A Neighborhood Ride

ScruffI hope you’ve had a very lovely weekend! Ours was picture perfect and I was able to spend the days puttering around doing the things I love most: mowing, cleaning out the car (not a whole lotta love there!), and sewing. And last but not least, catch up on some blogs!

Last week, Mrs. Staggs challenged us to get out into our neighborhoods and notice the things around us. And take some pictures. I was busy sewing in the dungeon and SweetiePie came and asked me if I’d like to go for “a tandem.” Why yes I would! And it would be the perfect opportunity to do as Mrs. Staggs suggested and take some neighborhood pictures. Before we even got started, I took a quick picture of a rather portly Scruff over there on the right — he was a little miffed at having been left behind.
SweetiePie and I went to the garage and got out the old blue tandem that belongs to BigDaddy and MeMum. I love to ride the tandem, especially when someone else is in the driver’s seat! We had a wonderful time, but I must tell you that little SweetiePie is a little ruthless when at the helm of a bicycle-built-for-two. No slow-poke touring for Miss SweetiePie. No-o-o. She’s a motivated dare-devil. I was a little concerned that perhaps I shouldn’t have brought my camera along — the odds of crashing with the poor girl dragging me along behind her were probably pretty high!

Neighborhood 10 Neighborhood 5

I did attempt to take a few pictures. I begged SweetiePie to stop, but she was on a mission. Have you ever tried to take pictures while you’re pedaling? ‘Taint easy! Most of them looked like this:

Neighborhood Dog

Can you tell what that is? It’s a neighbor’s friendly little dog. Sure wish I could have patted him on the head and begged him to pose nicely for a picture! Great shot as we zoomed by.

Neighborhood 6 Neighborhood 7

I did manage to get two, non-blurry pictures. Some pretty pink flowers at the bottom of someone’s driveway and a pedestrian crossing sign. That sign was put in place just for daredevils like SweetiePie — to slow down and don’t run over the poor people crossing the road.

rose of Sharon

Before long, we were back home so I took a quick picture of my Rose of Sharon before the sun slipped too far behind the trees. We had a fun time — thanks for the idea Mrs. Staggs! I need to remember to get out in my own neighborhood more often.

Before I go, just wanted to mention a few things I saw while blog-surfing:

  • Portebello Pixie is making some very cute Halloween garlands.
  • Check out Chookyblue‘s blog. Her camera is in for a multi-week repair so I casually suggested that if each of her blog friends would send her a picture, she’d have blog-fodder to last until the camera was returned. She ran with that idea and she’s done some funny stuff. I’m very impressed that she managed to come up with a topic for mug shots of pinocchio.
  • Have you seen these little hats before? I think they’d be pretty fun to make.
  • I think I’ve probably told you this before, but I just love these gratitude posts.
  • And, be sure you keep up with the Blog-able Feast by Hollycakes — rumor has it there are give-aways in the near future!

Happy Monday!


16 Thoughts on “A Neighborhood Ride

  1. LOL Stop! You’re killin me! I laughed all the way through your post. You tell SweetiePie next time I want a to see a picture of that nice neighborhood dog so you’ll just have to slow down! LOL

  2. Oh Anna, brings back memories of my 10th Birthday, I was surprised with a beautiful purple tandem. My best friend Mary Jane and I had so much fun riding around the neighborhood and singing. So much fun thinking of that time in my life. Sounds like Sweetie Pie is a keeper.

  3. A bicycle built for two — how fun!!!
    Maybe you’d better wear a helmet if your’re going to ride with SweetiePie!

  4. ha ha….excellent post!

  5. I laughed a the thought of you high-speed racing through the streets behind dare-devil sweetie-pie! Tell her to take good care of you – we need you in one piece to blog! What a wonderful relationship you two must have though – you are both very lucky. My mother-in-law is my best friend too. Lucy x

  6. I’d love to have seen you and Sweetiepie whizzing past on that tandem! How great to have a tandem – although I don’t think there’s anyone in this house I would trust enough to be in charge! You’ve really made me laugh with this one again

  7. That was a fun weekend you had! And tandem bikes, I love tandem bikes. Pity you don’t see a lot of them anymore. I second Julia’s comment….SweetiePie is a keeper!

  8. What a heavenly post. First you tempt me with that mouth-watering photo of the pie, then those neutral fabrics. I’m going to make a gift quilt for a family wedding using neutrals (her colors) and reading your post was ever so timely. Thanks!

  9. What Fun!!! I love weekends like that. Where you can take time to “Smell the roses”, and what a fun bike!!

  10. This is why I won’t get on a bike with my honey. He’d probably want to go over some jumps or something. I’m a single biker girl. I love the pic of the kitty. He’s so cute! Glad you survived the ride.

  11. I do like Portly Scruff!! I enjoyed your whirlwind tour of the neighbourhood! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Mrs.Staggs on September 25, 2007 at 10:15 pm said:

    I’m so glad you found some time to get out and about, and just enjoy time spent outdoors.
    My neighbors have a tandem bike. They do a lot of bike riding, as we have bike trails nearby.
    Thank you for sharing your time with me!

  13. You wouldn’t get me on a tandem! How lovely for Sweetiepie to have such a nice mother-in-law in waiting. I liked my MIL but she was a bit formidable. And I think my son’s girlfriend is a bit nervous of me too – though I can’t think why, since I like her a lot and I am of course perfect myself. Ahem.

  14. Oh Anna – it sounds like you and Sweetie Pie had quite the adventure out and about in the neighborhood. Love the picture blurb of the neighbors dog, that’s a hoot.

    I’ve never been on one of those bikes, do you both have to pedal at the sametime. Can you be a backseat driver and hit the brakes if you need. A helmet might be in order next go around, LOL.

    Hugs – Karen

  15. is this your kitty?

    pls explain…

    I might be talked into sending kitty bib kits out to
    deserving felines.

    they take less than 20 minutes to make.


  16. Nice picture of Scruff, I’ll be sure and show this picture to Stella. Next thing you know, they will be going on a date – maybe on the bicycle!

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