Glittered Bells

Thanks for all the great comments on my cookie bake-off post.  I had a great time reading them all and I even got a few new sugar cookie recipes to try – you guys are fabulous.  And apparently even Martha read my post, ’cause not twelve hours after I posted, she sent me her sugar cookie recipe LOL.  (You can subscribe to get Martha’s cookie of the day e-mail here.)

Anyway, speaking of Martha, did you notice that her December issue had a main cover and two alternates?  One of the alternate covers (for me at least, it might have been the main cover in your area) showed two glittered bells, hanging with some greenery.

Sugar Cookies

I looooove Christmas bells, so when I saw them, I knew I’d like to make them.  Lucky me, out of all my Christmas decorations, I’ve never had a wreath for my front door, so I killed two birds with one stone.  Mine are a little different than Martha’s, but I still think they turned out super cute.  You can find all the instructions for making these bells Here.

Sugar Cookies

This was my first glitter experience and I’m hoping for lots more.  I love Martha’s glitter — not even close to the type of glitter we used when we were children.  And look at Martha’s glitter:

Sugar Cookies

Inquiring minds want to know the purpose of those little metal handles on the glitter container lids.  Any ideas?  I’m thinking Martha planned ahead — if you decide you don’t like glittering the bells (it’s so fun, I’m not sure how that would happen) you can always hang the glitter on your front door.  No???

Sugar Cookies

Before I go, I found two other fun things this week.  I got an e-mail with lots of really good cookie links from Woman’s Day recipes.  How cute are these peace shortbread medallions?  You should snoop around among their cookies — there were some pretty good looking ones!  And I thought this fun little gift bag might come in handy during the Christmas season too — you’ll think you have the wrong video, but stick with it.

Sugar Cookies

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. I’ve done almost no decorations, no shopping and no cards. WooHoo! It will hit me soon and then I’ll be in a panic. Have a good week!


50 Thoughts on “Glittered Bells

  1. That post was too cute! you sure made me smile! I just finished with the christmas decor…simple, but done! I know what you mean about the panic!

  2. What a neat idea for a wreath! I’ll bet it was fun playing with all that glitter. The cookie bake-off really cracked me up!! My sister makes a sugar cookie that I LOVE – and it’s some strange recipe she came up with that her kids can eat (they are allergic to dairy, eggs, etc. etc.) Seems like it should be an awful cookie but I really do love it!

  3. Cute Christmas bells! I didn’t know you and Martha were BFF’s. I’ll have to check out her glitter– I’ve been struggling with the cheap-o stuff, getting it all over the place, and might do better with Martha’s. I like checking out her craft supplies at Michael’s because it’s all packaged up so pretty.

  4. I’ve been wanting to buy that glitter. Now I’ll have too, so cute.

  5. Those two little bells look gorgeous with the glitter. What a great idea.

  6. That video looks funny. I’ll have to come back and watch it later! I do like your bells!!

  7. The glittery bells are lovely. I remember I loved glitter as a child (I think most of them do) but Martha’s glitter does look better.

    I haven’t even started decorating yet – I’d have to tidy the house to be able to do that …..

    Loving the spots in the border!

  8. Those are so pretty! What a great idea. I have some glitter…somewhere. A certain artsy craftsy 13 yr old is always running off with it and the other day I discovered a lovely sprinkling of green glitter out on our deck. NO idea what he was doing with it out there.

    (Off to post my sugar cookie recipe on your previous post!)

  9. Oh my goodness, I already have more decorating projects on the go than I can cope with and now you’ve posted glittery bells? Eeeek. I usually buy a basic evergreen wreath and then add bits & pieces to it. We can’t get Martha’s glitter here but I bet I can find some that would work – and the kids would love it!

  10. Are you finding glitter everywhere now? The bells are really pretty, especially with the ombre effect.

    Your blog header is SO cute!

  11. Your Glittery bells are gorgeous! They have recently started selling Martha Glitter here – I can see I will have to invest in some are seeing your amazing bells.
    I have just noticed your new header – very festive and fabulous – I love how you vary it each season:)

  12. Those are too cute! They would really add something to my outside wreath…Hmmm another project to start?

  13. I think I would be hanging the glitter. LOL!! Great idea for those of us who are glitter challenged.

  14. The bells are wonderful! :) Looks like a craft my girls would enjoy-especially the glitter! :)

  15. I love Martha’s glitter. That box of 24 is so tempting!

  16. Cute!
    I have unadorned wreaths and we only got the tree last night so that’s bare too.

  17. Love the glittery bells…I might have to break down and buy some of that Martha Stewart glitter! I’m a little behind this year in the decorating/card/gift department…but I’ve decided I’m not going to stress about it!

  18. Anna! I love your glittered bells! I too love Christmas Bells! always have, since I was a young thing. “Your” glitter is great too. I bet Martha would never think of hanging those on a wreath!

  19. So? Let’s see the wreath! I need to stop reading blogs. I collect too many ideas for decorating and gifts and there is just not enough time to do them all!

  20. I love the bells and the glitter! I bet your face – and everything else – is all glittery now! :o)

  21. What a lovely wreath. Hmm. Maybe I will will have to make one for next year.

  22. Too funny. I like the glitter jars hanging on the wreath! Thanks for sharing the cute idea! And don’t think you’re the only one who hasn’t done much on the Christmas check list. I haven’t bought one present yet!!! Agh! I’m not making cards this year and I just decorated my tree yesterday. My decorating was about 2 week process. Happy Holidays!

  23. Well I love the glitter bells. So vintagey. I am not good with glitter. And it just seems to make a huge mess. If I get my husband in the right mood and get him to glitter a project he never gets it all over, it just seems to work best with him. Maybe it is the engineer in him. Love your project.

  24. I also love the glittery pages of Martha’s current issue. Her glitter is so pretty, and she gives lots of ideas as to how to use it–see her village and birds among the glitter projects. I have a feeling that your bells won’t be the last thing that you glitter!

  25. You are too funny! Love the glitter hanging from the wreath!! :-) Your bells turned out adorable! Where do you get Martha’s Glitter?

  26. Oooh I love these bells.. We dont have ‘ Martha ‘ here, methinks it could be a good thing… teehee her house is too darn tidy (I seen her on oprah – she spent 10 mins explaining how to fold sheets)
    I have a wreath, its bells, very uninspiring but survives the heat!

    PS the way my christmas craft is going, the glitter jars hanging is probably whats gonna happen here! I have blown my knee.. my foot control knee my DRIVING knee..

  27. I would not be surprised if Martha read your blog Anna! I love the glitter too, the bells on your wreath look sparkly and pretty. I want to try to make a little glitter house, some day…… thanks for more decorating inspiration !!

  28. I had to look twice and even three times at the title of this post because I kept reading it as Glittered Balls and I could not for the life of me understand why you were showing bells. I think it’s time for new glasses. Honestly.
    I love your bells by the way. They are beautiful. Even better than Martha’s. :)

  29. oh anna, you make martha proud!!
    i, singlehandedly, got glitter banned from our church building.
    i made these huge wooden stars, on dowels, covered in german glass glitter, for my little sunbeams (3 year olds) to hold while they were singing in church… it was easier for them to keep their hands to themselves if they had something to d(in theory). anyway…. they twisted their little stars around and looked all cute, and got glitter all over the entire building, bless their hearts!!

  30. I noticed the extra covers in the magazine, too. I thought maybe my issue was an error. How fun that Martha sent you her own cookie recipe. I’m eyeballing all the cooking and making projects and thinking much like you about it all. Your bells look fabulous, I love their glittery goodness.

  31. Pretty bells, Anna! No idea about that metal handle–maybe to hang them from the tree? ;)


  32. i love bell decorations and we have quite a few on our tree — yours are very cute

  33. Very cute bells Miss Anna. Love me some glitter. Until I became a preschool teacher that is. lol
    I’m thinking the hangers on the glitter is to hang it in your craft room liks Miss Martha would.

  34. I’m loving your bells madam! Haven’t touched glitter at all this year, time for a sprinkle…

  35. Cute change to your blog Anna! The candy cane thimbles are perfect! and the red polka dots! I’m seriously thinking the little wire hangers are for converting to earrings. Whatcha think?

  36. BTW, Love yout holiday banner!!!!

  37. Oh they are cute! And very clever!!

    Lucy x

  38. Those are beautiful! You are right, that certainly is not the glitter of our childhood. I am really enjoying all your Christmas projects!

    Jennifer :)

  39. Your bells turned out so pretty, and so did your advent calendar down below, Anna. You are a whiz kid for sure! You and Junie make me feel like a real failure sometimes. You both accomplish so much!

    I’ve always loved the old fashioned bells, and these come so close to looking like the real thing. Truly wonderful!

  40. I love playing with glitter…but boy oh boy doesn’t it find its way everywhere!!

  41. Ooh, I love that pretty glitter and your bells are gorgeous!

    I’m feeling very smug – I’m almost at the point where I don’t need to panic too much about Christmas.

    That probably just means I’ve forgotten to put something on the list!!

    I think I may need to add ‘make loads of bagalopes’ to the list – they’re fab!


  42. I LOVE GLITTER!! And especially Martha’s glitter. Your foray into the glitter world turned out great!!

  43. Tracey Craig on December 10, 2009 at 11:03 pm said:

    Anna, I have truly missed seeing your magic works of art. The bells are adorable. I have been having surgeries since Sept. I had knee surgery last week and need another surgery next week. I has made me depressed. I just want it over with. Your blog makes me smile and gives me hope. thanks for that Tracey

  44. I love glitter. I have to admitt I have a soft spot for kitsch.
    Enjoy weekend.

  45. The bells turned out magnificant (wish this bugger had spell check)!! I’m watching Martha as I read Thimbleanna! See the category I put you in!!

  46. Great post, and that video on the bag was cute as can be. Thanks!

  47. I like your glitter bells A LOT. I just bought a pair of red glitter bells from Walgreens that I LOVE. No mess or fuss either. But pink… cute.

  48. That is a great use of glitter ;-) xoxoxoxo Clarice

  49. Looks very Christmas-y over here, Anna – love those bells and all the glitter. And I will live vicariously because if I ever brought glitter or bells into this house, well, Bubba would leave my a**.

  50. you are hilarious, woman!!! i love the glittered bells. they are gorgeous.

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