Ah. So soon, another weekend has whizzed by. Why can’t weekends last 5 days and the weeks just 2 days?

It’s been a nice quiet weekend here in ThimbleannaLand. I’ve been holed up playing house — baking and sewing.  I made some bread. Yum!


And, I finally had a little time this weekend to work on the table topper for our coffee table. My original thought was to do an orange peel type of pattern. I made some samples, but decided it was too busy.


So, I chose a new path. I’m not sure it’s any less busy, but I’m going with it. I was going to show you the progress, but PaulKitty plopped down right on top of it and said “No. Uh-Uh. Meow. I’m not moving.”


So, instead I’ll show you the mess I’ve been making. Cut a strip, throw the fabric onto the pile. I LOVE making a big mess with fabric!


I’m SO sad Season 2 of Downton Abbey is ending tonight. I’m going to have to find a new diversion. Suggestions Welcome!

Oh, and for those of you with blogspot blogs who are thinking of ditching that AWFUL new word verification, here’s a tip someone gave me about controlling spam. A lot of spam is targeted to older posts, so if you just shut off comments on posts that are older than two weeks, it helps control the amount of spam that you get. I had to do this a few months ago ’cause my spam plugin was causing problems with my comments. I still get some spam, but I just delete it when I get time. I figure it’s much easier for me to delete the occasional spam than for you to have to decipher some scratchy word.

Ok. Off to watch the Christmas Special! Have a good week!

43 Thoughts on “Zip!

  1. I have used your solution to spam comment for about six months. It is an effective solution.

  2. The days do zip by, don’t they? That bread is beautiful and I like your pile of scrappy strips. I’m going to look into my blogger comment thing too. I’m HATE all that scratchy letter deciphering.

  3. Mmm, that bread sure looks yummy. Such restraint, ot cutting into it while it’s still warm. Can’t wait to see what’s hiding under kitty….

  4. Did you notice that your bread has the same pattern on top as the orange peel table topper? I have not yet been infected by the Downton Abbey, but I guess I have to check out what all the “fuss” is all about.
    I will check my settings for the suggested word verification. Let’s see if it works. What are they thinking at Blogger???

  5. That bread looks great – the new word verification is awful – going to make sure mine is turned off now.

  6. Tonight’s Downton Abbey episode has set us up for Season 3. In the meantime, I have Mad Men starting up again in March.

  7. Just enjoyed watching Downton Abbey for the first time tonight. There was a synopsis afterwards that helped me catch up a little. Now I’m going to have to see if I can find the old episodes!

    Your bread looks wonderful!

  8. Sounds like my weekend…nice and easy, some baking, some sewing.
    I watched the Season Finale (that’s the Christmas special, right?) a couple of weeks ago. I have a secret source hehehe.

  9. Mary ann on February 19, 2012 at 11:50 pm said:

    Word verification has been awful, I am a good commenter since I enjoy reading blogs and I know how much time takes to keep them up but the past week I have been cursing for sure as it takes 2 or 3 times to get some of them right!

  10. Funny indeed to see the patel shapes in the bread as well!

    I’m having issues with leaving comments too. Thanks for the tip to close comment sections on olders posts. I always receive spam on the older ones with funny post titles.

  11. I’ve been watching The Firm with Josh Lucas, good story and a nice bit of eye candy too :-)

  12. MMMMmmmm… That bread looks absolutely divine!! Don’t you just love how our kitties plop themselves wherever they like? I suggest that you watch the modern version of Sherlock Holmes from BBC America. Although right now the current season is complete, I am sure you can find it on Netflix or iTunes.

  13. I haven’t even noticed the word verification! I will miss Downton, too. The new Great Expectations looks good and incredibly creepy.

  14. funny! i just got done trying to add the word verification to a blog and it took me 4 tries. for some reason one of the words can never be read. it’s totally unreadable! sheesh!

    haven’t tried downton abbey yet because i don’t want to get addicted to new show right now. will try it out soon though…

    ps–that bread looks delightful!

  15. I noticed the orange peel design on your bread too! it looks delicious. I’ve only seen season 1 of Downton Abbey, I watched it on Netflix. I was too late to start watching season 2 from the beginning, so will wait until it comes out on netflix too!

  16. You know, a while ago I followed pleasant home’s suggestions for blogger and I have been quite happy. There is none of that word verfication garbage. I occassionally get an email that is spam…but it doesn’t appear in my comments sections. Very nice indeed. Your blocks resembled your beautiful bread.

  17. Sample patchwork? Only you would go to that bother and then not proceed. (Or at any rate, not me.)

    The word verification is so annoying, isn’t it? Not that I have it, but I wish no one else did either. I hardly ever get spam. (Famous last words…)

  18. The bread looks delicious! Love the pile of fabrics – sometimes you can be inspired by a random heap. I saw someone recommended Great Expectations – I would recommend it too – we enjoyed it so much I promptly bought the DVD!! An older one to watch, if you can get hold of it, is Little Dorrit (another Dickens story)
    ps – check out today’s post for more lambs!)

  19. linda noblog on February 20, 2012 at 11:53 am said:

    your bread looks wonderful…so please share the recipe!!
    the crust look great!
    i have not seen downton as yet but i cannot wait to start season one…taking your advice & will view it on netflix!
    have a great week!
    btw: did you check out

  20. I’ve had a horrible time lately with word verifications on other blogs. They are almost impossible to read. Sometimes it takes me four tries to get it right. What’s up with that?

  21. Try upstairs downstairs which has just started on the BBC which is a downtown abbey type programme revived from many years ago. Also try call the midwives also in BBC, everyone is raving about it! Enjoy :)

  22. well well..the bread is just lovely.
    and the orange peel blocks, yes, a bit busy, but i can’t help but love the dots and numbers and letters!
    i’m sorry your wonderful show ended… maybe you’ll find a new bbc love.. and then you can bore us with the sorted details!
    :waves madly

  23. That is some delicious looking bread you have there. I’ve been too lazy to make any. I like your orange peel start. Too busy? Nonsense!

    And I see PaulKitty has been to the Chloe school of “Do Whatever You Please”.

  24. Mmmmmmmm, bread. I like your orange peel blocks. They’re very pretty! I am probably the only person on earth who did not watch the Downton Abbey Christmas special last night. I had to endure iCarly with John. I need my own tv. :)
    Hope you have a great week, Anna!

  25. The double verification is a pain. Hard to see at times too. I turned mine off a long time ago. Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve been creating and the bread looks delicious. I love homemade crusty bread. Mmmmm! I could rip off a hunk right now and chow down.

  26. Can’t wait to see what your fabric pile will turn in to . I always love looking at the little scraps in the waste basket, they look so pretty to me. I’ll have to check the word verification, thanks for the heads up Anna. Have a great week.

  27. Bloger’s new word verification is so annoying! I’m thinking about turning it off. On a different subject, your bread looks super yummy.

    I just started watching season one of Downton Abbey this weekend. Swoon. It is SO good. Thanks for being one of the people who encouraged me to watch it.

  28. That bread looks so yummy and the word verification is making me crazy!!!

  29. Thanks for the tip, that’s why I use word verification, I’m going to try it, I did turn it off so we’ll see how that goes. That bread looks WONDERFUL!

  30. Ohh yummy weekend, homemade bread, fun fabric and Downton Abbey. I will miss it too xoxo

  31. Downton Abbey is dominating the world, isn’t it! Interest in that time period is even showing up in the quilting world. I picked up from BBC, South Riding, which was interesting.

  32. Enjoy the Christmas special…I’m watching it at the moment for the second time…just to top me off until another batch of Downton hits the screens!

  33. Bread looks deeeelicious! Lucky you – Downtown Abbey 2 hasn’t even started over here. And just luuuuurv that pincushion hiding underneath the fabric mess. Have fun!! (I actually like the first version.)

  34. Oh what wonderful photos – Is that the no knead bread recipe. If it is it looks like it turned out really well.

  35. How did I miss this post? Your bread is lovely. Is it not Knead (looks like ABinFive). I can just imagine how lovely that would taste with some butter, or jam, or maybe some honey, or all three. I’m in withdrawals already for Downton. And that topper…just cheery and fun.

    I hate The Word Verification!!! almost as much as spam.

  36. I never had much spam but now………whoababy!! It’s on there everyday. Driving me mad.
    Of course your bread has the same design as your little blocks. You are toooooo much. Yes I’m jealous. I admit it. Clever little thing aren’t you?

  37. Just thought I’d stop by for a bit so you wouldn’t think I was ignoring you or anything! ;o) Nice bread. I can never get my crust to look as good as yours! Is it your new red knobs on your stove? ;o) It’s amazing how Paulkitty looks similar to Princess Stella. Of course PS is much cuter! ;o) Circa 1934, love that line. Did you see her Santa line? I could have ordered some but just did not know what to do with it. Well, off to continue my visit. Cheers!

  38. I love the way that the pattern on top of your breadloaf foreshadows the quilting pattern!
    Is it just my screen or do all the “ww”‘s on your blog “smudge out” for you too? It makes it look like you’ve typed on an old typewriter with a faulty key. (You see, I’m particularly fond of w’s and notice them.)

  39. I LOVE the blocks!!!!!!!!!! and that bread looks amazing, I would love a piece please!!!!

  40. Yes! 5 day weekends and 2 day weeks! I love it!

    And PaulKitty is so handsome! He really reminds me of my sweet cat Bear who passed away 2 years ago. He looks like a sweetie! :)

  41. Just popped over for a visit from my good friend Jody at Gumbo Lily. What a lovely blog, I have so enjoyed reading your entries, being inspired by your creativity and chuckling at the antics of your kitties ;)
    Ann( across the pond)

  42. The bread looks delicious. YUM. I bought season 2 from Costco but haven’t watched it yet. Can’t wait to see your finished table topper. I keep planning sewing days and my job keeps getting in the way. Oh well…at least I have a job right?

  43. You sound how I feel. A little blah these days. But, Hey!!, let’s not be down. Spring is right around the corner. I like your table topper and am quite taken with the numbers :) What about “White Collar?” Is that still on? I watched both seasons while I was out with knee surgery in November. I got hooked but we don’t have cable. If there’s a Season Three it’s not on Neflix yet. Have a great week, Anna Girl!

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