festive spirit is making an appearance and that things will calm down at work.

  7. ah the little one is so cute with your sleep sack a nice way to keep warm on those cold winter nights. you have been very busy – I thought you had quite blogging again – you have excuses though, very busy I see

  8. Jewels on December 4, 2016 at 8:19 am said:

    Sorry Anna that you have been so darn busy :(. Princess is so cute and growing so fast! Love her sleep sack, make one for me while your at it xoxo. Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas. Jewels

  9. Such cute baby girl gorgeousness!! And what a cutie the recipient is. I love that the super moon has popped up on social media all over the world. It was cloudy where I was but I don’t feel as though I missed out. I love seeing the fabrics you choose. The Collette line is such fun.

  10. Oh my goodness what a little dolly she is!! Your life sounds like how my life has been. I’ve also thought of posting a few times but never could find the time to sit down and do a post.

  11. I love the embroidery and the lining fabric – but you knew that, didn’t you, given my love of sheepies!!
    Hope work sorts itself out. Just remember to look after yourself when you are looking after everyone else!
    Very cold and frosty here this morning – Malcolm has just told me the outside thermometer is showing minus 6!!!

  12. your little Peach is the cutest baby girl ever! how sweet is that sleep sack.
    Your new header looks great – so cute.
    Lovely new fabrics.
    Hope things ease up at the workplace – hang in there!

  13. The little sleep sack is adorable, almost as adorable as that sweet baby.

  14. Everything beautiful, and I would expect no less from you. Love the sleep sack. Wouldn’t mind having one for myself as my husband always steals the covers!!!

  15. Glad you’re well and hubbie is on the road to recovery, I was beginning to worry a wee bit. It’s our year to be on our own for Christmas. We have decided to go downtown and pay an exorbitant amount of money for dinner at a high end hotel dining room. The lights in the city centre are gorgeous, there is live music (a harpist, I”m told) at the restaurant and my Dad says he’ll pay for wine pairings. So the 3 of us are going to try and make the best of it being an off year. I feel for you. I’m sure you’ll have a merry and happy. Thanks for the update.

  16. Glad to hear TheManoftheHouse is fine…. That sleep sack and its little occupant are adorable!
    And yeah, where did November go??

  17. Oh she’s so cute!! Good news on TheManoftheHouse. Hope your new assignment is completed soon. Hugs

  18. What a dearheart SweetiePie is to help you out. And that Baby! Oh! Love the sleepsack, but especially like HER in it. Your Moon pic is splendid! Well done Miss Thimble!

    Your banner is sweet. You did it! Sending love!

  19. yep, november just flew by….love the little sleep sack!

  20. The sleep sack came out so cute. I love those things grandkids stay warm. Now that they aren’t suppose to sleep with blankets. Granddaughter knows it’s bedtime when the sack it’s put on. Of course new sister isn’t thanks for your blog love it Terri

  21. I know what you are saying about the last month! Were we under a spell and now … Blink! I love LOVE that sleep sack! Adorable. Not nearly as adorable as that little babe inside. She is giving you the raspberries and saying “sleep better????? Ah ha haha – grandma you crack me up!!!” She is just as cute as can be. And I’m so sorry about work. That sounds nasty. Glad to hear the hubby is doing well and thank heaven for Sweetie Pie. Now let’s get things back to a better normal! Sending you all the best wishes!!!

  22. How good to “see” you again! I am having major trouble getting a blog post up myself. I do LOVE your Christmas header! Once again, you have outdone yourself. And that sleep sack is just perfect and what a great model!!! <3 And Sweetie Pie is DEFINITELY a keeper!

  23. Hi Anna…I’m heading over to your shop….I really need some of that fabric! Xoxo

  24. Love the new banner…and baby…and fabric…and photos…etc! I’m so happy when you update. Hope the work project finishes quickly so you can enjoy Christmas. :)

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