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Did you all have a nice weekend? It was dreary here, but still beautiful. Our trees are turning early this fall — makes me worry a bit about what winter might have in store for us. The view from my kitchen window was so pretty today. I’m really happy that I snapped this picture today as we’re expecting a freeze tonight and the zinnias probably won’t be so vibrant tomorrow.

Fall View

Someone had a really nice post not too long ago about moments that take your breath away. (Aha!  It was Jody!!! ) She said that sometimes you see something so beautiful, it just grabs at your heart and you feel like it might burst. I felt that way today while I was out mowing the lawn. Even though the sun wasn’t shining, the trees and all the fall color were just so gorgeous. At one point, I mowed up to an area with a little thimble forest. If your blog is called Thimbleanna, you can’t pass up a thimble forest, so I ran inside and grabbed the camera. Thus, the new blog header.

It wasn’t all teary-eyed appreciation of Mother Nature around here this weekend. I did pick up a needle and thread. I sewed buttons to the new bulletin board that I made for my kitchen desk area.

Photo Board

These are so easy to make. Wrap foam core with batting and fabric and sprinkle a little hot glue here and there to hold it all down. Oops — I laid my hot glue gun down in the batting. I hate it when that happens.

Photo Board

I use a long doll-making needle and some pearl cotton and just stitch right through the foam core and fabric. Here’s the new board pressed into the desk area.

Photo Board

You can see the old board lying on the desk. It was from our previous house and it never really fit that wall very well, so I’m glad to have it replaced.

More stitching coming soon…. Have a great week!

P.S. The new Auriful block of the month is up and it’s adorable! It’s by Amanda Woodward-Jennings. Run over to the Aurifil blog to get this cute pattern and read Amanda’s interview. And don’t forget to load pictures of your finished blocks into the Flickr group for a chance to win some Aurifil thread!

Photo Board

46 Thoughts on “A Button Board

  1. I know what you mean, sometimes you just run up on something, usually totally unexpected, that does that. Just a blessing!
    We’ve had a lot of toadstools here, too, which is unusual, but they’re not thimbles – in true Texas style they are huge. I’m pretty sure a whole family of fairies could live under one.
    Your bulletin board is just perfect. (In true Thimbleanna style!)

  2. Oh, I love the thimble forest. Any inhabitants or is it a ghost town? I’d enjoy living there.

    Clever button board.

  3. Oh…such a wonderful post…the view from your window is just beautiful! I would love to know about the post you mentioned if you find it, too! And your button board is terrific…what a great idea for a project! And the thimble forest…love the new blog header!

    Thanks for a wonderful post!

  4. Such a cheery post- just what I needed to read on a very cold grey damp morning!

  5. Hi Anna! The new header is cute….and I love the bulletin board – you certainly made a perfect fit.

    We had a glorious sunny autumn weekend and I went to 2 different weddings – well the evening before party of one wedding and then the actual wedding of another..it was a busy busy weekend.

  6. You have the most gorgeous view from your window, I’m very jealous. Love the new header, they look like shaggy ink caps which are apparently edible… not that I’d like to try though just in case… hope you have a lovely week x

  7. I noticed the wee toadstools header as soon as I got here. Very clever. As is your bulletin board. How patient you must have been to even make it go around the electric sockets! :o)

  8. What a wonderful post Anna…the view from your window is absolutely beautiful! Love the thimble forest…your new bulletin board is fantastic! I’m crazy about your new header! Happy week to you~!

  9. Your new header made me smile. Then your post made me smile more. I will be checking out the Aurifil site – don’t think I’ve been there before. (And I need more web-surfing ideas?)
    Cute button boards. It gave me an idea on spiffing up mine a little. Thanks for a cheery start to my day.

  10. what a gorgeous view of your zinnia’s Anna! And your new board has prettified your kitchen desk area very nicely. Glad you had a good weekend!

  11. That is cute Anna! I love the view from your kitchen.

  12. I’m going to have to make a bulletin board like that. Hmmmm-perhaps with some of my Scottie fabric. Is there a trick to getting the ribbon on in a pattern?

    Look at yours with the wall switch cut-out! Wow!!

    We’re getting all of our fall colors here as well. Since moving, I haven’t had time to garden and only have two pots of petunias. I bring them in the house every night!!!

  13. your yard is gorgeous anna. we don’t get much of a *fall* here. your button board is great and it fits perfectly there. i need one above my desk. i would like it in 1″ x 1″ patchwork squares in japanese fabric. thanks!

  14. Very nice – and what a good job you did cutting around the outlet! That reminds me – I need to make a new banner, not to mention a new blog post and I have promised someone I would start working on their Halloween costume today. Where does the time go?!!!

  15. I like your autumnal header, and your new board is super! It has been frosty here – with a cold one forecast for tonight!

  16. I love the ribbon board and the new banner! ;p

  17. we covered up our raspberries last night, but it sure got cold! hope we have a little while longer with our daily runs to the bush! cute at a button board Anna!

  18. SASKIA on October 8, 2012 at 2:23 pm said:

    So lovely! The pics, the new header!

    I love the site 365 grateful, it’s just about feeling grateful for the little things, without having a religious under tone (which suits me fine).

    Sas x

  19. Love the new header! We’re wishing it would warm up a bit – even me! Enjoy your autumn.

  20. A thimble forest! I love it. :-)

  21. Oooh! I’m jealous that your zinnias still look so cheerful outside your window. Mine succumbed to the heat.

  22. That picture is so amazing…..breath taking for sure!!! With a view like that I’m afraid I would never get anything done. Such a sweet post!

  23. I love your new blog header…so sweet!!! I’m sure there is a fairy peeking around one of those mushrooms :o)

  24. ohhh well done. Pretty fabric and what I love about it, is how it fits the whole back wall!!! Clarice

  25. I have so much to say! The new bulletin board is wonderful. I love it. I also love the new Aurifil BOM It’s so cute! The new header is the bomb! You are so clever, and I just ADORE that! I agree….my heart has been full many times this week looking outside. We are having a spectacular fall. Just spectacular.

  26. What a lovely window view you have Miss Thimble. Great mushroom-y thimble banner too. I just love mushrooms. They are so magical. By the way, it was me who posted the “moment in a day when you think your heart will break…” but it was Gladys Taber who said it. I just love GT.

    Your bulletin board is just perfect and the embroidery has me smiling.

  27. I love the view out your window…glad you captured the moment. I love Autumn

  28. love your new header – your thimbles have a lot of fun, don’t they?

    and if the view from my kitchen window was as lovely as yours is i might not mind so much doing the dishes … okay, that might be a stretch – i would still NOT like doing the dishes…

    we call those moments of GRACE … which was a really good word till my daughter named her daughter Grace and then Grace grew into a 9-year-old with a 15 year-old’s attitude … maybe i’ll have to come up with a new word, huh?!? or maybe Grace will grow into a lovely young woman who is so beautiful that my heart will feel like bursting…

  29. The view from your kitchen is much nicer than the view from mine!

    I’m catching up and have just read your Ben Nevis post. Argh. I did say to you that I hoped you had suitable clothing and that the weather in Scotland can be very changeable!!! I feel guilty now for not having marched you to an outdoor shop… and then telling you not to go, anyway. Glad you’re still alive!

    K’s baby is going to be a girl, by the way!! (Does happy little jig…)

  30. Fall is gorgeous, isn’t it?! Even when it’s dreary. :) I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it before winter arrives and I turn into a big old grump. lol

    Your button board is great, and that little thimble forest is Adorable! It made me smile. :)

  31. Batting on the glue gun…boooooo! I always get mine stuck on a paper towel. Boo again. Lovely little button board, Anna. And I think your yard needs a little tiny gnome to live by those mushrooms. I wonder where you could get a real live one.

  32. Yay! I see my comment. All is right in my world. My comment on your last post would not show up.

  33. Love the new header! Lovely little forest.. also, that board is cool the way it fills the wall and even works around the light switch – genius!

  34. The button board is very nice. I wish I had a wall in my kitchen that this would work on. No space. Our Fall is coming and going quick as well. I almost think we’re past peak for our tree color. That’s really fast.

  35. You are the clever one with your new board. And I love your Autumn picture as well as your new header. You must have had lots of rain recently judging by those mushrooms.

  36. Love the thimble forest! So adorable. Loved this post and the view from your window. It makes me want to do something about mine! Off to check out the new block in detail. It looks very cute. :)

  37. When I visit your blog I say to self “dang Carole, you need to learn to use your new camera!” Love, love, love you photographs. So pleasant to look at your blog. Thank you for sharing your talents! Cheers!

  38. Hi Anna,
    this button- board looks great. I have a great button board in a goldebn frame hanging in the kitchen ( i first saw this at “Gilmore girls”, hi hi.
    Have a great day

  39. I always love to see you change your header. Super cute. And I do wonder about winter. Fall seemed to hit a bit early here, too. Hmm

  40. Well, hello. Haven’t seen you for a while (my fault, not yours) so I thought I’d drop by. I love your new blog header. So pretty. Your bulletin board looks great. Of course, it has buttons so I’m going to love it!

  41. I love that button board. I have just lost my comment, not sure why, so I am retyping. It’s snowing like crazy here, a bit too early. Usually right after Halloween, but this year we have had snow several times…I don’t even want to think as to what this means for winter. Hope you have a great weekend. I am totally hibernating and drinking port!!

  42. I love the new blog header.
    I often have those heart-bursting moments and seldom can photograph them and have to realize that not everything belongs on paper. Sometimes those moments were just from God to me.

  43. It’s been beautiful here. All of the color is so pretty. I could just stand and look forever. Of course I am waiting for the white stuff too so I can sit and look at that. From inside of course. :)
    Love the new button board you made for your desk area. You clever thing you.

  44. Looks great in that space! Happy fall!

  45. Sigh…I love your little Thimble Forest – so cute!

    The Autumn colour here is beautiful this year too. I had to drive up through a local country park to work yesterday and even though it was a dull dull day the colours were amazing.


  46. Love the button board, love the zinnias, too! :)

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