A Mouse House

Well Hello There!   How was your week?  Ours has been kind of slow.  And very sad when you watch the news.  Devastation like we see in Haiti makes all of our little chit-chat seem a little silly, doesn’t it?  I never know what to say when there are disasters.  I really can’t say what I feel any better than so many other bloggers, so, I’ll just point you in the direction of one of many ways to help.

In an attempt to lighten your day a bit, I’ll show you the cute little mouse house at MyDadLovesMeBestSister’s house.

Mouse House

As you may recall, they’ve just added an addition onto their house.  In what used to be the old kitchen, MyDadLovesMeBestSister decided to put in a little mouse house in the wall near the floor.  It’s like a fairy door, but doesn’t just open to the wall.  There’s a mouse in there — with his pretty wall paper and fine furnishings.

Mouse House

My CrazyBIL put the light switch on the inside of the laundry chute above the mouse house.  Pretty clever, huh?

Mouse House

There is still a little decorating to be done, but I think it’s adorable.  And it makes a neat nightlight for when the lights are all out.  I’d love to have something like this in our house – although, mine would have to be a fairy house.  (Just for you Miss Dotty!)

Also, I was talking to TheSecondChild today — he’s moved back to Nashville (that’s Tennesee, not Indiana) where he’s frantically still looking for a job.  We were joking about all the things he should be doing and he said “Maybe you should blog it.”  So, there it is.  I’m blogging it.  Anyone know anyone who needs a Vanderbilt graduate who majored in Chemistry/Finance (he’s brilliant of course, ’cause I’m his mother) in Nashville TN?  (‘Cause he’s just a wee bit stubborn and insists on staying there.)

Hey!  Maybe I should have a blog contest!  That’s it — the first one to find my kid a job will win…um…well, lots of crafty stuff, naturally — you know, fabric, books, a bunny pincushion — what else do you want???  Maybe it should be a Make Your Own Blog Contest to Find My Kid a Job!!!

Oh, and Good Luck — I hope you all win LOL!


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  1. I know what you mean about not knowing what to say about Haiti. I posted about it today, but I felt like I was just blurting out what everyone is thinking and some are saying.
    Thanks for sharing the mouse house. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I think it is absolutely charming!

  2. I want a mouse house! This is the cutest idea ever!

  3. Love the mouse house. Wish I could help with the job search. I don’t even know anyone in TN! Good luck to him!!!

  4. You are one creative family!!! I LOVE the little mouse dwelling, especially with its own light and all. But me thinks Mr. Mouse needs a little quilt to keep him warm from his Aunt Thimbleanna! ;-) And the Nashville job, I just remembered that I have two connections in Nashville…I will send some emails. We will see what happens! xoxoxo Junie

  5. That is very very clever. I just adore the mouse’s house. It’s just so adorable. I can hardly stand it. Way way cute, too!

  6. I know what you mean Anna. Our hearts and prayers are with the folks in Haiti. Maybe we should all just take a little of our computer time to do an online donation to one of the many reputable relief organizations.

    The little mouse house is adorable! Never seen anything like that either – thanks for the smile!

  7. Oh it’s so sad. It’s so hard to watch, read and hear the news. I don’t know what to say either, as I’m tucked up in my little room worrying about trivialities.

    It’s a good thing there are mouse houses in the world to make us smile… and brilliant children to give us hope. xoxo

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking it was about time to get a new post up, but after that awful earthquake, anything I thought to write sounded too shallow and trivial……Your sis’s little mouse house is just adorable!
    Lily also went to V.U. How about that! Good luck to your boy….it’s tough out there. Also, you inspired me and I made a hat! Not only that, I made a matching scarf! Not only that, it’s finished and delivered, with no prevaricating!! You are an inspiration! But my tree is still not down. I love it so, and it smells so nice! But now that I finished Stieg Larsson’s second book, it’s gonna happen!!

  9. I agree with Joni, you are one creative family. That mouse house is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages. I love that it lights up.

    Hope your son finds a job soon! I don’t know anyone near Nashville– how does he feel about California?!

  10. I need a mouse house! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. I’ve been out of touch with the world for the last couple of days and was appalled to discover the tragedy in Haiti on this evening’s news. How truly horrible.

    If your son wanted to live in Tucson, there are possible jobs in his field(s) here with a major corporation. Otherwise, I’ve no knowledge of companies in the Nashville area. I do sincerely wish him the best of luck and know something will come along for him soon.

  12. Oh my goodness that little mouse house is just completely adorable – I would love one in my house too but Im sure the little miss would insist on fairies too, lol! I do hope your son can find a job in his field soon, sometimes it is very hard finding the right job isnt it.

  13. I can’t find the words to say anything meaningful about what’s happened in Haiti. I’m glad you could.

    The mouse house is gorgeous and OF COURSE I wish I had a fairy one in our home. Wonder if I can persuade Mr DC?

    Good luck to TheSecondChild. He certainly show enterprise!

  14. The mouse house is adorable…..how cool.

    Craft Hope are opening an Etsy shop to allow crafters to donate their handmade items for sale with the proceeds of all sales going directly to Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors without Borders to help Haiti. It’s great that craft can help!

    Now, for the job hunt….hmm…..don’t have any links to Nashville except that I do have a friend who did her law degree at Vanderbilt!

  15. That is such an original idea. I just love it. I do hope wee mouse is very happy there!

    Haiti is just so ghastly. Those poor folk who had so little to start with. Quite hard to cope for most of them.

  16. That mouse house is so cute! What a crazy but fabulous idea.

  17. The news from Haiti is so heartbreaking. I agree that it’s so hard to know what to say.

    I’d be too scared to install a mouse house here in case the real thing moved in – which they have done, several times!

    Good luck with the job hunt!!


  18. Anna thank you for sharing the mouse house.. what a wonderful idea.. but a certain furry booger would squeeze his furry butt in there to play with the mousey.. he could he is like stealth and squeezes into spots you’d think a 12lb cat couldn’t!
    Hmm can’t help you with Nashville, but I am sure there are chemist/finance jobs in Australia.. hey, I work in Finance for a VERY large company (ahem the state government health dept with a 130,000 of my closest friends) :O)


  19. What a cute, cute idea Anna, the mouse house that is. I love it. Hope the job idea works, I know a ton of people read your blog, I think your son will get a job soon, there doesn’t seem to be as much competition for Chemistry majors. My daughter got her Chem job using a head hunter service. Good luck to him.

  20. Thank you for the Mouse House smile this morning.

  21. I’ll ditto what Shawn said about the headhunter. My hubby has gotten 2 jobs that way here in the Nashville area.
    The mouse house is the cutest thing! I’d certainly never have thought of it:)

  22. I have never seen anything like that! That is so adorable!

  23. Okay. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. TOO funny! I’d want to decorate it like crazy!
    Seriously adorable. Obviously, creativity runs in the genes.

  24. That is just the cutest thing…I just want to go in there and play :)
    Oh man, I wish I could offer your son a job. I wish him luck and I ditto the idea of using a headhunter.

  25. What an adorable mouse house, and such a clever idea. I’m sure you’d have lots of people looking for work for your son if you offered up the “Kellie” quilt ::))

  26. What a cute mouse house! Haiti was a sad situation before and now it seems almost unbelievable.

    Would your son consider looking in Huntsville? I bet his degree would work work with either NASA or some of the defense jobs here and it’s only a little over an hour to Nashville.

  27. Can’t talk about Haiti, I have to think about it first.
    That mouse house is about as cute a place as I have ever seen…. I would find it irresistable to keep changing a little thing every day or two, you know, a plate on the table, a new picture on the wall, mouse knitting half-done. Would my house be clean? No, but I’m sure all my visitors would have something to remember! It’s as mad an idea as I have ever seen. Genius!

  28. Oh my heck, is that mouse house cute, or what? Absolutely darling! Good luck to your son finding a job soon.

  29. L.O.V.E. It makes me want to cut a hole in the wall next to my dollhouse (which is already in the wall) and place a tiny mouse in it! I can see a little village running along the baseboards- a bakery, a butcher, a grocer, a movie theater, a candy shop….. That would be an EEK! in a good way. :)

  30. I want a mouse house now! That is the best idea ever. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless Haiti.

  31. The mouse house is such a clever idea! Good luck to your son finding a job. I only know one person in Nashville and she is a student so I don’t think she would be able to help.

  32. i am gonna forget that there is a mouse in that house and just go with the fairies cuz i do NOT think that mice are even a little bit cute

    Haiti was already a sad, sad story – and now it is gutwrenchingly heartbreakingly worse … sometimes i wish that life had do-overs

    one of my kids is outta work – and finding out that not having enough money is a very bad thing – mine doesn’t want to compromise on location, either … let me know if blogging works for you – maybe you’ll start a trend!

  33. I’ll trade your sister’s mouse for the stupid one that moved into my garage!!!! After all the mouse-chasin’ that’s been going on around here, I’m not entirely certain i could purposely put a mouse in my house – decorative or not. so the fairy house is a much better plan. but please tell MDLMBS that her little mouse house was brilliant and we’re all envious (except we would squish her mouse and put a fairy in there!)
    i was thinking last night, when my kids were hungry and it was late so i made them a very late night second dinner, how hard it must be for those people in Haiti that can’t take care of their own families right now, or even find them for that matter.
    i hope that secondchild finds a job soon.
    i’ll try to find him one so you can quilt all of my UFO’s for my prize!

  34. That mouse house is so blasted CUTE!!!!! I want one. How do I explain that one to my contractor? Tee Hee! I’m sorry your son is having a difficult time finding a job. Is St. Jude Hospital in Memphis or Nashville. His skills might work there. I’ll keep praying.

  35. Jewels on January 15, 2010 at 2:02 pm said:

    The mouse house is so adorable, I just love the creativity you sister’s have….

  36. The news coming out of Haiti is very sad. I was in Port au Prince in 1977 visiting missionary friends. It just breaks your heart.
    You are such a good mom helping your son find a job, you never know who may be reading.
    And that mouse house is adorable. Seriously creative!

  37. That mouse house is absolutely brilliant! I want one now! Lucy x

  38. I think that mouse house is the cutest dang night light ever. So adorable. I want one. Anyway, sorry I cannot help your son get a job, but I would tell him to get his resumes out there asap.

  39. Wow; the mouse door is adorable and so creative. We have a hole at the bottom of one of our trees, and then we have this other tree we call the Hobbit Tree because it is gnarly and full of character. Somehow our kids mixed the two and think that a hobbit lives at the little “door” :)

    Good luck with the job for your son. I’m nowhere near TN but if I hear of something out there, I’ll know who to call!

  40. I do so hope the SecondChild finds a good job.
    I love that mouse house!! What a fabulous idea, & how lovely to have the little light in it too!

  41. Gurney on January 15, 2010 at 7:17 pm said:

    Hey Anna – I know just how you feel about Haiti – there are no words…

    Kind of puts everything into perspective.

    On a lighter note per our conversation the other night: if a really great person in the headhunter profession could find not only TheSecondChild a job but also my “ThirdChild” an attorney job in the Dayton, Ohio area I would contribute such crafty goodness to your reward fund!

    Love the Mouse House! Adorable!

    Hope to see you soon! Hugs

  42. Oh, he is ever so cute! I love the soft warm glow of the light that makes it look so warm and cozy. I bought my son a replica of the leg lamp from The Christmas Story for Christmas this year and we both just couldn’t stop laughing, but as it turns out, the color of the light from the lamp is the same soothing color of the mouse’s house so we’ve been enjoying it a lot. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart just when I needed it. (We are about to get a week of rain and gray skies and its cold over here!) Can’t wait to see what’s next on my next visit!


  43. Oh my word … you are just too funny!! I love that … Find My Kid A Job … I will need to do that when mine graduates college. :-)

    I, too, agree with you that our chit chat seem silly with what has happened in Haiti. I’m saying prayers for them!

  44. THat might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

    I would suggest your son looks at the finance divisions of universities — good pay and benefits AND the only stable thing in higher ed right now!

  45. That is just too cute!!
    Wish I had a chemistry job to hand out! I feel for anybody looking for a job, it’s got to be tough!!

  46. Your comments on Haiti are so right. It doesn’t seem possible they could have even less than they had before. The little mouse house is so creative and charming. But I would have to make mine a fairy house. If the blogging for a job for your son works, I will have to start a blog. My oldest daughter has a degree in graphic design, but in our economic climate, the only designers being hired seem to be the ones with experience. Shes’ doing clerical work and looking. Good luck to your son.

  47. Oh for crying in the beer – how dang cute is that. Where on earth did they come up with an idea like that – not a fan of mice – but would love a fairy house like you. My goodness that is just to adorable for words. I’m seeing that creative juices flow through everyone in your family – you guys rock – does that make me sound cool, LOL.

    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  48. I am in awe. A mouse house – how wonderful! As for Haiti…well there are no words sometimes are there? I don’t think it makes bloggy chat seem silly – it reminds me how blessed our lives are to be able to indulge in our hobbies and diversions. Good luck with the job hunting for your son. I am not sure he would be interested in any of the jobs I could find for him in the UK!

  49. toooooooooo cute! way too cute!


  50. That Mouse house is adorable! I’d love to have one too!

    Good luck to your son finding a job..I know another lady here in the UK that has a daughter that just graduated, but isn’t finding work…such a hard time for young graduates!

  51. just where do you get these ideas from Mrs Anna … love the mouse house , can’t wait to show Milo . Can’t help with the son and the job though – sorry , fingers crossed for him though.

  52. I am LOVING that mouse house! What a cute idea, and yes, it did make me smile.

  53. Thanks for showing us the mouse house Anna! That’s so cute! Apparently they don’t have cats?

  54. I have no words about the disater either.
    Thanks for the cheerful post, the mouse house is amazingly cute and adorable. Good luck for the job hunting for DS.

  55. It’s wonderful blogs like yours, full of humour, warmth and kindness that make us all bear the emotional horrors of disasters like the one in Haiti.

    I’ve just shown DH the mouse house and asked whether he can incorporate one into our renovations… he just looked at me *roflol*.

    toni xxx

  56. What a cute little mouse-house! Wished I had one like that, not the real ones I have in my house. Yuk!
    Sorry, but I’m not in a position to help your son with a job. May be he could get a job in Norway, but I know, it’s not Nashville!!

  57. Hi Anna, your sisters mouse- house is a sensational idea.
    So funny and unique and useful, with the k´light in the night.
    Just WOW.
    I like your black and white baskets.
    You are so creative.
    Have a great sunday.

  58. My husband is rolling his eyes and running the other direction! LOL That mouse house is the most awesomest thing I’ve ever seen. I WANT one!

  59. My beloved, who clearly reads your blog even more avidly than I do, was attempting to explain this mouse house to us all over dinner. He failed, or at least I didn’t really get it till I saw the picture.

    (And even then…)

    Still, I could supply her with a genuine mouse to live there. Granted, this mouse is a bit dead. Nah, bad idea.

  60. Wow, wish I lived in Nashville, TN. I hope your son finds work. I have stopped watching the news; I feel helpless. I cry every time I see women and children hurt – something about women and children that just really gets to me.

  61. Cute little mouse house!

    And good luck to your Vandy grad. I grew up in the Nashville area–it is a great place to live! Most of my family still lives there, so I’ll keep my eyes open for a possible job-lead for him.

  62. Well, I don’t know of any jobs, but I do know that your mouse house is just the cutest thing I think I have ever seen!

    Good luck to your son!


  63. How incredibly cute. I’ve never seen anything like this except in a store front window years and years ago.

  64. So the cleverness runs in your family. OMG that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean it is to die for. Adorable!!!!!
    I’m hoping the Tenn. kid gets a job and quick!!!!! He can always go live with Boo if he needs a place to stay. No I didnt ask Boo I’m just offering it up. lol

  65. Oh, oh, oh. So cute I’m speechless. If I ever replace a wall in my house, Mr. Handsome is going to be sorry that I read this post. A mouse house is a must, for sure.

  66. The mouse house is so cute. Is there a kitty lurking?


  67. What an adorable idea! And how cute is Teddy Rose??

    I’m off to the Martha show next week BTW :)


  68. Squeeking with delight about your mouse house!!

  69. Awww, that’s so cute! The light and the tiny furniture are great touches.

  70. A lighted mouse house, charming, but then only only do charming things. Clarice

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